Sable Bike customization guide

Sable Bike customization guide 1 -
Sable Bike customization guide 1 -

If you’re like me, and have no shame, you don’t want to traverse a buggy map to find 165 chum for the full attire. Someone mentioned that it’s possible to get the chest in the chamber on the left by simply climbing into it since it’s not attached to the wall proper. However, I found that we can use the bugs to get into the other two chambers.

Bike customization

I chose a bike with overall high speed and acceleration to get over the initial inclines at the entrance of the chum tunnel.
Sable Bike customization guide - Bike customization - 7DA7CD6
Sable Bike customization guide - Bike customization - FFFC0C1

Wall Clipping

I found the best way to clip through the chamber wall is to strafe up on one of its sides that’s attached to the rest of the cave. Then I switch the bike to drive mode and direct it at that junction between the chamber wall and the cave wall. The bike typically spins on its own but you can move right or left while holding the accelerate button. As soon as Sable’s body clips through the wall, get off the bike and you should be able to clip into the chamber
Sable Bike customization guide - Wall Clipping - 9F5BB24


I’m still gonna come back and try to get all 165 chum eggs but i lack patience. Happy clipping
Sable Bike customization guide - <3 - D53EAC5

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