South Park The Fractured But Whole How to Beat Morgan Tips + Items to Use

South Park The Fractured But Whole How to Beat Morgan Tips + Items to Use 1 -
South Park The Fractured But Whole How to Beat Morgan Tips + Items to Use 1 -


Use the following items during the fight
– Maximum Antidote
– Maximum Revive Serum
– Taco Supreme
I used the best of each, but you can probably do it with the lesser good ones. The Buff you gain from the Antidote & the amount of health healed by the Serum both came in very handy.
You can acquire the Maximum Antidote recipe from the storage room inside Tweek Bros. Coffee. The other recipes are sold to you by Freeman from day 4 onwards.
I needed 1 Taco, used several Antidotes and 1 Serum due to the remainder of my build.

New Kid & Allies

The New Kid will act as a support during the fight keeping others alive and well.
Purifying Petals (Plantmancer)
Cleanse and heal combined with it’s ranged are incredibly useful in this fight
Nature’s Gift (Plantmancer)
Good to revive and heal your squad from any space on the battlefield. Can also be used to heal when Petals are on cooldown and healing is necessary
Double Edge (Speedster)
I used this once during the fight to use an item and Purifying Petals in 1 turn
Sweet Scent (Plantmancer)
Usable to abuse Morgan’s spawned Add to attack him aswell, but it’s not really necessary
Pick any that increase ally’s health & ultimate recovery speed.
DNA String
I picked the ginger DNA since it boosts Brains, Spunk & Movement whilst not imposing a health penalty.
Team Lineup
Captain Diabetes, Tupperware, The ♥♥♥♥

The Fight

Start the fight by having Diabetes & Tupperware shielding themselves while you start surrounding Morgan Freeman in the center of the battlefield. The best way to achieve this is by using Tupperware & his swapping ability.
It’s important that you surround him before he spawns his add, because otherwise Morgan’s farts will constantly hit several players. I noticed Morgan mostly attacking the left-handed enemy & sometimes right, but rarely up- or downwards, so it’s probably wise to have one of the chunkier guys on those positions – in short: anyone but the New Kid.
Once you’ve surrounded him never use any abilities that change your position unless you are absolutely certain this is not ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ up the scenario – primarily focus on healing and pushing Freeman around like you’re playing Pinball Arcade.
The ♥♥♥♥ – spam slashing, best ulti if you don’t need the healing
Tupperware – spam Tupper Tornado
Captain Diabetes – spam Insulin Shock (slow is very useful here)
This way the fight actually won’t take very long since you won’t have to revive several players to keep going & grind your way through.
I haven’t tried this on highest difficulty, but it should be about the same as there’s not much to do when Morgan can’t move around.
You could also try artifacts giving extra damage since you’re constantly pushing Freeman into ally’s giving you a good boost, but the extra health comes in very handy whatever attacks he uses.
Always use the skip-turn fart when Morgan is using his AOE fart. Everything else is not worth since you have tons of heals, antidotes and revival serums.
You can use your Antidote during the second phase in which Morgan Freeman starts charming your ally’s. If you keep him circled he will have a hard time hitting more than 1 player.

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