SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE How to make 1 Million caps in 30 minutes

SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE How to make 1 Million caps in 30 minutes 1 -
SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE How to make 1 Million caps in 30 minutes 1 -

This guide will show how to make 1,000,000 caps within 30 minutes.
This guide is not suitable for beginner players. These requirements must be met.
1. Mission Progress 7B
2. Alex Gundam + Minimum 2 Uncapped
3. Minimum 23 parts with Dropped Capital.
4. Minimum 2 skill slots + Lucky skills + Raring to go skill

1. Requirement

  • 1. Mission Progress until Mission 7B
  • 2. Alex Gundam Minimum Uncap 23
  • 3. Skill Slot Minimum 2
  • 4. Luck / Raring for Go skill


2. How to make 1,000,000 in 30 minutes

MS Setting
MS – Alex Gundam – Blueprint from Mission 3B(True)
Parts: All "Dropped Capital", Parts in part slots
Skills / Raring to go
Mission : 7B Break ()
Difficulty – Easy
1. Raring to Go will give 50% of the skill-meter.
2. Lucky skill activates after you cast "Roll Action".
3. Lucky skill will allow you to steal double the caps from your enemy.
4. "Dropped Capital” parts will add caps from your enemies, if you buy 4x parts for +1500, each enemy should drop at least 1500 caps. It is 100% guaranteed to drop.
5. You can get double the amount of each part’s buffed capital by casting "Roll Action" alongside your "Dropped Capital Parts".
(Exemple: If you have +1500 "Dropped Capital" parts, you will receive at least +3000 from every enemy. It is easy. If you dropped one yellow cap containing +1500, it will drop two yellow caps instead of one. No matter how large your buff is, you will get guaranteed two times the yellow caps drops.)
6. Cast SPAs from Alex Gundam to get a buff that lasts for a set period. Your drop rate will be between 4x and 6x while you're on SPAs buff. The dropped cap's color is red instead of the yellow. Lucky skill will not be affected while on SPAs buff
7. Make a rotating Lucky -> Spas -> Lucky. You can get 2x caps drop rate between 4x caps drop rate.
8. Difficulty doesn’t matter. Parts with easy difficulty will still have their caps.
9. Mission 7B (, Break) has an infinite-spawn mechanism. You must not enter the boss room or wander around. Each mission will last 30 minutes.
10. You get at least 350k (for 10 minutes. It depends on the parts number. I have 4x parts and +1200 caps buff. You will get less money if there are fewer parts.)

3. Video Demonstration

YouTube player

If you don't see the video it is either not fully uploaded or not being developed yet. You can visit later.


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