Red Solstice 2: Survivors How to Control Infestation Level Guide

Red Solstice 2: Survivors How to Control Infestation Level Guide 1 -
Red Solstice 2: Survivors How to Control Infestation Level Guide 1 -
I read this from steam discussion about tip to control infestation level, post by Bankoleva, hope it will help you get through campaign



HQ – Move your HQ around map to reach missions otherwise you cannot! Like story missions, extremely important!!!

Intel > 4 in region prevents outpost attack
Intel >= 5 enables ASSAULT missions which reduce infestation in that region, very usefull!

Early game containment:

Mid game containment:
Outposts + defending colonies (Logistical items are key here!)

Late game containment:
Solar + Terraformers(nuking) + Black Ops

Black ops are your most powerfull a*set in game, you can send up to 3 black ops in one region, and they will instantly drop infestation by 1 and start raising intel it’s values while preventing infestatino spread, this enables you to secure that region completely, they are worthy and their benefits stack!

Some usefull hints:

Build outposts near eachother, so they share bonuses, they can completely secure regions and enable you to have almost 0 infestation there. Defend them or secure enough intel so you don’t have to defend them at all.

KEY: Ignore missions! Yes ignore them, and focus your war efforts where you will be effective, infestation cannot be stopped, only delayed!

P.S. If you go for terraformer mission, better come prepared.

Each secondary mission completed in the field gives you bonuses like supplies, specialists, region infestation reduce, more intel etc.

So it will always be a losing battle in reducing… lowering Infection level. As In you lower it 1 point but it increases anyway… just less than it would have. By design, as it is a global threat you are fighting a losing war. So global infestation number is always ticking up.

That being said… 1 tactic i’ve been trying now in my second play through is…
– I’ve set up some outpost almost as a wall in a 5 regions so far with the intel pushed past 5. Based on what the dev posted, those are the chess rules and so they can’t be attacked. basically a safe zone that i’m slowly pushing and expanding.
– Part 2 of this plan is using my HQ as a mobile a*sault base…. Again based on the rules 5+ intell and you can a*sault sectors with high infestation and hit both the local and global infestation. You HQ jumps Intel to like 6 wherever it goes.

So to my rear of the globe is a batch of outpost locking off that area keep the intel above 4. And i’m pushing east with the HQ attacking and lowering as I go. I’m not that far in this play through but its been working so far.


Written by KoalaBear

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