Resident Evil 5 How to Get S Rank in All Chapter + Unlock Unlimited Ammo

Resident Evil 5 How to Get S Rank in All Chapter + Unlock Unlimited Ammo 1 -
Resident Evil 5 How to Get S Rank in All Chapter + Unlock Unlimited Ammo 1 -

How to get the S rank in game basic game information tips.

Farm rocket launchers from 3-1

All you need to do is load chapter 3-1, boat to the middle of the map, and pick up the rocket launcher from the ship. Then save, quit, and reload the map. Infinite rocket launcher for bosses without unlocking the infinite rocket launcher.

Upgrade the free S&W M29 to max or get Lightning Hawk.

S&W M29 is a free magnum you can pick up when you first meet the giant majini. You can also buy it from the shop if you didn’t pick it up. It’s used to unlock the S&W M500 which is the highest damage weapon in the game.

Optionally you can find the Lightning Hawk from the Jill and Wesker fight only if you pick it up from the coffin on the left side of the map before Wesker leaves. You’ll need your partner available so have proximity bombs/flash grenades handy or just buy it from the shop after the fight. This weapon has less max damage output but its still pretty much a one hit kill for most enemies and has less recoil.

Use those weapons to make clearing easy!

Towards the end of the game, just use your magnum for the Reapers and the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that grow the faces and tails. On the last stage you should equip Sheva with a rocket launcher and have one for yourself. Use one rocket launcher for those PITA Gatling Gun Majini and save the other for final Wesker fight.

For the last battle on the volcano, really just push the rock on the side and fire at Wesker if needed. When he starts moving towards you, run all the way to the top of the circle platform where you can see him and fire the rocket launcher directly at his orange spot. Not at his feet, not “kinda close to it”, you need to hit the spot for this to work. Instant kill and the end credits will roll. Dont forget the final jewel is here too if you’re looking for 100%.

Unlock infinite ammo on your magnum

Now that the game is completed you’ve unlocked the ability to have infinite ammo and probably have enough for one weapon of your choice. Use it for the M500 or Lightning Hawk and that’s it. You can farm the lickers in 5-2 to get all of the other weapons in the game unlocked but all you really need is one of the 2 magnums.

Go back through and one shot just about every enemy in the game with your OP gun and S rank all difficulties with ease.

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