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Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

There you can find probably everything: map, descriptions of every state and even some music!
This article is designed to help you with ideas and/or inspiration to create your own interpretation for the Vanilla+ universe. It is NOT my goal to create some “bEsT qUaLiTy” canon that everyone will follow or anything like that.
I just created my own interpretation and want to share it to you.
Use this as a recommendation, not a guide.©

Short Exposition

This is 43 year of the Aftermath Era, which started right after the end of the Great Wars. There no full-scaled wars between any of the states but effort is only growing.
This is calm before the storm.

List of Existing States and Organisations

Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - List of Existing States and Organisations - 5679998


  • Eagle Federation
  • Raven Union
  • Hawk Tsardom
  • Divine Empire of Falcon
  • Hoopoe Caliphate
  • Kingdom of Turaco
  • Toucan Junta
  • Stork Republic
  • Kite Oligarchy
  • Council of Flamingo
  • Shoebill Trade Company
  • Osprey Confederation
  • Cassowary Triumvirate
  • Silvereye City-State

  • Owl Organisation
  • Doves IPC
  • Magpies


States Description — Old Familiarities

Eagle Federation:
Throughout its history, the Federation has followed the principles of supremacism, seeking by any means to expand its sphere of influence and include as many lands as possible in its membership. And then began assimilation. The Federation erased all nationalities as such, striving to achieve full identity with the the founding nation. Naturally, this did not go quickly or smoothly. Protests and even revolts arose. They were, however, all brutally suppressed. Since the end of the Great Wars, the Federation has tried to pursue its expansion by less violent means. For example, full-scale wars have evolved into covert operations involving an elite TALON squad.
This aggressive expansion has had and continues to have its reasons. The most obvious of them (and the one that every oppositionist will tell you about) is the desire for more. More resources to be put into the war effort. More money collected by pointless activities and from unscrupulous citizens. This money could be both for the army and to pocket. Many people hate the Federation for this.
However, one cannot help but note that the government is honestly doing its duty to protect its citizens. After all, if the Federation stops investing everything available to it in the army, the state will collapse under the onslaught of the Union and then all Federation citizens would face a life no better, if not worse. For unlike the Union, the Federation has and even in most cases enforces its social security laws for citizens in in distress, with wages below the minimum wage, etc.
Raven Union:
Unlike its longtime enemy, the Union has begun to pursue an international policy and promote in every way only after the end of the Great Wars. At that time, the Union was on the verge of collapse, because there was no money even to rebuild cities, let alone maintain an army. It was just at this time the party whose ideology was aggressive and ruthless mercantilism. They undertook a series of measures, such as: switching to a free type of market, starting a brutal and aggressive fight against corruption, giving up aid to the needy to save the budget, giving up free education and medicine, imposing hundreds of taxes on anything, etc. And because of this, the Union fully recovered from the Great Wars in just 7 years. Many countries weren’t able to return to past levels until 15-20 years later.
But radical, fanatical mercantilism led to soldiers being treated like some things, and the government doesn’t care about the citizens at all. There are opposition parties, of course, but the mercantilists have taken over the laws, and we can’t expect any change of government in the next few years. Any protests are ruthlessly suppressed. In the Federation, most protests are suppressed with batons, non-lethal guns, gas and stun grenades, but in the Union actual firearms can be used. And all that’s left for citizens is to become entrepreneurs and try to make their way in the highly competitive marketplace in order to to feed themselves and give a good part of the profits to the state, which is likely to use the money to Army development to continue fighting the Federation.

