Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies

Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies 1 -
Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies 1 -

Powerups, we love them, and hate when the other animal has the better one. However the ninja booties get’s a cold shoulder most often which to be fair is understandable for those unwilling to adapt and overcome. That is why I’m here to tell you that these babies are like 2nd most useful compared to the big sippy cup since that is the most op, and how to use them efficiently to not put them to waste when you do pick them up!

Ninja Booties, what are they made of?

The wiki has the description that describes exactly what they do and the buffs right here:

Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies - Ninja Booties, what are they made of? - EC67A7E

As shown, they’re all about the stealth aspect with lower noise generated (duh) with the only downside really being no sippy cup. However if you play your cards right you might not need it if your also good at dealing damage while still breathing. But we’ll go over strats for compensating without the cup so all is not lost. But one of the overlooked features is the 12% faster ‘creep-roll’ without sound since the sound of silence is something not many really expect. Therefore we can exploit this hidden feature by becoming the hidden man in a few simple steps n methods.

Strategies for the booties


This is something you can easily do when it’s time to cash out of a battle that isn’t going your way. Take note’s since this will also come into play with other methods later! It’s easily pulled off if you just dropped and have a pair of booties or in the middle of a forest to even the final circle if the situation is right. Simply use the sneak roll to navigate your way around buildings, trees, rocks, etc or fake one way loudly then sneak the other while navigating. When done correctly you can make it seem like you we’re erased from existence when actually recovering a mile away.

You might be thinking ‘well how can I out run them if they’re jump running after?’ Well to tell the truth it obviously depends on the situation, but 8 times out of 10 the 12% speed bonus really does the magic in the disappearing act since most underestimate the given bonus (if they even know it). But of course there are those who will follow you till the ends of the earth, so mix up the disappearing act with normal running at random times till the perpetrator is thrown off or when you get behind them.

Now onto the more fun and somewhat aggressive method depending on how and when it’s used:


From the title alone you can probably guess what it is but I’ll explain anyways since it is a guide after all. This captures the essence of the quote “Sniping your enemy is like hunting any other animal, fire at the wrong moment and your chance is forever lost”-Reznov. It’s all about patience unless you want to gamble your odds. Main way is to stalk other animals in the area based off of sound since you have the silent but deadly advantage.

Upon coming across the sounds of a gunfight breaking out, wait patiently till they fall flat or hear the poof of a tombstone (or both). Then it’s time to strike since the victim is most likely on life support after their duel. Sneak roll your way into the building/area where it occurred and be aware of any footsteps, tape, and chugging sounds to move towards until you know their position/ran into them where you can easily pick them off when they have their pants down. The other benefit is even if they still have some more health than expected, you still are likely to win since they cannot hear you coming making the element of surprise. We have some examples of this in exhibit A – []  .

The compensation for lack of Sippy Cup

There’s no need to cry since you can still (mostly) heal yourself without the need of the big gulp. These tips might go to a tips and tricks/basics guide in the future but they still apply here.

First off, your health is not as important as your armor most of the time. Since with weapons like the shotguns or sniper/hunting rifle, it doesn’t matter how much juice you drink since most of the time without at least 1 armor piece you’re a goner.

But on with the strats for dealing with the absence of your favorite sippy cup. The main/easiest way is to gather around a campfire while chugging your juice. With the fire aiding 4hp per second it’s almost like having the cup still there. This is also a great way to make it through being stuck in the skunk gas if near death and lucky! The obvious downside is finding one when you need it, and obviously one that hasn’t been used already in the match.

The other alternative is to just snack on coconuts or mushrooms while on the roll. Sure 5 hp per snack doesn’t sound like a lot, but every little bit counts until you find your hiding spot to patiently take a sip.


These ones depend on the time your playing or the other modes than solo. Obviously this hints towards co-op since in case you didn’t know, your friend/teammate can play doctor. Just have them pick up Dogna’s dart rifle and let them shoot you for 24 health points in over 2 seconds (and stand still to make their favor easier).

The last method depends on the time of the year and if the devs do anything special. But usually around holidays & seasons, the devs throw in edibles that can be collected to unlock cosmetic items related (ex: candy basket,fruit basket, Easter basket). These are great not only for free items but also for survival since they heal ~ 25 hp (I think) in one bite. Obviously don’t wait all year for them to use booties, practice makes perfect and they won’t be there to stay so don’t rely on them starting out.

Becoming 007/ Meet The Spy

This is more so a suggestion of wear & game play styles to vibe with the Ninja Boot ways.

The names Paw, James Paw

This can be load out can be achieved with a simple suit look or at the bare minimum a bow tie. It is very key to be sharply dressed since it is a privilege to be killed by an animal that looks this good. And obviously the Ninja Booties go with silenced weapons like bread and butter so have the silenced pistol on hand at the least (if found). So you should end up with something like this:

Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies - Becoming 007/ Meet The Spy - 32AD1E5

The vibe game play with this handsome mug load out is to utilize what you’ve learned & practiced into being a quick and nimble killing machine while being hard to track and harder to predict. All while looking smooth and (hopefully) taking the lobby by storm in style. Results may vary, time and patience is obviously key for pulling it off entirely.

Becoming the ultimate guerrilla fighter

This can also be considered the cloak and dagger or straight up camouflage while being a bit cheap, so don’t do this all the time to not be entirely annoying to everyone. Instead of being sharply dressed, your now dressed to be sharp in the deadly sense. Mainly pick a color that would best camouflage in hiding spots such as tips of tree’s, bushes, rocks, or even plain sight. Cosmetics would also be in the same color (unless the cosmetic is really small like war paint) to avoid detection or none to also not look too out of place. This is something I threw together for the idea but the tactic can still be pulled off in normal wear (at the cost of effectiveness).

Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies - Becoming 007/ Meet The Spy - 485DF05

Yes this is more so a camping method therefore don’t do it all the time before becoming predictable (and annoying). But rolling around from tree to tree and bush to bush (etc) will give the feeling of either being in a ghille suit in Chernobyl or just hunting animals in a blind.

Last details & Conclusion

One of the things I left out in the strat section is faking healing to only sneak around to surprise your opponent. This of course only works if they decide not to rush you and is the gamble of odds I mentioned since you’d most likely be low, that or you’re just giving the opponent false hope that you let them run off and heal.

Only other thing to mention is another load out if you have the red tie which is becoming Agent 47 if 007 ain’t your deal. Main weapons would be the dual pistols and relying on the surprise to be up close and personal with them. You’ll end up with something professional like this:

Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies - Last details & Conclusion - 047D84A

But of course these are all suggestions and funny ideas to try and aren’t necessary to show off your skills with. Last thing I forgot to mention is to wear pants at the least or a shoulder to paw outfit so it better conceals your booties, making them not expect it in case they do know about the Ninja Booties wisdom.


Congratulations! You now know the wisdom about the Ninja Booties and why you shouldn’t underestimate them. They have the potential to win you a game so long as it isn’t a drinking battle of course. So tell the claw boots to take a hike and the skunk vile to get lost, since these are 10x more fun than revealing your gps location for banan’s & ammo or being Keemstar in gas. If you liked this knowledge guide be sure to do these actions:

(if you feel like it) and share it to your other S.A.R friends even though it’ll probably be in the steam overlay for a while.

By Affronter

Hope you enjoy the post for Super Animal Royale Ninja Booties Uses and Best Strategies, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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