ShellShock Live Farming Weapon XP

ShellShock Live Farming Weapon XP 1 -
ShellShock Live Farming Weapon XP 1 -

This is a guide on how to efficiently farm weapon xp (not level xp) in ShellShock Live.


Change your game lobby settings as follows:
– Lobby Name should include “weapon xp” and “o1s2”
– Map: Stadium (or another similarly flat map)
– Mode: Charge
– Type: Free for all
– Players: 8
– Battery: 200kWh
– Wind: High
– Shot Type: All
– Friends Only: No
– Turn Time: 20
– Shot Tracer: On
– Items: On
– Max Lvl Diff: Any
– Choose wep lvl: No
– Wager Gears: No
– Mod: None
– Obstacles: Med
In turn 1, every player uses the item “overcharge”. For turn 2, pick a weapon that is not yet fully leveled up and shoot. The match should end after that second turn. If not, overcharge in turn 3 and shoot again in turn 4.
There is no need to group up in mid. However, players are not allowed to leave the flat surface if you are using the map Stadium. This map is ideal and if you don’t have it, ask a player who owns it to be the lobby host.


In contrary to popular belief, this method is much more effective than trying to farm weapon xp in the mode points. There are three reasons for this:
1. In “points all mid” you always hit yourself, taking away from your xp gain.
2. You only get xp from hitting one player. For example, if you hit two players for 20 dmg each, you will only get xp for 20 dmg, not 40. So, there is really no point in having all players stack up in mid.
3. With this method and its fast-ending matches, you get new weapons frequently, increasing your chance of getting a weapon that is not fully leveled up yet.
This method becomes increasingly important as you make your way towards level 100, since the number of not yet upgraded weapons in your arsenal will decrease.

Written by Verus

This is all for ShellShock Live Farming Weapon XP hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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