States Description — Underdogs

Kestrel Alliance:
The Alliance consists of four states that have united to prevent their territories from being incorporated into the Federation or Union. The Caliphate is the leading country in the Alliance, while the Republic, Junta, and the Kingdom are subordinate to it in everything.
This has not always been the case. Originally, formed near the end of the Great Wars, the Alliance was meant to be a military confederation whose members could always rely on each other in the event of war. They agreed to mutual aid, even if war was declared on one of the four members. However, no one interfered in the external or internal affairs of the Alliance comrades. But, in more than 40 years of existence, the Alliance a leader gradually emerged. And that leader was the Caliphate.
The Caliphate cemented its leadership by imposing several treaties on the others, according to which the leader’s decisions are not questioned, and leadership can only be transferred if the leader’s country is overrun by enemies of the Alliance. In addition, the Republic and Kingdom were obliged to transfer half of their resources to the Junta, which was obliged to use them to produce arms for the Caliphate. Thus the Caliphate took over half of the Alliance’s armed forces and finally consolidated its leadership.
The Hoopoe Caliphate:
The Caliphate is one of the oldest states in the world. It is also one of the least changed in its history. The people and government of this country are very conservative and pious, which makes any change, be it social or legal, quicker or easier. The main problem is that the Caliphate is very non-transformative in politics and economics. This leads to the fact that the government is not able to to anticipate even the approximate course of events in one circumstance or another, and they have been unable for a very long time to been able to rebuild their economy, which was built on fortunate solutions and destroyed in the changes during during and after the Great Wars. Because of which, the only, albeit small, stable source of revenue is taxes. Well, and neighbors.
Besides the lack of a budget, there is another problem. The Caliphate has been at war for 25 years with terrorists united by one extremely violent religion that evolved from a once-separated mainstream sect of heretics. These terrorists seek to seize power in the country and use every possible methods.
Toucan Junta:
The Junta has the main production forces of the Alliance. On its territory there are many different of all sorts of factories, both civilian and military. Unlike the Caliphate, the Junta government is very adept at maneuvering in the global economy and is one of the largest tourist countries. In fact, tourism is the main source of income for the Junta. The country invests most of its resources in the military industry to support the Caliphate. Due to which, the armies of both countries are constantly at the peak of the Alliance. The junta benefits from constantly supplying the Caliphate, as the leader has freed the country from heavy taxes, which he imposed on the Republic and the Kingdom.
Kingdom of Turaco:
A farming country, all dotted with plantations. The main supplier of the Alliance’s food resources. In addition, supplies the Junta with various raw materials for production. However, the kingdom’s tax exemption from the Caliphate has been unable to obtain it. The reason is simple: the Kingdom did not ban slavery. On most farms, the land is cultivated by slaves. There are many ways to be enslaved in this country. For example, all prisoners of war are obliged to work in slave conditions until they are freed. You can also be enslaved because you have debts… and then you have to repay them twice as much. In addition, the Kingdom is not exactly a single state. There are many tribes on its territory, some privileged and some declared and anyone who belongs to such tribes is condemned to be a slave for life. From time to time slave revolts occur from time to time, but they are suppressed by the armies of the Kingdom and the Junta’s secret special units. The suppression of uprisings are sometimes followed by ethnic cleansing, in which the Junta no longer takes part. The only reason the Junta tacitly supports the slave system of the Kingdom is that is that only the Junta government understands the social and market structure of the Kingdom. If slavery is abolished, the economy of the Kingdom will collapse, and, by chain reaction, the economy of the entire Alliance.
Stork Republic:
The Republic came into the Alliance as a perpetual tribute to the Caliphate. For most of its history the Republic has not been a separate country. The independence of its people was hindered by its neighbors, the Federation, the Alliance, and the Caliphate. The only countries that openly supported the idea of an independent state at different periods were the Trading Company and Oligarchy. However, the Republic received its long-awaited independence only in the course of the Great Wars. It gained and, in less than a year, lost it. Her army was defeated by the Caliphate, at that time a powerful empire. The Caliphate was openly at war with the Federation and the Union at the same time, so the Caliph had no time to think about “some northern province,” and in his haste he gave the Republic the status of eternal tributary and forgot about it almost until the end of the Great Wars. Until the Caliphate began negotiations with the Kingdom and the Junta to form an Alliance.
The Republic is the only state in the Alliance that is quite capable of existing apart from the rest. Under the ground in its territory there are many large deposits of a variety of important and strategic resources. In addition, there is enough land on the surface, not the most suitable for farming, which could accommodate dozens of enterprises. But the Caliphate has forbidden the Republic to engage in any sort of enterprise, which means that only a small percentage of this enormous potential is exploited, and even that goes to the Caliphate as a tax. Naturally, not everyone in the country is prepared to tolerate this situation. There have been a lot of protests in the country for ten years now, but the only reaction of the Caliphate is to bring in armed forces to intimidate the population. At one point even the government, silent for 40 years, spoke about the Caliphate in a way that was not very positive. And then the Caliphate came up with nothing but to replace the real government of the Republic with a puppet government. The entire parliament was re-formed from Caliphate people, and the president was suspended and threatened with imprisonment if he said anything else bad about the Caliphate. In turn, the new government changed the flag and anthem of the state, and sold some territories to Federation in order to use the proceeds to build a couple of military factories and supply their products to the local Caliphate and Junta army units.
For the past two years, tensions have only been rising. A major insurgent organisation is almost prepared. It is not yet known to the Caliphate, but it is already tacitly supported by the rulers of the Oligarchy and the Trading Company, and its secret leader is the ousted President of the Republic.
In the near future, the entire country will burn in the flames of civil war.

