Risk of Rain 2 How to play dlc full guide

Risk of Rain 2 How to play dlc full guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Risk of Rain 2 How to play dlc full guide 1 - steamsplay.com

“Very good guide at teaching new and old players of Risk of Raining 2”
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Items (become god incarnate)

Risk of Rain 2 How to play dlc full guide - Items (become god incarnate) - 7891035

  • Items are important, I reccommend you take ALL of them of course your run may play out differently but these items are just kinda meh:
  • corpsebloom (bad healing potential)
  • personal shield generator (no one shot protection)
  • stun grenade (yucky)
  • Power Elixir (only take if you have delicate watches)
  • focus crystal (unless on melee survivor)
  • squid polyp (bad)
  • lepton daisy (cringe)
  • wake of vultures (also gets rid of one shot protection and is cringe)
  • interstellar desk plant (lack luster)
  • mired urn (glorified melee attack)
  • Lunar items are sketchy probably safe to take-shaped glass, transcendence and gesture of the drowned
  • sometimes lost seers lenses and benthic bloom (good and bad kinda)
  • and busting fungus (unless you’re engineer)


Equipment (funny timer items)

Risk of Rain 2 How to play dlc full guide - Equipment (funny timer items) - 072717A
Equipments are a very important part of Risk of Rain 2, most of them having a timer that the player must manage and well, play around.
Most equipments are useful for specific things
ANOTHER F***ING LIST (but ranked in their categories) 🙂 🙂
Damage- equipment that directly do or summon something to do damage.

  • Disposable missile launcher-S
  • The back-up-D
  • Preon accumulator-A
  • goobo jr.-B
  • royal capacitor-S
  • Molotov (6-pack)-C
  • Crowd funder-S?
  • Sawmerang-B
  • Helfire Tincture-C

Buff- Equipments that provide a buff

  • Jade elephant-B
  • Super massive leech-B
  • Gorag’s Opus-C
  • Ocular HUD-A
  • Spinel Tonic-S?

Excluding the aspects but their all pretty good like who wouldn’t pickup a 1/2000 drop item.
Healing-Equipments that heal

  • Super massive leech-B
  • Foreign fruit-A
  • Gnarled woodsprite-A
  • Remote caffinator-B
  • Movement-Equipments that provide mobility
  • Milky chrysalis-S
  • Eccentric vase-B
  • Volcanic egg-A

Misc-Equipments with very unique effects

  • Primordial cube-C
  • Blast shower-A
  • Executive card-S
  • Trophy hunters tricorn-A
  • Recycler-S
  • Radar scanner-D
  • Forgive me please-S
  • Fuel array-F


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