Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events 1 -
Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events 1 -
As per the Drifting World update, Relationship events were added to the game. All the NPC on the Docks have stories to tell, and since there’s no place to re-read them (yet), this guide will attempt to list them all.


Athos the Blacksmith

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - Athos the Blacksmith 

Introduction (after unlocking him in the Manor):


Thanks for helpin’ me build my black-shoppe kid. 
I ain’t got a lot to my name, but I promise you, your investment into this here black-smithery will pay off black-wisely
I can’t make much right now, ’cause I don’t have any blueprints. But if you and me work together? 
Boy, we can start making some unimaginable things! 
And I mean that literally. 
Gots me some of that aphantasia. Can’t see no pictures up in this noggin. 
That’s why I need those blueprints
So here’s the deal. You get me blueprints, and I’ll charge you money to make them. 
It’s a win-win. 
I win, ’cause I get free blueprints, then I win again ’cause I get a customer. 
Now let’s stop dilly-dallying and let me show you what I’ve got in the black-back of this black-shoppe

Normal relationship events:


Ain’t nothing quite like the smell of a forge in full below, Kid. 
The coal, the melted iron, the sweat… smells like memories. 
…It also smells a little toxic, if I’m gonna be honest. 
                            * * * * * * *  
I’ve been a blacksmith all my life Kid. Knew it’d be my passion the moment I first picked up a hammer. 
Some people feel bad for me, wonderin’ how I could spend my whole life doing the same thing over and over. 
Truth is, I’m one of the lucky ones. 
So many people out there spend their whole life looking for purpose and never findin’ it. 
…Just always lookin’, but never comittin’… 
Kid, what I’m tryin’ to say is… you buying somethin’ or what? 
                            * * * * * * *  
Hey Kid, you headin’ out? 
Well, be-forge you leave don’t forge-t to buy something. 
Like that? Bit o’blacksmith humour right there. 
…Jokes aside, you should buy something. 
                            * * * * * * *  
D’you know what words and simthing have in common? 
They get used, tempered, and rebuilt over the years, eventually becoming something new. 
That armor you have? One day it will be scrapped, melted, and re-forged. 
Maybe a hundred years from now that sword’ll be a really big spoon. 
Words go through the same transformative process. 
They absorb new meanings as they are used in common parlance, and often become something entirely different. 
…I dunno why I’m acting like I knew this. I’m just spittin’ out what the totem told me. 
                            * * * * * * *  
Y’know, I’m not just a blacksmith. 
I was trained in the crafting of large scale items like armor, ploughs, and swords, but I learned the skills of a whitesmith too. 
Rings, fine tools, and etchings. 
Smithing isn’t just a job to me. It’s my blood. Everything I make, I put the utmost care into. 
…So stop complaining about my prices. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Been talkin’ to that Enchantress friend o’ yours. She’s quite the talker. 
Lovely as silver, but a talker. 
Would be innerestin’ to see if she could sit through one of the Architect’s tales without sayin’ a thing. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Fixed the Enchantress’ crystal pole yesterday. 
Pretty easy. Tightened some nuts and bolts, finished in an hour. 
Spent some time talking to her. Ain’t so bad. 
… By the way, the hinges were loose ’cause someone’s been kicking at it. 
… Wouldn’t mind if you kept it up. 
Be helpful to know I did a good job repairin’ it. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Kid, I’m lookin’ for some advice. That Enchantress friend of yours? 
Asked if I’d be interested in joining her for dinner. 
What should I wear? Alls I got is this apron. 
…You think that’s ok? 
… Maybe I should go shirtless? 
Forgot how hard this is. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Life’s funny, ain’t it Kid? 
The past ain’t been kind to me, so I came down here to start again. 
Wanted to give myself some time to be alone. 
But that Enchantress is quite the lady. Been a long time since I’ve felt this way. 
Maybe being alone ain’t what I need right now. 
And she’s one heck of a cook! Never had such exotic food before. 
That Ful she made was something else. 
… But to be honest, her Ham-borg-er was my favourite. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Hey Kid, looks like you’re heading out again huh? 
Well, be careful out there. 
I’ve takin’ a liking to you, so try and make it back y’hear? 
                            * * * * * * * 

