SnowRunner Quick start Guide!

SnowRunner Quick start Guide! 1 -
SnowRunner Quick start Guide! 1 -
A quick couple of tips, to get you running!!!! (also save a couple of hours)


Quick Intro

this is gonna be a quick guide full of tips to get you over some hurdles the game throws at you!! 
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Tip 1#

Don’t skip the tutorial. there is a lot of different buttons and its important to learn how to navigate them. 

Tip 2# (co-op)

If you have just bought the game with friends, you will need to at least unlock the first garage to play with each other. this means each starting your own campaigns and working through the tutorial for around 20min. 

Tip 3#

Jobs, Contracts and tasks, what to do!!! 
Its confusing at first, but slowly work through simple tasks first like 
– clearing powerlines 
– clearing rockslides 
– fixing bridges 
– getting watchpoints 
as it will be very challenging to attempt larger contract jobs like logging and drill components untill there is a clear path. 

Tip #4

Now that your maps are useable, its good to start smaller jobs and contracts that are achievable. work through the escalating tasks with a goal of getting more money and xp for more upgrades, tasks like logging will be very diffcult early without the right equipment! so make sure you can actually complete the task! 
[img]SnowRunner Quick start Guide![/img] 

Tip #5

Trailers and Crap 
while there is a lot of trailers, its rather simple. 
Trailers have load capacities. 
Ie, Flatbed semi-trailer has x5 cargo slots. 
this means you can carry 5 separate small loads of wooden planks or service parts and so on… 
what doesn’t matter is if they are “flatbed or Sideboard”. you’ll be able to load most cargo’s (not logs) 
its also important to recognise how many cargo slots specific cargo’s require. (use image below for reference) 
[img]SnowRunner Quick start Guide![/img] 

Tip 6#

LogsS, LOGS and log trailers 
Don’t ask, they are still ♥♥♥♥♥♥. 
Regardless, its not really explained anywhere, but they are pretty simple. 
Long logs require 
Log carrier front – and – log carrier rear 
Medium logs require 
Log Trailer 
as far as im aware, Log Frame addon thing is still bugged, so its unload-able. 

Tip #7

If your looking for upgrades for your trucks and your not sure where to find them. just look it up as there is about 30 different Russian guides for each truck on YouTube. 

Tip 8 (last tip for now)

If you are sick of stupidly slow progress in america, and you want to punch your screen because you have randomly gotten bogged again because of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ mechanics and bad trucks. you can just go get better trucks. 
Now, it is a little cheaty and feels wrong if you are a hard-mode only player. but if you are genuinely sick of awful american trucks, you can sell you trucks and trailers and just buy much better Russian ones. 
in order to do this, you need to calculate how much u need to sell to afford you Russian truck of choice. this can be achieved via the use of a calculator, but just sell everything honestly. once you have sold some stuff, move to one of the russian garages already unlocked, and just purchase a new truck from there. SIMPLE!! 
Disclosure, this may ruin you experience of the earlier levels. but it will save you from having to complete “timber for the locals” in 8 hrs. 
[img]SnowRunner Quick start Guide![/img] 


Honestly, there is so much to do in this game. so take your time playing it. there is no need to rush as regardless of cheats and mods; you wont get it done quickly. enjoy your time, as we sure spent a lot paying for it. 
anyways thanks for stopping by. 
SnowRunner Quick start Guide! 

Written by Ananas

This is all for SnowRunner Quick start Guide! hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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