Starbound All Boss ID List

Starbound All Boss ID List 1 -
Starbound All Boss ID List 1 -

Some of the IDs for the Starbound bosses, useful for spawning them in

Boss IDs

Erchius Horror – crystalboss
Ixodoom – spiderboss
Asra Nox – cultistboss
Kluex Avatar – either birdboss, avianboss, or kluexboss
Big Ape – apeboss
Bone Dragon – dragonboss
Heart of the Ruin – eyeboss

Miniboss IDs

Shockhopper MK I – robotboss
I’m not sure about the IDs of Dreadwing or those ancient statues.

Removed Bosses

The IDs for removed bosses no longer work, unfortunately.

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