States Description — White Dwarf

Silvereye City-State:
This city-state appeared long before the Great Wars. It was originally a Caliphate territory, claimed by the Company for religious and economic reasons. This conflict had been growing for decades. The city’s population was divided into two camps: supporters of Caliphate rule and their opposition supporting the Company. This eventually led to a short-lived civil war. Few people died in it, few buildings were destroyed, but it was a war nonetheless. And like any war, it ended with a truce containing specific conditions for all involved. Such a condition, to which both the Company and the Caliphate agreed, was the decision to grant full autonomy to the City. Later, the City, as a state, was recognized by the whole world.
During the Great Wars, the City did not take part in any of the conflicts, and therefore many used it as an ideal neutral zone for negotiations. And that is why the main headquarters of the Coalition is located here.
Now the power in the City belongs to a party that wants rapprochement with the Company. For this reason, the course of the state’s foreign policy has been adjusted to the incessant trade with the Company and its allies. A secret pact has also been signed to help the Company in the event of a Caliphate attack, and once the City has an army, it can openly declare its intention to ally with the Company.

States Description — Friends For Ever

Shoebill Trade Company:
The Trade Company is probably the only state that always does well and only occasionally not bad. The richest, the friendliest is all about it. Historically, the people who lived have been excellent traders, able to make money out of any business. This is also the country’s convenient location on the map also contributes to this. Because of its position, the Company has always been involved in all trade and diplomatic affairs of all the countries of the world.
But, of course, it has not always been so smooth. In the past, before the Great Wars, the Company had large territories. It lost them in the battles with the Empire and the rebels, who later, in the captured territories formed a new state, called Junta. The Company did not have a strong, or even large, army at the time. But Oligarchy helped them to hold out and not be completely destroyed. The Company learned from its mistakes and at the end of the Great Wars had not the biggest but the most modern army at that time. It had bought for it the best weapons and equipment available. And this army was not only to repel the Empire’s latest offensive, but also to liberate the territories of the Company’s historic ally, the Council. This army, in a matter of months, had liberated nearly all of the Council lands that the Empire and Tsardom had been conquering for years. At the end of the Great Wars, only two cities remained under enemy control that the Company had not had time to liberate. Thus, during the devastating and deadly Great Wars, appeared one of the most enduring alliances in history. The Council and the Company signed a pact of mutual defense, and afterwards the Company and the Oligarchy entered into a treaty of non-aggression. And for 40 years now, the Company’s confidence in its allies has only grown.
Also, the Company is one of only two nations whose government is aware of the Organization.
Moreover, the Company is the Organization’s only sponsor and client. This is due to the fact that the founder of the Organization was a former employee of the Company’s Intelligence and Espionage Division and he still had some connections in government. The Company, remembering the experience of the Great Wars, willingly agreed to give money to the Organization. In return for financial support, the Company sometimes receives “obsolete” technologies from the Organization. Due to which the army of the Trading Company can rightly be called one of the two most technologically advanced in the world. However special units of the Organization still have a much more advanced equipment.
In addition to the Organization, the Company also sponsors the Confederacy and hopes to enter into an alliance with it in the near future.
Council of Flamingo:
Many countries ignore the Council. They pretend it doesn’t exist, or they simply forget about it. But the fact remains. The Council takes a small, almost invisible part in the political life of the world. This is due to the very specific mentality of the people of this country. They don’t want anyone interfering in their affairs, and they hate wars. And while in the past their neighbors tried to take advantage of this and machinations to subjugate the Council, with the beginning of the Great Wars, the approach has changed.
The Tsardom and Empire attacked the Council without expecting any resistance. However, they forgot that the Council had been attacked many times before them. And without having an army, they had experienced every war. It was the peculiar way of society in this country. Instead of a regular army, they have a perfectly organized and armed militia, which is summoned and armed within hours of an enemy attack. The militia all go voluntarily, and yet it is sometimes even larger than the armies of the enemy. The Council militia fought back strongly against both enemies, but the enemies were qualitatively superior and slowly, but steadily, they made their way deep into the Assembly territories. It was then that the Council had the idea that in order to live in peace, they would have to acquire an ally. They made a deal with the Company. The terms of that treaty were as follows: The Council would hold out as best it could while the Company dealt with its enemies, and then it would throw all its forces to help the Council. However, things did not go according to plan and that small army of the Company was defeated. The Council had to hold its ground for several years while the Company rebuilt the army with the support of Oligarchy.
Now the Council is at its peak, thanks to intensive trade. Yes, the country is still tries to stay away from world politics, but the Company has succeeded in engaging it in trade and may one day be able to draw it into politics as well.

