Spirit Detective Basic Gameplay for New Players

Spirit Detective Basic Gameplay for New Players 1 - steamsplay.com
Spirit Detective Basic Gameplay for New Players 1 - steamsplay.com

A guide for English speakers about the basics of the game.

I posted this on Reddit but now i have a little better knowledge about the game.

Objectives And How To Win:

There are 6 objectives around the map. Metal, Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Trigram. (Trigram will appear later in the match)

Each player is one of these elements, and as long as their element is repaired or held by another survivor, the killer will not be able to kill them. It is very important to repair 3 different elements 3 times to win.

To repair one element you have to find blue stones floating somewhere around the map. when you find them click on “Absorb” and once it done you will see a random Shard. collect that Shard and you will see what you have at the bottom right of the screen.

Let’s say you got Fire, you have to find the Fire objective to repair it.

* If you found the Trigram objective, you will be able to repair it with any Shard of the elements.

* Click TAB to view the map and your current body state. remember the name of the rooms where you saw the elements objectives.

Body State:

Every time when the killer hits you, your body gets an injury that can affect your abilities during the match.

For example blindness. half of your vision will become black for a few seconds and you will have to use your flashlight to see.

Another body injury can cause you to run slower or not get healed by teammates.

*Click on TAB to view if you are healthy or injured.


Around the map you will find papers flying in the air.

These papers help you during the match so it’s highly recommended to catch them. you click on them and open them, this object is RNG. it will give you a random item.

Sometimes it will give you coins instead but keep on trying.

You can also open cabinets and drawers and you may find items inside.

Some items are good during chases, healing or an ability to track a killer.


You will have to heal an injured teammates several times, depends on how low their HP is.

If you’re down, you will not die unless the killer can Mori you.

You will have to wait for your teammates to revive you, until then you can’t do anything but crawl.

(I don’t know if you can come back to life after dying.)

Your HP will restore itself every few seconds but sometimes doesn’t. (I guess it’s an effect the killer uses or an ability.)

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