Rogue Legacy 2 Guide to all achievements in RL 2

Rogue Legacy 2 Guide to all achievements in RL 2 1 -
Rogue Legacy 2 Guide to all achievements in RL 2 1 -

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Achievements for bosses

1. Magic and Swords1. Magic and Swords – Defeat the Lamech Estuary.
2. Captain and Team
– Defeat the Monsters of the Void of the Axis of the World.
3. Harvest and Native Land – Overcome the Estuary But to him.
4. Manners and Poisons – Defeat the Estuary of Enoch.
5. Luminaries and Soldiers – Overcome the Irada Estuary.
6. Hands and Sledgehammers – Overcome the Estuary of Tubal.
7. Progenitor and Protégé7. Progenitor and Protégé – Defeat the Traitor.
8. King and Brother
– Defeat the Immortal King.

Achievements for killing Prime Bosses

The opportunity to put a prime boss will appear after the first passage. In the NG+ selection, set the appropriate setting.
9. In the name of Glory – Defeat the Perfect Estuary Lamech.
10. In the name of Justice – Defeat the Children of the Mehiael Estuary.
11. In the name of Survival – Overcome The Perfect Estuary But him.
12. In the name of Love – Defeat the Perfect Estuary of Enoch.
13. In the name of Pride – Defeat the Perfect Estuary of Irad.
14. In the name of Anger – Defeat the Perfect Estuary of Tubal.
15. In the name of Repentance– Overcome the Redeemed.
16. In the name of Greed – Defeat the Perfect Immortal King.

Other achievements

17. Good Practice – Kick away from each object on the Docks without touching the floor. (Shift jump on all possible objects: roofs, stuffed animals, targets, etc.)
18. Prequel to the Sequel – Climb Up. (Complete the game 1 time)
19. Good Boy! – Stroke the Dragon. (After killing Tubal in the lower location, chat with the dragon, and when he falls asleep, stroke him on R)
20. A Look into the Future – Complete the ‘Nightmarish Omens’ Scar.
It is necessary to kill the prime version of the boss Irad (Sun Tower). In the first location, find a location with a chest and find a secret entrance:
Rogue Legacy 2 Guide to all achievements in RL 2 - Other achievements - 6884229
There will be a scar in the topmost door. The achievement is given after the first passage of the scar.
21. K. O. – Knock out the Estuary. (The Boxer class must kill any boss using the knockout skill)
22. It’s not so Harmful to look – Activate Your Rules somehow. (In the settings, enable “Your rules”)
23. Maybe The Wax Doesn’t Melt – Get to the Sun on the Wings of Icarus. (The relic “Wings of Icarus” is needed, after which we just go to the entrance to the boss room to Irad (the boss of the solar tower)
24. It Was Just An Assumption – Don’t save yourself in time. (After killing the main boss, wait for the timer for 10 minutes)
25. Just The Beginning– Open The Overload Of The Soul Shop. (Buy “Space Overload”)
26. Futile betrayal – Discover a hidden memory.
For execution, we are transferred to the tutorial. Find the scarecrow as in the screenshot, go down two meters below and break the wall.
Rogue Legacy 2 Guide to all achievements in RL 2 - Other achievements - CC3D372
27. Color Coordination – Unlock Unity level 3 for a set of equipment. (In the soul shop, buy twice the ability to find higher-level items)
28. True Blessing – Receive the blessing of strength, wisdom and talent at the same time. (Blessings are given for changing any item. Find a change of weapons, abilities, and talent at the same time.)
29. Jack of All Trades – Reach a total skill level of 150 among all classes. (The level increases for each purchase in the store)
30. Erebus Cleared – Earn a bronze trophy or better for each Scar Test. (Find all 15 scars and pass them at least for bronze, and then get a trophy from Erebus himself). Where to find them –

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31. Looks Familiar – Buy at least one item in each Skill of your Estate. (You will need to open individual items in the shower store). (The estate is the main store with stats, etc.)
32. Contributions to Pillows – Buy one Rune of each type from the Enchantress. (Unlock and unlock 1 item type)
33. Shop-melting – Buy one of all the items from the Blacksmith. (Unlock and unlock 1 item type)

Inadequate achievements

34. We had to – Get the name right in the face.
Go through the game to the true ending. To get it , you need:
1) Complete the game at least 8 times (or read all the memories before the battle with the knight in the garden). It is necessary to get a secret key from the knight. Only after that, the game is considered true on the way to the true ending.
2) Turn on all versions of prime bosses and destroy them in 1 run.
——The Achievement can be laggy, I was able to get it only from the second time—–
The true ending contains a dragon that flew in with Iona. If it didn’t happen, you did something wrong.
35. Full House – Make friends with everyone. (The most difficult achievement)
To get it , you need:
1) Find all the eggplants (The first one is on the top left in the tutorial. The second one is located at the very top of the location with a chest, which is given after passing the red portal of challenges. The third one is In a snowy location (the rightmost one) – find a teleporter with a knight on the right. Above the middle stone (above the textures) there will be a third.
Rogue Legacy 2 Guide to all achievements in RL 2 - Inadequate achievements - 79B3C7C
The fourth is to the left of the entrance to Irad (the boss of the Sun Tower)
To take the eggplant to yourself, press R. To get eggplants, use flight in “your settings” or archer abilities, or abilities of any other class.
2) Go through all the dialogues with death, the runet, the blacksmith, the safe, and other characters in the docks. Talk until EACH of them gives you 500 spheres. (When to speak – the message icons above the characters will prompt)
3) Go through all the scars at least for bronze and get the achievement “Erebus Cleared”.
4) After killing Tubal (the boss of the lower location), you need to talk to the dragon. He will fall asleep after each phrase, so you need to speak with different characters, but on the same game (NG). Talk to him until he gives you 500 spheres.
6) Buy an extension in the shower store (which removes the limit on purchases)
7) Go through the game for the true ending at least once.
As a result, we have to go through the game to the TRUE ENDING (with the dragon and Jonah), where we will have ALL the characters with hearts over their heads. (How to earn their love is higher). If at least one is not friends with us, there will be no achivka.
36. Legacy of the Outcast – Earn all other Achievements.
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