Super Animal Royale Active Codes Guide

Super Animal Royale Active Codes Guide 1 -
Super Animal Royale Active Codes Guide 1 -

FREED CODES for Super Animal Royale and how to win easier! Give awards if this was helpful!

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STEP 1: Go to top right and click the settings button.

STEP 2: Click coupon code button

STEP 3: Enter a code

Active Codes

These codes are currently active, and can be used once per account.

LOVE: Baseball Cap (Rainbow) and Rainbow Umbrella.

NLSS: Red Button Up Shirt, Red Striped Shirt, Jeans Vest, Police Outfit, Velvet Robe, Skull Beanie, Police Hat, Egg Umbrella, and Josh Umbrella.

SUPERFREE: Super Fox Beanie.

SQUIDUP: Squid Hat.

FROGGYCROSSING: Froggy Hat, Froggy Dress, and Purple Round Glasses.

SAKURA: Sakura Kimono, Sakura Fan and Sakura Umbrella.

Seasonal Codes

These are seasonal codes which activate around their respective times of the calendar year

CANADA: Mountie Outfit, Mountie Hat & Hockey Stick.

USA: Uncle Sam Outfit, Stars & Stripes Hat, and Stars & Stripes Baseball Bat.

DAYOFTHEDEAD: Mariachi Outfit & Mariachi Hat.

SAKURA: Sakura Kimono, Sakura Fan and Sakura Umbrella.

HOWLOWEEN: Howl mask.

BIRTHDAY: Pixile Party Hat, Pixile Umbrella & 3rd Anniversary Cake Gravestone.

CRISPRmas: Santa Hat, Santa Beard & Santa Outfit.

NEWYEAR: Party Hat and Dress.

How to win more easier

STEP 1: land at beavers hideout (I forgot the name)

STEP 2: get the loot

STEP 3: if your far away from a mole crate DON’T get it

STEP 4: run away from multiple people fighting and try to remain unseen

STEP 5: keep repeating steps 3 and 4


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