Soul Hackers 2 Wrong Monitor Bug Fix Guide

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The game will act as a child, refusing to obey the monitors. This guide is for (and).


Windows has multiple monitors that you can extend display mode to. You want the game displayed on a particular monitor. However, it forces itself into fullscreen mode on the opposite monitor and cannot be moved back. Even Borderless Gaming doesn't work.

Root Cause

The game was programmed to make certain assumptions. Some of these assumptions are wrong.

  • This problem is even worse if your monitors are not compatible.
  • The monitor with the highest max refresh rate will win the game.
  • The game seems to completely ignore the default monitor you have set.
  • Windows' monitor number appears to be different from the one the game sees.



The OS should control game behavior. But until/unless that happens, developers should focus on the game window and press ALT+Enter on their keyboard.
This keyboard shortcut turns any fullscreen app into a windowed application. You can drag the window to any other window. Windows should now recognize and update the reported resolution for the game (, which you can confirm by going to the Settings).
But you are not done. Next, you need to change the monitor the game sees to opposite number according to what Windows reports in Display Options.
A Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 are required for dual monitors. Monitor 1 doesn't have to be your primary monitor. Windows will treat Monitor 1 as the "most probable" one, which is often incorrect. These cannot be re-numbered but you can tell Windows which one should. Soul Hackers 2 ignores it.
In the game settings, place the opposite number of monitors to where you want to start. If Monitor 1 in Windows is what you want, then change the game's setting from 1 to 2. After you move and resize your window, It will keep the setting. If not, continue the solution steps and try another number.
This may or not be saved between sessions. If you close the game, it may go back to the previous monitor. It did a test on me and seems to remember exactly where I put it.


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