Return to Monkey Island Achievements – WIP GUIDE

Return to Monkey Island Achievements – WIP GUIDE 1 -
Return to Monkey Island Achievements – WIP GUIDE 1 -

This guide contains spoilers.
You might find some information or solutions to puzzles in the game's story if you haven’t played it yet.
We're all still playing the game, so it's still incomplete. But we'll get there eventually.


The Key to the Bathroom (the one with a wooden leg) is yours back
Lucky Duck:
After you find the lucky clover, give the item to the duck in your pond
Fan Service
Talk to the guy with the Loom badge in the bar. Keep asking until you hear it.
Mop Heist:
Grab the mob while the cook is busy making the meal.
Hey Wait:
Wally gave you a monocle to read the serial numbers from the lock. Get a key and then you can free him.
Cartography Nerd
Wally can talk to you about the maps and other items he sells. Wally also has a globe and cartography tools, as well as the medal at the door.
Super Swabbie
In the first room, mop the fat. Your boss will spill it all over again. Continue to spit it out 20 times until you get the achievement.
Hot Headed (hidden by)
You can now eat the Scorched Alaska once the chef has made it. Guybrush has to click several times to do it!
More to come…


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