Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Tips and Tricks + Gameplay

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Tips and Tricks + Gameplay 1 -
Farmer Against Potatoes Idle Tips and Tricks + Gameplay 1 -

These quick tips will help you get your game moving quickly and open up new features.

Hints & TIps

Farmer Against Potatoes
Hints/Tips (, Beta)
Shadeofnight's opinions
* You want Reincarnation to be your first target (. This should be done as soon as) is available. This will allow for you to begin earning reincarnation point, which can be used as a bonus. Even if you don't spend) points, you will see that reincarnation (is the most significant boost to your stats.
* Do your daily quests for souls (. When they add up, you will have everything you need before you know what).
* Whack offers several bonuses that are essential to get ASAP (. The most important is Lower Cow Cost,). It will take some time to accumulate the points needed for this. Don't be afraid of buying a lot page one to get later whack pushes that are worth more. Whack gear can be found in later worlds, which will help you increase your score tremendously. You can also buy cow reduction bonuses in later worlds.
* You will replace the first few sets of gear quickly. However, you should not be afraid to upgrade them(. I would recommend Tier 3, blue). The early tier materials are almost worthless once they reach Tier 2 (. This will allow you to light fast up to Tier 6. – So saving them is better than using them on current gear.
* Do not be afraid to make super powerful gear. You will soon ascend and your gear will be gone. This is another reason to not keep material forever). If you don't want to push the limits (, then you should consider what level of gear you need.) does not reset your gear.
* If you unlock cows, you will want to buy your first cow (immediately even if you don't have all the discounts yet). You can grind it if necessary. This is because milk also produces residue when it starts. It can give you some very powerful bonuses.
* For soul purchases (if your purchase is not large enough to start). I prefer the class/potato/skull first because they are all power-ups. Next I choose QOL Auto potato/Skull, which if you're not at your computer that often this buy is one of my more powerful QOLs but will give you an) power boost. Then I follow this with auto whack. This buy is usually not recommended as it is too weak until you get it up to a certain). All the rest is up to you, but you will try to get it all sooner than later.
* For challenges, you want to complete the first one at the same time as unlocking it. However, it is not a bad idea to do the 2nd and 3rd challenges more frequently than they open (. You can also cancel a challenge if it seems too long).
There is some debate over when to challenge 3 and 4. It will take you 8 to 16 hours to complete them if you do them right before they unlock (. They will take you a lot less if they are done right after you get stronger.
It is challenge 7 & 8 (before you climb the first time). You should have a rule before you try. I recommend starting with calcium generation (. This takes a little while to unlock). You can climb the first time with just high level boiling, and then you can go higher until it unlocks.
* Once you unlock unlimited tasks, I would not ignore the "easy labour begone", as it is almost impossible to use. The medium labor one is nice but it takes a while to get it that far. The reason is that the medium will switch on after you complete a challenge, while the easy will not. You should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS START A NEW RUN WITH THE UNLIMITED CHALLENGE FOR THAT CLASS. This is because it is very rare that you won't be able to push at LEAST one more state each cycle back to that particular class for higher bonuses.
* Talents have all kinds of options and what you buy depends on what you are pushing at that moment, but with that said, unless you are pushing gear/wurm/milk/brewing, the two most important stats most of the time are class and reincarnation. Reincarnation is a base stat, and class is the most important. Personally, I prefer the 3K Hoer area to be my primary target (. Once I am in RL4k), I try to get there from anywhere. The bonus to both con and class is so strong that it is difficult to justify anything else. I then start to consider the Farm 3k(as an extra bonus to the overall power of everything, rather than focusing solely on one thing.
* Some people want to focus on multiple milk bonuses or brewing bonuses (. There are all in the 3k area). But I find once I have unlocked brewing, that one is all I need most of all the time, until my max reincarnation bonus.
* Do not forget your 2 15 point unique talents per class. They all look great, but the 3 strongest are the wurm/gear/milk benefits. These 2 talents are always purchased if I am in these classes.
* To get the best gear, you need to do the highest level (or medium) in the highest possible world. Then wait for the gear buff. For a double bonus, you can turn on the gear potion and get the best gear for that run.
* Other tips You will also be able to earn more class exp at higher levels of difficulty, even if you are playing at a lower level stage. This means that you can do as much as you want to increase your reincarnation bonus and earn more class exp.


You can learn useful unlocks by:
Confectionery 1-4-50
1-8-50 Reincarnation
2-2-50 Challenge Open up
Infinity Challenges: 3-6-50
* Brookz thanks for remembering when all this happened


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