Sheltered Surrounded (Patch 1.8) [Abandoned]

Sheltered – Surrounded (Patch 1.8) [Abandoned] 1 -
Sheltered – Surrounded (Patch 1.8) [Abandoned] 1 -
Need the defib item? Look no further!




Due to Sheltered 2 coming soon, I believe nobody will be playing this game anymore. This guide has been sitting in the drafts for a long time already, so I thought I will just release it for the archives. It isn’t much, but perhaps it can get you started somewhere.


You will be attacked by raiders on a far more regular schedule than you will ever get on Survival. This mode is combat intensive and you are expected to use traps to even the odds. Your resources are limited and your final score is dependent on your actions and remaining Food and Fuel. To top things off, you only have one adult and a child to defend the shelter for 50 days and the second adult only comes every 10th day. 

The Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons 
This bloke is the Father of the Gibbsons. He fathered Cole with Diane. You will control him during encounters during his story in his POV every 10th day. He isn’t really strong and there’s no way to increase his stats. However he can never truly die and will simply “wake up” if he is defeated in combat. 
His traits are unknown, but he is neither assigned Cowardice or Courageous. Every other trait does not matter. 

STR 10
DEX 13

Diane Gibbons 
The Yo Mamma of the Gibbons. She is the other half that produced the child named Cole. 
She is assigned Small Eater and Wasteful. This is a useless combo and Wasteful means that she should NEVER touch deconstruction of anything in the shelter. 

STR 10
DEX 11

Cole Gibbons 
Did you know that this child is a trap? Surrounded was initially advertised during the beta to be a mother and daughter game, but changed to mother and son upon release. Both times the child was male. 
He is assigned Deep Sleeper and Pessimistic. Pessimistic is pretty pointless, so don’t worry. Deep Sleeper lets you recover Tiredness faster while sleeping. He has low starting stats. 


Trivia: Cole’s Deep Sleeper used to be Courageous during the Surrounded Beta. The developers claimed that there was a bug with that setup, so it was changed to Deep Sleeper. 

The Defib Requirements

Most likely, you are playing Surrounded only to unlock this item in your Survival games. Do note that if you play Stasis scenario, this item is already available. Of course, this item is also unlocked in Surrounded and was intended to be the depended on for survival in this scenario, but my guide does not require it. 
The defib revives an unconscious survivor in your shelter, but he/she can only regen HP up to 50 instead of 100. The survivor will also be in a weakened state for 25 days and cannot be revived again during this state. That’s half of the scenario! You can’t afford to be in this state at all
Sheltered - Surrounded (Patch 1.8) [Abandoned] 
You start with 125 and will not gain more. However, do not let this prevent you from eating. After all, if you die from hunger, you don’t unlock the defib! However, there are other things you can eat, you know… 
You start with 125 and will not gain more. You will usually use this for your generator. Save power! 
Trap damage 
I’m not sure how this is calculated, but you will need to do some trap damage to earn score for this one. You will definitely need traps to even the odds. 
Combat Kills 
You only have so many bullets and tripwires to trigger your traps, and certain enemies take damages from traps in the single digits! Your last line of defense is your family. 
50. a piece for each family member alive when the Father comes with the camper van on Day 50. Make sure you use the defib unit on an unconscious family member before this happens! 
Karma Bonus 
Your actions with the Father during his adventures in his POV will determine this score. Save stuff, help stuff, don’t kill unnecessarily, don’t be an evil person etc etc 
So how much do you really need to unlock? I don’t know. Maybe 8k? Maybe 10k? Who knows? But I unlocked it, as you can see from that screenshot. 

Phase 1: Slow the game, suit up and repair!


I am assuming you know that you should backup your savegames often, as one gameover means the savegame will be deleted.


You start the game with a lot of high tier stuff already built and you are well stocked with supplies to last you all 50 days. However, some items are missing and the placements of the furniture in the shelter is extremely inefficient. 
There are A LOT of things to move around and do on the first day, so slow the game down by hitting the Rewind button or hit CAPS LOCK on your keyboard. 
Now, have the Mother suit up first, then turn off both lights below the Shelter Hatch and get her to repair both filters. Oxygen Filter has priority and you can ignore Water Filter since there is no rain in Surrounded (you may also opt to Disable it to save Fuel). 
Have the Son to turn off all lights in the Shelter. This will slow repairs, but will bring your fuel usage down to 0.3 per day, which will fluctuate when you use the Stoves and Showers, but otherwise you can assume it is 0.3 per day. You can ignore the Generator repairs for now, but do not forget to do so. 
You can now have the Son to wear the Hazmat Suit and keep both survivors in the suit; there is no need to take them off for the next 50 days aka the entire game. 
Now prepare to do a lot of rearrangement and building. 

