Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide 1 -
Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide 1 -

General Tips for Besting Beach Season


Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Aloha - 3330B39

Ahola groovy guys and gals. Thanks for taking some time to hang with me here on this white sandy beach. The waves are breaking, the sun is shimmering on the warm waters, the palm fronds are rustling under the cooling breeze, and the gulls are swooping low over the shoreline looking for a tasty treat.

The luau is all set to start later this evening round the bonfire where the pig is already roasting and the fabulous feast is being prepared, but for now let’s relax and talk about how to bring our A game to Solitaire Beach Season.

General Tips

Before you start to “lei” down your cards – see what I did there? – read over the following simple tips. I’m sure some of these are obvious, while others may not be. I hope there is at least some tidbit that will up your game and help you reach the achievements more quickly.

1) This is probably goes without saying, but remove as many cards from the playfield as possible before flipping over your deck cards.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - General Tips - 9023571

2) Focus on the cards and do your best to keep track of what cards are in the discard pile within reason. As you uncover additional cards on the playfield you might be able to work back down to a card if it is not too far down in the pile. Or it might help you decide to use the shuffle option if you know the cards might work in your favor.

3) Resist the urge to remove card pairs from the discard pile. Removing a pair from the deck might seem like a good thing to do on first impluse but you may need that card on a second pass or as you remove other cards from the playfield and you make use of cards in the discard pile.

However, there are some rare occassions where you are at the end of your passes through the deck then it might make sense to remove that pair of cards just for the chance to use the two cards underneath and to get the money paid for making a match.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - General Tips - AE6E0E8

4) Make note of this little tidbit buried on the last page of the Help screens. It is not covered in the tutorial, but could be important in reaching certain score based achievements. The points from a perfect score are added to the next level. I am not sure if that is referring to the multiplier bar, coins, or special card count, but it is something to consider.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - General Tips - D4A682A

Ain’t That Special

In order to achieve a perfect score on a hand you only need to clear the special (gold) cards. Focus on removing cards that are covering the special cards first and foremost. As seen below a perfect score was achieved with cards still on the playfield.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Ain't That Special - 42819D2

If a card is not covering another card and is the last card of a stack on the playfield, like the two 4 cards shown below, then you should not remove them immediately as they might be helpful as you uncover other cards. In fact one of the special cards turned out to be a four. If I had removed the pair of 4 cards I would have not been able to achieve a perfect.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Ain't That Special - 4528ED7

Once you have uncovered all the special cards, and know that you do not need the cards, then you can remove them to collect the coins paid for making a match. Note that you will have to put up with the game shaking the cards as if you made a mistake, but in this case we know better than the game!

You should also attempt to use cards that are covering special cards before cards that are not. For example, two of the deuce cards below are covering sepcial cards while the third deuce is not. It is best to match the two cards covering special cards and leave the other card for later.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Ain't That Special - ACC971A

Just to illustrate this principle again, but in a different scenario, you should match the 7’s first and see what is uncovered before using matching the Jack’s.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Ain't That Special - CE4D7B1

Did You Catch That Replay?

Due to the random nature of card games, you will replaying levels farily regularly if you are trying to get perfects or to pick up that last point or two to unlock the next section. If you are playing Tourist I recommend you simply play each level once, and continue on to the next level. Once you have completed all the leves in the pack, then you can evaluate if you want to replay individual levels. Replaying the same level will get old fast and might make you decide to shelf the game for a while.

Keep it fresh!

You Must Be Joking

To get the most out of your Jokers, which are very pricy in this game, be aware that you can remove two special (gold) cards with a single Joker. Simply activate the joker, select a special card to change it to a joker, and then select the second special card. This is good for situations where you have uncovered the last two special cards, but run out of deck cards to match. It costs you a Joker, but saves you from having to replay the hand again.

Don’t Leave Me Hanging!

Another situation to be aware of. This happened to me as I was not paying attention. It makes sense, I guess, but seems like an oversight.

I was down to a single special card, and a pair of 6’s in the deck tray; no other cards. I matched the pair of 6’s knowing I had no more cards on the playfield to clear. However, since they were the last cards aside from the special card, I had no other cards to match the Joker to. I had to waste an undo to get the pair of 6’s back to match against the last special card. Just another gotcha to watch for!

It’s Only Money

The multiplier increases with each match you make within a certain time frame and it decreases over time when you are not making matches. The higher the multiplier value the more money you earn. However, do not let the multiplier force you to act too quickly and make a mistake.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - It's Only Money - 7124EDD

You will make plenty of matches with bonus cards that net you 499 coins. If you follow my advice and don’t buy Shuffles, except for in the most advantageous of scenarios, and that goes for Jokers too, then you will have plenty of money in no time. Stay on your game to knock out those achievements!

Every Penny Counts

If you know you have a level completed, as seen below for example, don’t rush to end it. Instead attempt to make as many other matches as you can before matching the last special card. In this game every penny counts if you plan to get the achivements for 100 jokers at 5K apiece.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Every Penny Counts - 327D088

In the example illustrated below the last special card is uncovered and there are 2 pairs showing. Obviously I should match the 2 pairs to eke out every coin. However, when I match the pair of 10’s there is a 3 card underneath. Now that I know my deck has a 3 card in it, which I knew anyway as I attempt to keep track of the cards when I can, seeing that there are still another three trips through the deck available, there is the potential to squeeze a few more matches from this level before matching the final gold card.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Every Penny Counts - 26674B0

A Perfect Bonus

Certain cards give bonuses, which is indicated by the starfish on the card, as already mentioned, but one of the rare, bonuses not mentioned in the tutorial or the in-game help is an instant perfect. You should attempt to match a bonus card every chance you get!

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - A Perfect Bonus - E67BA74

Here is a case where the bonus was an instant perfect score. It looks odd because it removes all of the covered special cards, making it appear like you cleared them all but there are still way too many cards on the board for this to have been a normal win.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - A Perfect Bonus - D9CCAA4

Save Your Money

The balance on some levels is such that you will be replaying many of them multiple times in order to get a perfect, or even just to get enough points to move to the next package of levels. Because that is the case, it appears that it is better to just take a loss on the level and replay it. Save the 8K that it cost to buy a Shuffle so that you can earn the money related achievements.

You can earn free Shuffles, Undos and Jokers as you play. If you have an item and it makes sense to use it to complete a level then of course you should use it, but buying them might be something you want to do less often. As you play more and more levels you will gain experience on when you should burn a Shufffle or Joker to get that last special card.


Thanks for taking the time to read (or even skim) through this simple guide. I find real enjoyment in being able to share a guide with fellow gamers, who are, of course, also my fellow human beings. In a world full of negative things, I hope my guides can be a positive thing, however small. You can find other guides I have written on my profile page.

Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide - Aloha - 0DB71C4I close with “Aloha” but I wanted to share a little insight into the word. I do not know who wrote this, but I found it interesting:

“The real meaning of Aloha in Hawaiian is that of Love, Peace, and Compassion. It’s the guidelines of how to live – a life of Aloha is one when the heart is so full it is overflowing with the ability to influence others around you with your spirit.

Many people when coming to Hawaii feel the need to say “Aloha” every time they see someone, and every time they say goodbye. This in a way weakens the strength of the word. Saying “Aloha” should come genuinely from the heart, as that is what it means – sincerity of the heart.”

So thanks again for stopping in. I appreciate any feeback you wish to provide – positive or negative – but I ask that you share your comments in a civil and respectful way, just as I would express my feedback to you. Love covers a multitude of sins!

Written by Taskmaster

This is all for Solitaire Beach Season Full Game Walkthrough Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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