Rogue Fable III General Hints and Tips Gameplay

Rogue Fable III General Hints and Tips Gameplay 1 -
Rogue Fable III General Hints and Tips Gameplay 1 -

Just some tips I’ve picked up learning to play the game. Hopefully it will ease the learning curve for some of you

General Hints and Tips

  • Try to have both ranged (magic or physical) and melee (physical only) options available.
  • The best way to attack melee creatures (especially Damage Shield) is at range, and ranged creatures (especially Reflect enemies) is in melee
  • One use items (e.g Javelins, Nets, etc) sell for 1 gold each and so you are better off using them
  • Their effectiveness also tails off the further into the game you get so don’t hoard them either
  • Multi use wands are the best use of Enchant Scrolls, use the wand until it has 1 charge left then enchant it. It now has increased charges and is refilled to full. (e.g. a Lightning Wand starts with 5/5 charges, use 4 charges until it is 1/5, after enchanting it now has 8/8 charges)
  • Attribute potions are very valuable, get them whenever you can, and use them right away
  • Increase your main attribute every chance you get until you can reach level 2 on every skill you wish to learn, then increase whichever other attribute seems most important
  • Meat doesn’t just fill your food meter, it also heals and increases MP and SP. Don’t use it until one of those effects becomes relevant.
  • Don’t be afraid of becoming hungry, I once cleared 2 whole floors on 0 food without going low enough on health for eating to be worth it. (I did get lucky with level ups, fountains, and variety of enemy on that run but it shows it can be done)


Enemy priority list

Generally you should target enemies in this order
Guaranteed kills who can attack you
Anyone with an element attack you are vulnerable to
Any group you can hit with an AOE attack of some sort
The hardest hitter who can threaten you

Written by jrpeart

This is all for Rogue Fable III General Hints and Tips Gameplay hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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