Sable Broken Piston Collision Fix

Sable Broken Piston Collision Fix 1 -
Sable Broken Piston Collision Fix 1 -

If you’re having trouble with the angled pistons in Rowley’s Way not having proper collision, I’ve got some tips.


Two of the three angled pistons have broken collision, which is frustrating, but it can be worked with when you know how. That’s what this guide is here for.

The Actual Tips You’re Here For

Pistons 1 and 3 in Rowley’s Way are missing collision on their flat sides, but they still have collision on their edges. So the way to work with them is to stand right in front of the bottom edge, with your legs clipping into the hazard stripes, or just before that. When they shoot out, they’ll connect with you and push you on to the next section. I didn’t note any issues with Piston 2, but if you have trouble I think the same technique would work.
Here are video clips of the positioning. – [] – [] 

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