Nunet the Enchantress

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - Nunet the Enchantress 

Introduction (after unlocking her in the Manor):


Ooooh Ducky, thank you so much for this extravagant tent! 
The ancient Ka flowing through it is so immense, it’s making me DIZZY
…Just kidding! I saw the price tag. (You suck) 
The only thing making me dizzy are the fumes from all the cleaning agents I had to use. 
…Couldn’t you get a girl anything better? 
Whelp, beggars can’t be choosers… So I’ve decided not to be poor anymore! 
Now let’s talk about Magic with a capital M 
‘Cause lemme tell you Ducky, enchantments ain’t cheap. 
Go bring me some of those sweet Runic Stones, and I’ll have you Dancing around with a capital D (for diarrhea, ’cause of all the side effects)! 

Normal relationship events:


Hello Ducky, glad to see you again. 
Don’t be surprised that I know it’s you, we can all tell. Same you, different body. 
Live long enough and you’ll start seeing past the shell too. 
                            * * * * * * *  
Ducky! Please, come and share some koshary tea with me. 
Morning tea is one of the greatest traditions ever made, and you should never skip it. 
I like mine with LOTS or sugar and LOTS of mint. 
…Like, a lot. 
… Honestly, they’re probably more sugar than tea. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Ducky, care for some lamb fattah? 
It’s lamb and garlic, and rice, and tomatoes, and everything delicious! 
It’s one of my favourite dishes, so don’t bashful when asking for seconds. 
… Seriously, feel free. I made too much because I keep forgetting how small I am. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Ducky, those runes are just a taste. If you want the gooood stuff, you have to give me the gooood stuff. 
By good stuff (for me), I’m talking about Red Aether… 
… It will help me live forever! 
And good stuff (for you), I’m just talking about stacking duplicate runes. 
Stacking runes is more complicated than you think. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Know what’s weird, Ducky? These docks are so close to the water, yet everything up hear is dry. 
…Whatever’s below isn’t water, it just really, REALLY looks like water. 
And don’t even think about taking a dip. That water’s poisonous, Ducky. 
It’s heavy too. I’ve tossed a couple things in there and they all sink. 
… I wonder why the Living Safe can stay in it? 
                            * * * * * * * 
I made the Totem some kofta, but I guess it doesn’t eat. 
… It’s weird because the Living Safe eats it just fine. 
… Anyways, want some leftover Kofta ? 
                            * * * * * * * 
You hungry Ducky? 
I made some Om Ali for you. It’s best hot so you should eat it now. 
… It’s one of my favourite desserts, so if you don’t like it, I’m gonna take it personally. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Ducky, that man beside me interests me. 
He repaired my lamp post, and I wish to thank him. 
Do you know if he likes exotic food? 
I am thinking of inviting him over for some ful, but I don’t want to scare him away if his palatte is too… boorish. 
Perhaps I should cook him something more common? 
Maybe I’ll make that dish you commoners all seem to love. 
What’s it called again? …A ham-borg-er? 
                            * * * * * * * 
Nice to see you Ducky! 
I had dinner with the giant blacksmith yesterday and I wanted to talk to someone about it! 
Soooo… At first, it didn’t start off great. 
He showed up to dinner smelling of soot, and wearing his blacksmith’s apron, so my expectations dropped a little… 
Plus, I was still cooking, so I had my apron on too! 
I can’t believe we had matching outfits… 
But the dinner went way better than expected! 
He’s quite the conversationalist! 
Blacksmithing and rune crafting have a lot in common y’know? 
Sure we do different things, but the fundamentals are the same, and we shared the same obsession with our trade. 
It was refreshingbeing able to talk someone about things like this y’know? 
A man with drive is quite appealing! 
… Plus he was pretty hot in that apron. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Hi Ducky! 
I had a terrible dream that the Sage Totem was lying to me about not needing to eat, because he actually just didn’t like my cooking… 
Sooooo I made some more kofta, and offered it to Quinn today. 
… Well, long story short, she doesn’t eat either… 
… Anyways, want some more Kofta? 
                            * * * * * * * 
Ducky, you sleeping well? Your eyes look like hollow holes into the abyss. 
I used to have a terrible time sleeping too. 
Some days I’d be more tired waking up than before I went to bed. 
Turns out I had Sleep Apnea. I wasn’t breathing properly when taking my beauty rest. 
I never did have a growth spurt, and I think it’s because my Apnea stunted my growth! 
The proof is in the pudding, puddin’. 
So fix your sleeping habits now or be forever short like me! 
                            * * * * * * * 

