Sheltered Stasis Endings

Sheltered – Stasis Endings 1 -
Sheltered – Stasis Endings 1 -
List of endings. Text only for now. Inaccurate.




Categories and their maximums

Max Embryo: 18 
Max Books: 40 
Max Seeds: 20 
*Note: You can get more than 20 Seeds in the game, but 20 Seeds are all you need to fulfill Seed category. 
Ranking index 
Full Mark: You met 100% of the maximum of a category 
High Side: You met at least 75% of the maximum 
Middle: You met at least 50% of the maxium 
Low Side: 25%? 
Fail: Probably didn’t meet 25%? 

Neutral Ending (does not unlock Fabricator)

Knowledge is power 
You had at least High in books AND embryo, and Middle seeds 
Tested with 
Embryos: 14 
Books: 29 
Seeds: 19 

Bad Endings (do not unlock Fabricator)

Extinction Ending 
All four survivors are dead/unconscious/suffered second trauma 
Rocket destroyed (worst ending ever) 
You had a Fail in your score. 
Tested with 
Embryos: 18 
Books: 23 
Seeds: 0 and 1 
You had a Low in your score 
Tested with 
Embryos: 17 
Books: 15 
Seeds: 27 
Faction Wars 
You did not achieve High for BOTH book and embryo (I believe so) 
Tested with 
Embryos: 18 
Books: 23 (I’m guessing less than 25) 
Seeds: 48 

Good Endings (unlock Fabricator)

Requires all three categories to be on the high side 
Tested with 
Embryos: 17 
Books: 37 
Seeds: 39 
Utopia (Best Ending) 
Requires full marks on all three categories 

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