States Description — Calm Between Storms

Kite Oligarchy:
Formerly, before the Great Wars, the Oligarchy was known for its superior fleet and well-trained army. And its social and economic development allowed it to be on par with the Federation and the Union.
Now many believe that Oligarchy belongs in the Alliance — a weak economy, not the most modern weaponry, and many other problems since the Great Wars leave no chance for Oligarchy to be called a major player in the international arena. Indeed. If Oligarchy had joined the Alliance when it was first formed, then the Alliance could have been many times stronger. But this country chose to remain on its own, regardless of all the difficulties. For the first 10 years, the Oligarchy only suffered losses, having to request money from all its neighbors. Even after 15 years, when most countries were on the mend, not all of Oligarchia’s affected cities were rebuilt. The government had to make all sorts of sacrifices just to get money to rebuild the country. They had to raise taxes to record levels for the country. They halted the operation of free hospitals and heavily taxed all private businesses, even disbanded the army. Only after 20 years, they were able to stop losing money and start getting some pennies. Because of all this, the country now has a lot of political vulnerabilities.
But nevertheless, they have now been able to rebuild the army, lowered taxes, and even paid off almost all of their debts to other countries. This was accomplished by working closely with the Company. They helped the Oligarchy to take the most suitable path of development for it, and even donated a certain amount of money.
Thus, in the coming years Oligarchy will equalize with the Federation and will be able to regain the lands lost during the Great Wars.

States Descriptions — Forever Separated

Hawk Tsardom:
The Tsardom is one of two splinters of the ancient state that once united the territories of the Tsardom and the Empire. In those distant days, when there was a single state called the Great Principate, many countries of today did not exist and their appearance was not even contemplated. Most of the religions were shamanism with a unique set of deities and spirits for each village. But when more or less organized religions began to appear, two of these fell into the Principate. The two religions occupied different halves of the country and for several centuries, the tolerance of the two groups for each other declined. But they would never have divided over different beliefs, were it not for a succession of political crises. Those in charge, in order to assert their power in the country, they twisted their religions and escalated a long-standing problem to the point where a civil war broke out. The result of which was the collapse of the Great Principate and the formation of two eternal enemies, the Tsardom and the Empire.
At first glance, the Tsardom might appear to be an absolute monarchy, typical of such states. But
it is not so simple. Yes, the tsar’s power has no clear boundaries, but he has a council made up of the people’s of the chosen people. The tsar cannot simply overthrow this council, because in this case the members of the council have the right to overthrow the tsar. In such a case the council starts looking for a new tsar and for this time the state is actually transformed from a monarchy into a semblance of a republic. Recently, tsars have not been chosen on the basis of any clan. To ensure that some foolish person does not end up at the helm of the state, there is the Tsar Academy, where social and cultural, and afterwards political sciences are taught from a young age. There is also a course of special education. Such an unusual system allows the Tsardom to remain on a par with the Federation and the Union and not even not stagnate as it has with most other monarchies.
There has also recently been a radical transformation in the socio-economic structure of the country. The Tsardom has transitioned to modern models of internal structure, but of course some vestiges of the old days still remained. For example, the caste division remained, with rather harsh conditions for transition between castes. The farmer who became just because he was born into a farming family, he wouldn’t become a merchant. He would have to break through the thick walls of royal bureaucracy and meet difficult conditions. But difficult does not mean impossible.
Divine Empire of Falcon:
The Empire, the second shard of the Great Principate, considered the successor to the fallen state, differs from the Tsardom in that the Emperor is out of power most of the time. He gains his unrestricted power in wartime. In peacetime the country is ruled by the Imperial Council. This council is not made up of politicians, but of but the clergy, who are politically educated. And the laws enshrine the immunity of the representatives of power on the basis of religious texts. In addition, there is still a hereditary succession of power. However, both the council and the emperor take great care in preparing the vicar. The Empire has one of the best-trained armies in the world. Here, soldiers are trained from ten months to two years, depending on the branch of service and specialization. There’s also additional training that lasts up to four years. It is necessary for soldiers who decide to spend their lives in the Imperial Army. By completing this the extra training, one becomes an elite fighter. In other countries they form elite Special Forces units, but in the Empire it is, one might say, the beginning of a soldier’s real career and he is transferred to the elite, professional army called the Storm Corps. Here the equipment is always in the best condition and of the highest quality. And if a fighter wants to continue his career in Special Forces, he first has to 3 years of service in the Storm Corps, after which he will take an additional training course that may take up to 2 years. After this, the soldier becomes one of the most respected troops not only in the Empire, but in the whole world.
The only troops comparable to the Empire’s Special Forces are the TALON and the Triumvirate’s Special Forces, but in both cases the quality is roughly the same, and the only competition is in quantity. And here the Empire has no equal.
The only special units that are superior to the Imperial units in quality are the Organization forces. But they’re outmatched only by the most technologically advanced equipment in the world.