Charon the Ferryman

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - Charon the Ferryman 

Introduction (first time talking to him):


… One must pay the toll. 

Normal relationship events:


… You have returned. 
                            * * * * * * *  
… Cheater of Death, welcome. 
                            * * * * * * * 
… Welcome again, Traveller. 
                            * * * * * * * 
… Two shall travel together? 
                            * * * * * * * 

Lady Mana Quinn

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - Lady Mana Quinn 

Introduction (after unlocking her in the Manor):


H-h-h-hello! This is a nifty dock you have here! 
M-m-my name is Lady Quinn, and I’m excited to meet you! 
I-I-I’m a Living Dummy and I knoooooow everything about Weapons and stuff! 
I love everything about them, so if you have any questions, j-j-just ask! I could talk your b-butt off about ’em! 
And who knows? M-m-maybe you could learn a trick or t-t-two! 
A-a-and s-s-sorry about the s-s-stu-stutter
It get’s worse when I’m f-f-feeling… shy… 
… Ok. Well, nice t-t-talking to you! 

Normal relationship events:


Mmmmm… I like it up here. 
Y’know, if it wasn’t for all the m-m-monsters, and the danger, and the m-m-monsters, these Docks would be pretty nice. 
… Plus, I’m getting a nice wood tan. 
                            * * * * * * * 
A star floated close by me the other day. 
It was translucent and had those long t-t-tendrils, and it was beautiful. 
Or, at least I think it was beautiful… 
… Come to think of it, I don’t think that was a star. 
…Either way, I didn’t get a good look. It was scary so I c-climbed down and hid. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Maaaan… What’s a girl gotta do to get some p-p-pizza? 
… I don’t eat food, but I like how it looks. 
                            * * * * * * * 
Did you know that Estuary Lamech p-p-pioneered most of the fighting styles that we use today? 
He mastered the sword, the axe, the spear, and so m-m-many more cool things. 
He’s my hero! I bet he’s a great guy! 
… I mean, I’ve never met him, but someone who knows that much about weapons can’t be a bad guy! 
                            * * * * * * * 


Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - THE TOTEM 

Introduction (after unlocking him in the Manor):



Normal relationship events:


                            * * * * * * *  

Atticus the Living Safe

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - Atticus the Living Safe 

Introduction (after unlocking him in the Manor):


Psssst… PSSSST! 
Hey Friend-o, over here. 
It’s me, your buddy the Living Safe 
You’re here cause you want the stuff right? Cause boy-o, I gots the stuff. 
I’m talking loopholes Friend-o. And of buoy, I’ve got loops on loops on fruit loops. 
I’m an Accountant, and whit a bit o’me wizardry, I can take gold from even Death himself. 
That’s the secret about making money, Friend-o. 
It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much money you keep. And we’re keepin’ it alllll. 
Or at least a small percentage of it. 

