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RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

Neither bots or other players want to see your defense 100 stack destroyed by their small armies. Are you frustrated because you believe you can't achieve these accomplishments without the help of other players? Do not worry. You can achieve these achievements in Single Player with the right settings, a little bot management, and your own skill.

This guide will tell you everything

RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - What you get from this guide - 5DFA317
RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - What you get from this guide - 829D045
Shields Up, also.

In short

1. You can create a Capital Conquest Single Player or World Domination single player game using AI and true random die.
2. Dominate the bots, place them in (1 territory corners or corners with just 1 of their territories bordering you and not other players), and reduce their remaining troops down to 1 by using single dice rolls.
3. Offer them the following possibilities to attack (in a Not-A-Capital-territory):
They can get 3 reinforcements and a 6 stack. (3-vs-6 13% Blitz Win Chance)
They can get 5 reinforcements (. A capital) is a stack of 10. (5-vs-10 12% Blitz Win Chance)
4. If a bot does one or more of these attacks (all other bots can be eliminated immediately). You can replenish your stack to 6 and 10 respectively, and then let them do it again next time. Rinse and again. If they succeed in an attack, or use cards, etc. You can fix the damage and then try again.
5. If these attacks are not performed by a bot, it's bad luck.
Good luck! Godspeed!

Settings in detail

Map: Doesn’t matter. Works everywhere. Your choice.
Game Mode: Capital Conquest (makes things a lot easier) or World Domination
Manual Placement: It doesn’t matter. You can choose what suits you best.
Card Bonus: With "Fixed", you can't go wrong with less
AI Difficulty: Expert
(Although I haven’t tried other settings, I believe the simpler bots behave differently and aren’t as aggressive as we need to launch desperate attacks.)
Fog of War – Doesn't really matter, but it's much easier to use "Off".
Blizzards are: It doesn't really matter. "On" may make it easier, since there are more chokepoints and dead ends to trap the bots. They can also be easily defended with fewer troops.
Dice Rolls are True Random
The number of bots/enemies you can handle: The more the better! (as long that you can manage them and are able)

How it works

All bots are not created equal and may not behave and play the exact same way.
According to the
There are many bot "personas".
According to my knowledge, bots always use the Blitz Dice to attack. It seems that bots will only make attacks when the Blitz win chance exceeds a certain threshold. Depending on the bot personality and the game situation, this could be >75% to >50% or >25%. This is not the best way to defend 15 attacks at once. Our chances of success are very low* and we would need hundreds if perhaps thousands of tries.
* Best case: (100-25%)15 = 0,7515 = 1,33% Chance of Impenetrable
However, some bots will attack under certain circumstances. If there is no other option, they can make attacks with a Blitz Chance as low 10%. We can work together.
(100%-10% -)15 = 0,915 – 20,6% This means that on average, we will need only a few attempts to achieve this defensive streak for 15 attacks.
I have yet to see a bot perform an attack with a Blitz Chance below 10%. I believe this is the best we can do.
The goal of the method is to find a suitable robot and make him do one long shot attempt per turn. To be exact, each turn we make the same attempt. This way we don't need to think about how much troops we have. We always replenish to the same amount. The bot's reinforcements are destroyed by the failed attempt. The bot is now back to 1 in territory and will repeat the process next turn. If 5/10/15 attempts fail in a row, we get our achievements (, as long as you do not conquer anything else).
We only need to replenish and add our reinforcements somewhere else, and we can speed-forward the bots’ turn's. This is quite fast.

Examples with Screenshots

Step 1: Dominate the bots, and then place them all in a corner.
RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - Examples with Screenshots - E47AFF9
Step 2 Reduce them to one territory. Slow rolls/single die rolls are used to reduce them down to 1 troop.
Step 3: Offer them a 6 stack if they get 3 reinforcements. If they do not live in a Capital Territory, they will change their probabilities). Offer them a 10-stack if they get 5 reinforcements.
You can see the results in the screenshot below:
Situation after setting up step 1 and 2 for yellow and purple. I already know that teal does not work after the first round.
RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - Examples with Screenshots - CD5E595
The 10 stack is not being attacked by yellow. Purple's turn.
RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - Examples with Screenshots - 575718D
Purple attacked the 6th stack with its 3 troops! We have a bot you can use! \o/
RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - Examples with Screenshots - DFFE685
Purple attacked the 6 stack and lost 3 troops. Purple is our guy.
Teal didn’t use 3 of its troops to attack our 6 stacks in the last round. It doesn’t have enough aggression. We can just get rid of it. Yellow didn’t use its 5 soldiers to attack the 10 stack. We keep yellow alive, with its capital, because it doesn't want us to win yet.
Now we just have to replenish 5-6 troops, put yellow in the box with other troops, then farm purple's attacks.
Notice: Even the most aggressive bot won't use 3 troops to attack 7 stacks (, as there's less than 10% Blitz Win chance for it). Here even purple did not attack.
RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - Examples with Screenshots - 3C28EBF
If the bot gets a bonus and more reinforcements then 3, it should also work. The following should be your ideal stack sizes (with the best Blitz Win Chance of the attacker, which is still at 10%)
4 reinforcements: 8 stack (12% Bitz Win Chance)
5 reinforcements: 10 stack (12% Blitz Win Chance)
6 reinforcements: 12 stack, (11% BWC EB17Y ((. This was actually the case in my game where I got my achievements. See below)
7 reinforcements: 13-stack (13% BWC), or 14-stack (10% bWC. This might be too low/not work. If you find out, please tell me)
8 reinforcements: 15 stack (12% BWC)
9 reinforcements: 17 stack (11% BWC)
Example: Blue takes Crete and receives 6 reinforcements (3, minimum for territories, plus 3 for Crete) each turn. Blue places all of them on its only territory bordering an opponent (me or), and is aggressive enough not to attack 12 troops even though it has a 11% chance.
RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough - Examples with Screenshots - 8BEF38D
Important notice: Sometimes bot attacks will be successful! The bot will then attack your 6 stack territory. You must then reconquer it and eliminate any additional bot troops from the other territory. You don't have any control over whether the bot will be able to use cards next time. The probability method doesn't guarantee that you will defend 15 attacks in a row. You will see the bot break your defensive streak 6-8 times before you can achieve a successful 15 streak. The method works in such a way that you can reach the achievements in a reasonable time.
Thank you for reading my guide!
Ask questions in the comments.


Written by Spielmann

This is all for RISK: Global Domination Full Wiki & Walkthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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