Phase 1 TLDR


  • Suit up 
  • Turn off Lights 
  • Repair Oxygen Filter 
  • Repair/Disable Water Filter (optional) 
  • Repair/Fuel up Generator


Phase 2: Rearrange, Construct and Deconstruct

Now have a look around your shelter, you will notice more furniture than necessary. You only really require enough furniture for TWO survivors (or three if you bring one of the guys you meet on the streets back, but he’s optional. More on that below.), so everything else is just hogging space. You can make do with whatever you have in the Shelter; you will see only minor benefits from upgrading Tier 3 to Tier 4 furniture. 
Your shelter is regularly attacked, so you want both survivors to be near the door at all times to be ready. In other words, you don’t want to be at the bottom of your shelter when a raid comes, so you will want to move everything you need up and everything else down. 
You will want the following on the top two floors

  • 1 Bunk Bed (or 2 if you have space constraints due to those ladders) 
  • 1 Water Butt 
  • 1 Small Pantry 
  • 1 Good Stove 
  • 1 Good Toilet (optional, but recommended, will explain more later) 
  • 1 Good Shower 
  • 2 Punching Bags 
  • 1 Incinerator

My strategy requires a few extra stuff: 

  • Mop and Bucket: Keep the rats out or your Rations will be stolen! 
  • 1 Advanced Snare Trap: You should be using Meat for Food to save on Rations, which affects your score! You also need the Leather for making armor and Animal Fat to burn for fuel in Incinerator 
  • 1 Small Freezer*: You only need 10 Meat for two Survivors. You can upgrade to a Medium one later if you have three and want more, but unnecessary 
  • Some First Aid Packs. These will compete for Nylon with Tripwires, so I recommend only one or two for now

*Note: Small Freezer requires a Hinge and a Motor, both of which you are less likely to begin with. You can still Harvest traps for Leather and Animal Fat, but you will not get Meat till the Freezer is up. Simply depend on Rations while waiting for these materials. 
Deconstruct any spare beds for Wool and Wood, but you do not really need to deconstruct all of them unless you need space. You may deconstruct the Large Pantries as long as you do not go below your current number of Rations on hand, but it is unnecessary. Move everything else that you do not use to the bottom areas. 
It is also unnecessary to deconstruct anything else unless you know that furniture can be salvaged for a material you really need, which I did not encounter during my game. 
With some space to put stuff on the top two floors, it is up to you to place any furniture listed above in any way you want, but do note the following: 

  • Try to leave the area between the Hazmat Suit locker and the first ladder empty. The pet bowl cannot be moved and any remaining space should be reserved for traps 
  • Do not build Lights, you do not need them. If you build a Light in the trap area, you will block out one or two ceiling traps 
  • An Incinerator near the door can help in faster incineration of the corpses. Since you need space for traps, you may place it after the ladder on the top floor. Placing it below will result in time wasted on climbing ladders and you need all the time to train 
  • One bunk bed sleeps two survivors, so if your arrangement is good, you can place one Punchbag on each side of the Bed 
  • It is ideal to place Good Shower, Small Pantry, Good Stove and a Water Butt together 
  • Placing Water Butts around the Bunk Beds is also a good idea 
  • Try to have everything either at the top or near the ladders to minimize walking time

Keep an eye on your Generator and make sure there is enough Fuel. Make sure it doesn’t break down too! 

Phase 2 TLDR


  • Move everything you need up to the top two floors 
  • Move everything you don’t need down 
  • Build the stuff listed above 
  • Deconstruct some Bunk Beds for space, Wood and Wool


Phase 3: The First Raid


Raids always happen at 7am

Your first raid is on Day 2! Wow! 
As Phase 1 and 2 will usually eat up your entire Day 1, you will barely have any time for training or even to set up a trap. Fortunately for you, only a single raider comes with super weak stats and is armed with a Crowbar. You really don’t need to waste a Tripwire on a trap for this raid. 
A crowbar requires STR 11 and it is evident that this raider did not have sufficient STR to use this weapon, so he will be dealing damage in the range of 3-5. This serves to remind you that you should only use weapons that you have STR for, or you will be dealing less damage than stated. 
You will note above that the Mother has enough STR to use the Wood, so equip her with the Wood. However, the Son only has 6 STR. Despite what I said above, go ahead and equip him with a Pipe. I realized that he can deal slightly more damage with the Pipe than bare handed with 6 STR. Something about breakpoints and stuff, doesn’t really matter. Equip any First Aid Packs in every battle just in case. 
Due to lower DEX, the Son will only be able to act after the Raider. The Mother will start first since her DEX is higher than the raider. Simply Melee your way to victory. 
Beat the brains out of that Raider and get back to whatever you were doing. You will not be able to get the raiders’ weapons since you cannot knock them out but only kill. 
Have the Mother drag the corpse into the Incinerator for free 0.2 fuel. If you somehow already have a Small Freezer up, you can opt to chop the body up for 7-8 Desperate Meat. The Trauma gained from such actions are rather negligible, so go ahead if you want to. 
Repair the innermost door to about 1-5% to stop the alarm from ringing. Don’t bother going for 100% on both doors as repairs take a very long time without tools on your Workbench and you don’t have the luxury of time. 
Your next raid is on Day 6 with TWO raiders with increased difficulty, of course. 

Phase 3 TLDR


  • Equip First Aid Packs 
  • Give Mother a Wood for weapon 
  • Give Son a Pipe for weapon 
  • De-brain the Raider


If you are having trouble with RNG

Remember that games are autosaved at 6am every day. This means the game would be saved on Day 2, an hour before the raider comes. You can simply hit ALT+F4 (or force close the game in any way that does not include Save and Exit) and load the game again to try again. This is especially handy if you are afflicted with Bleeding. First Aid Packs and Bandages will compete for Nylon, which you need for Tripwires, so don’t waste them unnecessarily! 

Here we come to an end for Sheltered Surrounded (Patch 1.8) [Abandoned] hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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