Normal relationship events:


Friend-o, down here. It’s me, the Living Safe! 
… Didn’t realize I was still alive, did ya? That’s cool, I can be pretty still at times. 
Just wonderin’ how all your investments are doing. 
They doing good? You makin’ a nice return? 
Ha haaaaaa… I LIVE for this stuff Friend-o! 
Nothin’ like seeing numbers go up, am I right? 
Some people are thrill-seekers, others find joy in charity. 
But me? Show me a 1 change into a 2 and POP! 
I’m there Friend-o… I am there! 
                            * * * * * * * 
Hey Friend-o, can I give you some advice? 
Don’t worry too much about how much you’ve got in savings right now. We’re in a bull market. You need to spend money to make money. 
Upgrade that manor o’yours. INVEST IN YOU BEFORE YOU INVEST IN ME. 
Sounds crazy, right? But I’m telling you buoy, this is how you make money! 
                            * * * * * * * 
Hey Friend-o, I was thinking of changing buoys. This one’s feelin’ a little old-fashioned. 
Kinda clashes with my decor, don’t you think? 
Doesn’t scream classy. 
I’m thinking something with stars or gold coins emblazoned on it. 
Maybe some diamonds, or crowns… 
Y’know what ? 
The more I talk about it, the more I like this buoy. 
                            * * * * * * * 
I wasn’t always all about investments, Friend-o. 
I used to be a dad, and an okay one at that. 
I remember how wrinkly my kid was when he was born. 
I always thought babies were cute and smooth, and malleable. 
… My kid looked like a raisin that was dried out in the sun. 
                            * * * * * * * 

Noah the Architect

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - Noah the Architect 

Introduction (after unlocking him in the Manor):


Oooch, what do we have here? 
Why helllllo Child! Have you come to speak to me? An ollld man? 
It is good that you spek with your elders. We have a lot to wisdom to teach. 
A lot of… storrrries to tell. 
Now, now, where are my manners? I haven’t properly introduced myself! 
My name is Olllld Man, and my defining characteristic is being olllllll! 
And you… I shall call you Child, for your defining characteristic is that you have no past history. 
But I can fix that. I can help you find that history you so desperately need. 
See this anchor? I can use it to lock the Kingdom down. Keep it from changing. 
Now you can search corners you’ve never searched, and fight monsters you’ve failed to conquer. 
You can become a hero and tell your own stories! 
Of course, if you use my anchor there is an olllld man’s finder fee. 
Why aren’t my services free, you ask? Because I am ollllld man. 
Not dummmmmb man, or generous man. 

Normal relationship events:


                            * * * * * * *  

Maria the Pizza Girl

Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events - Maria the Pizza Girl 

Introduction 1 (after first meeting her in Axis Mundi):


Hey there stranger! Didn’t think I’d meet anyone this far out on the bridge, but I’m sure glad you showed up! 
Name’s Maria by the way. 
I was heading to the Sun Tower when a Shift happened, and some monsters got teleported right beside me! 
So I ran back here to my old pizza shop, and decided to lay low until they left… 
Or until somebody defeated them. 
… Thanks for that, by the way. 
Anyway, I can tell from your get-up you’re not from around here. 
Juuuuust a wild guess, but you’re from above right? Looking to get the Estuaries to open that giant gold door for you, right? 
Don’t worry, I won’t pry. Just sayin’ that maybe I can help you. 
If you ever get the chance, come meet me by one of the teleporters. 
Maybe we can work together. 
Thanks again for the save, but I’d better be going. 
I wanna study the teleporters while I have the chance… 
                            * * * *(after talking to her again in the same spot)* * * *  
Don’t worry, I’m just catching my breath. The Tower teleporter is just above, so just go ahead and I’ll meet you there! 
I didn’t go through two weeks of delivery-person training for nothing! 

Introduction 2 (after meeting her at a teleporter):


Hey again stranger! 
So you’re interested in hearing my proposal? How exciting! 
I was afraid you’d blow me off. Your lack of response and facial expressions makes you quite hard to read. 
First, let me do a proper introduction: 
Name’s Maria – Pizza delivery girl by day, amateur geologist by night. 
Don’t let my job title fool you, delivering food isn’t easy when everything keeps shifting. 
One wrong step, and you could end up being the toppings. 
But I’m lucky. I can ‘feel’ the shift, so I can tell when things have moved, and where they’ll end uo… 
And that’s how you and I can work together! 
See this portal here? It’s bound to other portals via Currents
Use one portal, and you can keep going back to it, but if a Shift happens, you lose connection to it. 
I’ve been studying these portals (and using them for deliveries) for a while now, so I’ve grown pretty attuned to Currents
And if you give me enough resources, I think I can unlock these portals for you permanently. 
What’s in it for me you didn’t ask? Well, if I can get these portals opened permanently, then I can start helping people who are stuck in their homes or cut-off places. 
Not everyone can cross these bridges on their own, 
so having these portals working would be a literal lifesaver for everyone! 
Whaddaya say? Help a lady out? You get to traverse through the world faster, and I get to help people get what they need. It’s a win-win. 
All I need is 1750 gold to do it. 

