ShellShock Live Bugfix Update (v1.0.1 )

ShellShock Live Bugfix Update (v1.0.1 ) 1 -
ShellShock Live Bugfix Update (v1.0.1 ) 1 -

Thanks for the support and feedback on 1.0.1! here is another update with some Bug-fixes! Please Report new bugs to [email protected] – []  😉

Update News!

Hey guys, at first i want to share the download Link! – []

So What is New:

-fixed visual Bug at Tri-nade Weapon!

-Higher Crit Chance moved from Local to Global (means: you only got higher crit chance if ALL players in the lobby got this new update!)

Important: You dont have a higher Crit Chance in Singleplayer!

Higher Crit Chance Weps:

(from 15% to 19,5%)

•Earthquake > MegaQuake

•One-Bounce > Three-Bounce



•Bulger > Big Bulger

•Molehill > Moles


•Boomerang > BigBoomerang

•Arrow > Bow & Arrow > Flaming Arrow

•Spaz > Spazzer > Spaztastic


(I probably remove this feature in the next Update!)

-New SoundUpdate!

New Ingame Sounds are:

‘Ingame Music’





‘Victory Tunes’


•Epic Victory




(All sounds are Copyright free)

Sound Preview:

YouTube player

Thats All 🙂

I’m Working on:

-Fixing Tank parts (Tracks)

-New Tank Parts (Gun)

-Automatic Gear Collect for Controller Players (Like PS4 or Xbox)(It only Works if you use the entire game with Controller (You still can use your Keyboard to type))

-New Weapon effects

-New Sounds

-New Option Hub overlay

-other grafical fixes + New grafics!

Stay tuned for more!!

Please write in the comments if you think its better if i remove the higher Crit-chance completely!

Written by Backii

Here we come to an end for ShellShock Live Bugfix Update (v1.0.1 ) hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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