Second Extinction™ Easy 5 star Insane difficulty – Rosy + build

Second Extinction™ Easy 5 star Insane difficulty – Rosy + build 1 -
Second Extinction™ Easy 5 star Insane difficulty – Rosy + build 1 -
This is a guide, which is easy, and simple to execute to achieve 5 stars in insane difficulty, and have an easy time with that difficulty using Rosy. Direct to the point, without too much unnecessary information.


Rosy – abilities

Passive: restores damage to for any unbroken health segment 
Tactical (Q): Deploys pylons which when connected they create an electrical barrier ( can have multiple points as well ) Good for CC ( crowd control ) 
Special (E): regenerate health and apply defensive boost for a limited time for any of her allies within her aura of the special ability. – 

Equipment to use

– Ammo bag : because you will need ammo while yo’re actively fighting hordes of dinos. 
– Air Strike: for extra aoe damage, also helps refilling your special ability (E) instantly when killing multiple targets, or dealing huge damage to special dinos. 
– Healing Stim 


First weapon will be her primary, which is – it deals explosive damage, good AoE damage, also can insta kill weaker dinos. 
The build for this weapon is as shown in the picture below Second Extinction™ Easy 5 star Insane difficulty - Rosy + build 
Max Impact combined with: 
– Direct Impact ( for armor damage ) 
– Accelerant: faster traveling rockets 
– uninterruptable: instantly reloads when taking damage, if you’re in reloading sequence 
– Split Warhead: fires 3 rockets instead while aiming down ( holding right mouse key before firing ) 
and 1 point in stability. alternative build would be replacing Accelerant with deep Pockets ( first node of stability upgrade ) to get more maximum ammo capacity for your rocket launcher. 
Secondaryweapon will be the – Good ammo, nice fire rate, and can be used as back up weapon to attack certain dino from a distance. 
The build for this weapon is as shown in the picture below Second Extinction™ Easy 5 star Insane difficulty - Rosy + build 
Having 4 points in Handling to allow us to use: 
– Extended mag: to increase magazine size 
– Deep Pockets: to increase total ammo for the weapon 
5 points in impact paired with: 
-Weakness Exploitation: enemies taking critical damage when staggered or have status effect applied, which can synergize greatly with her special ability (Q) and Shock Rounds. 
– Shock Rounds: weapon deals shock damage and can electrify enemies, which can also apply critical dmg paired with weakness exploitation as mentioned above 
1 point in stability for lowering recoil. 

How does it work?

In the next section where there will be a short video clip of how does her build work, it is mostly using rocket launcher since it is rare to use her SMG since you will be pretty much killing everything with rocket launcher along with using mechanics like being damaged on purpose, leaving dinos that throw poison at you alive, which can be seen as a good exploit of how you can instantly reload your rocket launcher without waiting for a dino to attack, instead using that poison on ground as second option. 
also with this build she doesn’t even need to use her full kit, such as her electric barrier, or SMG ( situational ). or even using environment to manipulate enemy AI pathing. 
while being surrounded, there will be many dinos to kill, you may think that you will get overwhelmed, true, but that is all to your advantage, with rocket launcher alone, you can kill multiple at the same time, refill your Special ability (E) almost instantly, and heal any damage in no time, making it almost never risky ( unless you lag a lot which can result in input delay or not responding enough to register fast ) 



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That is all!

If you have any comment, or question, feel free to ask, and i will reply as soon as i can. 

Written by Leon

Hope you enjoy the post for Second Extinction™ Easy 5 star Insane difficulty – Rosy + build, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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