Introduction 3 (after meeting her back on the Docks):


Hey-a Stranger, thanks again for saving me on the bridge. 
Being cooped up in there for so long was making me go crazy. 
We’ve been down here for so long, waiting for help to arrive, that I had given up hope. 
Mannn… I know we’re not out yet, but standing on these docks, right here right now, is probably the 
happiest I’ve ever been. 
… I’d love to chill here some more but I can’t. There are still people in the Kingdom that need help. 
The next time you go back to the Kingdom, we should share a boat. It’d make for some nice company. 

Normal relationship events:


Hey-a Stranger, thanks again for letting me ride the boat with you. 
I enjoy the company and I’m pretty sure you enjoy the free pizza! 
                            * * * * * * *  
Somedays I really miss the smell and feel of the forest. 
The docks are beautiful but there’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of dew. 
Estuary Naamah could be remarkably cruel, but she was really good at her job. 
She tended to the forest and it grew under her care. 
It sounds lame right? But down here, doing something like that takes something more than just hard work. 
… I don’t think anyone else could have done what she did. 
… Know what else I miss? Pizza. 
And I just had some like 20 minutes ago! 
                            * * * * * * * 
I used to be a farmer y’know? Just like everyone else in the Kingdom. 
Technically our titles were “Gardeners”, but we never called ourselves that. 
We tended the lands and grew crops in a natural setting. 
No tilling, no pens, no fields. 
That was Estuary Naamah’s rules. Leave the land in a better spot than when we arrived. 
I try to take that rule to heart when interacting with people too. 
If we all worked to help each other be happy, the world would be in a much better place. 
Maybe that’s why I like delivering pizza so much. 
Everyone likes pizza! 
                            * * * * * * * 
I’ve got a good feeling about oday, Stranger. 
You’re looking like you’re full of vigour, I’m looking like I’m full of pizza, and the weather’s… lookin’ like it always does. 
                            * * * * * * * 
I still remember when I decided to quit being a farmer. 
I specialized in foraging, and I was one of the fastest in the whole kingdom. 
I always seemed to know when a Shift would happen, and where it’d take you. 
So I’d always forage in places where I knew the Shift would bring me close to Axis Mundi. 
Cutting your travel time in half, makes fulfilling quotas prettttty easy. 
I always took this intuition I had for granted. 
There were always other foragers by my side, so I assumed everyone else had this ability as well. 
Well, turns out they don’t. They were all just following me. 
Rumors spread that if anyone spoke to me about it, then my ability would disappear. So I was left in the dark for years. 
… I only found out when someone got hurt. He broke taboo, and asked if I could Shift them to the Citadel… 
… Silly isn’t it? All these misconceptions kept building on top of one another. 
If someone just spoke up, I wouldn’t have taken my gift for granted, and I could have helped so many more people. 
That’s when I stopped being a farmer. 
I took my savings, and went to apply at the Stygian Study. 
If I could understand how my intuition worked, then maybe I could teach others too. 
… Know what’s weird? After I found out, I left the village. 
In the end, nobody could use my talents anymore, so I guess the rumor ended up being true after all! 
… Don’t let that ruin the moral of the story though. 
                            * * * * * * * 


It’s a work in progress (collecting all the dialog is time-consuming). 
Feel free to point out typos, they’re either my fault and I’ll correct them, or they’re in the original text and I’ll report them. 

Written by Rhadamante

Hope you enjoy the post for Rogue Legacy 2 Docks NPC Relationship Events, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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