Gloomwood Easter Eggs + Secrets Guide

Gloomwood Easter Eggs + Secrets Guide 1 -
Gloomwood Easter Eggs + Secrets Guide 1 -

A community-powered guide to findings

Notes on sorting

This guide will categorize "Secrets", as they are things that can be found by the observant player and may aid in resource progression. "Easter eggs", which are often more difficult to find, are not intended to help the player but instead serve as their reward.
Unfortunately, I am not able to be everywhere online simultaneously. New Blood/Gloomwood has a large fan base. You can comment on any of the items I have listed and I will add them to the list.


The Fishery
1. The office safe
The office safe is one the first mysteries that you'll discover. How do I find the code? Turn off the lights. You're going want what's in there.
2. The Watch tower on top
The guards mention the watchtower man, but it is not known if it exists in the current build (Early Access 1 -. A single barrel can be placed near the door and used to climb through the hole. You will be rewarded with some health items for your exploration. You can also climb through the window if you like a challenge.
3. The Safe behind the Fishery
To the back of the fishery is a safe that you can swim into. The code to this safe can be found inside the lighthouse. It is at the end of). 415. The "the undertaker", a single-shot pistol that can interact with the environment (to put out lights, break down things, or set enemies ablaze, will be your reward. It is hidden in the map.
4. The FIshery Waters
Although the waters near your start point look like an infidel-death spot to dump bodies, you can actually swim around and explore it. While you may not be able to see well or move quickly, glowing clusters fungi indicate hidden spots where you might find additional resources.
The Mine
1. The Lift
A spare syringe can be found in the waters surrounding the giant lift. It will come in handy after all the "dogs".

Easter Eggs

The Coastline
If you approach the pub, you will see two guards standing at the door looking scared. This is where you will hear rumors about a terrible monster in the pub. Unfortunately, this is not finished as of the initial release. It would be a good idea to press (and then press to toggle) past that point. However, it looks like the developer knew you would love to try this.
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The Lighthouse
You will find a switch in the basement of this lighthouse. This switch is hidden on a book shelf. It allows you to enter the city gates. There are a few extra guards that you can take out, as well as a document that serves to serve the credits.


Written by James Cain

This is all for Gloomwood Easter Eggs + Secrets Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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