Super Animal Royale How to Fix High Ping in Game

Super Animal Royale How to Fix High Ping in Game 1 -
Super Animal Royale How to Fix High Ping in Game 1 -

The Basics

Ping in SAR works as follows:

  • If your ping is stable, 0-250 ping = Client side (White ping)
  • 250+ = Yellow ping (High ping mode)


How the ping system is broken

Instead of, having the game be: If client side shot is, close to player or, if client side shot is, in hitbox range, it just gives the damage and halves it if its too far or its supposed to be blocked, while its great sometimes, you can just use the advantage of high ping which gives you a slight edge because of the fact that you have a technical (ping) reaction time advantage.. This is abused a lot in shotgun or jag fights where higher ping players essentially wreck the lower or middle-range ping players.. While lower ping players can do the same to higher ping players its nowhere near as busted as say higher ping players attacking other higher or lower ping players.Not to mention, emus basically have stupid reach that can go up to around 270~ ping without failing so you basically have stupid reach hack. This is the same for melee too. If someone was standing still but now moving but on your screen they were standing still, still, you could just get a heavy shot on them before they can shoot back. The same is true for lower ping players but unlike lower ping players, higher ping players have stupidly busted reach with shotguns and jags. Lower ping people aren’t all stupid either, they can basically dodge a higher ping player as long as they aren’t 1 shot. It’s decent balancing since either side has good advantages and bad disadvantages but to be fair, i think people would sacrifice slightly more delay when your emu dies to, basically reach other people with it and become stupidly annoying. The same is true for hamster balls, especially since hamball breaks and kills can trade in some weird way, making them stupidly op unless u shoot too early.

How to avoid higher ping / lower ping advantages

Honestly, just play well..

If you’re higher ping, constantly move, if you’re high ping mode, constantly move, just constantly move around like a maniac, if you’re high ping mode or higher ping, use the minigun, its a good option where you basically annoy everyone by damaging them even tho they weren’t there, altho if you’re high ping mode minigun’s basically one of the only weapons that you can efficiently use.
If you’re low ping, constantly move too, you aren’t safe from the high ping abuse, constantly watch out for emus and hamballs, grab a shotgun or jag incase, or become the emu and hamballs and torture hpm (high ping mode) players and get reported for “omg he hack!!!!” even tho they were the one with horrible ping in the first place.
If you’re high ping, your best advantage is the shotgun reach, use it if you get a sneak attack on someone, if you’re low ping, well… your best advantage is the lag disadvantage of the higher ping player (if you sneak up on them) too, unless you’re fighting another low ping player, then you have to actually try… so sad that you actually have to aim and not just jag spam like a maniac.
If you’re high ping, try to avoid dodging as much as possible and engage as that gives you a huge advantage against low ping players especially the hiders. If you’re low ping, you should try to engage (or block them so you can heal) high ping players and avoid low ping ones if you’re low.

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  1. This sounds like personal issues with the game to me… You contradict yourself multiple times in this article. And “high ping abuse”?? You mean people that have to play on high ping? Its not like they are choosing to…

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