States Description — From The Ashes

9. Osprey Confederation:
The Confederation used to be a major colony founded by Union settlers. However, in the course of several wars, preceding the Great ones, control of the colony passed to the Federation. The change in economic and social order was not to the liking of much of the population, and so a civil war broke out during the Great Wars. The War of Independence.
Thus, from the ashes of the Great Wars, a new state was born.
In its development, the Confederation is on par with the Union and the Federation. With a well-trained and equipped army and navy allow the Confederacy to remain independent. But it costs a great deal of money. Because of this, the country has no free medicine or education and not even a hint of social welfare for the needy. But, unlike the Union, the government promotes private business and, of course, it is safe to tax it heavily. The budding entrepreneurs are given consultations, sometimes they can even allocate some money to help develop their business. In addition, in some important business areas, the state also helps entrepreneurs to stay afloat during in times of big crises or even simple budget shortfalls.
The state apparatus of the Confederacy has, of course, proven to be corrupt after being in the Federation. However, the anti-corruption department does its best to catch corrupt officials, who for particularly large violations may even receive the death penalty. And year after year, the statistics are becoming more and more pleasing to the eyes of citizens and honest officials.

States Description — Pandora’s Land

Cassowary Triumvirate:
Before the Great Wars, the territory on which the Triumvirate now stands was neutral. It was
It was neutral under the Treaty of the Undiscovered Territories, which states “…No one has the right to occupy any land until he has provided others with a complete map of it…”. The island remained unoccupied for centuries, for with the advent of this treaty came the squabbling over the Union colony, which is now independent and called the Confederacy, and everyone forgot about this unoccupied territory.
It was only remembered during the Great Wars. It was remembered by the refugees of the Assembly and a couple of other war-torn countries. They fled there, frustrated and embittered at the world. And for good reason. Each of the refugees had lost home, loved ones, and any prospects in life. What they had been doing there for 30 years is unknown. However, when
the island was remembered and an expedition was sent there, it was discovered that there was already a new and unknown state. Triumvirate.
Upon discovery, the Triumvirate immediately declared war on the Confederacy. Unprepared for such a sudden war, the Confederates quickly lost quite a bit of their territories, but six months later they regained nearly all of their lost lands and miraculously won an armistice. Now the whole world is watching intensely for a powerful new player on the world stage and terrified of what he will do next.
All that is currently known about the Triumvirate are the basic ideas of the strange religion they fanatically follow. They believe that it is only possible to establish “world peace” if they subjugate absolutely everyone, and exterminate those who resist. Also, their people, formed from a multitude of others, are the only one worthy to rule the world.
All nations feel threatened by the Triumvirate, but only the Confederacy and the Organization
do anything about it. The Confederacy keeps an army at its borders at all times, and by all means improves and expands it. The Organization engages in espionage, mining various information and creating sleeping cells of saboteurs.
One day the organization tried to kidnap an important person from among those close to the rulers.
Operation “42” did not go according to plan from the outset, the squad not only was discovered and pursued, but even the target managed to escape during a fierce firefight in the center of the city. Thus the Organization lost an elite squad, revealed its existence to yet another nation and, not only that, gave away some of its high technology to the enemy. This was the Organization’s single, yet major, failure. The only thing the Organization was lucky in that day was that all of the operatives died in combat and all the Triumvirate knows about them is that the service does not belong to any country.

Organisations Description — Victims Of Their Beliefs

United by a violent faith, these terrorists seek to spread it throughout the world through Holy War.
Their first step is to capture the capital of the Caliphate. Eight years ago they almost succeeded, but just then the Coalition finally launched a full-fledged military campaign against the group and their advance was stopped, and then the terrorists were pushed back from the capital and surrounded in several regions. Now they’re struggling to survive, no one is giving up. Because every member of this group has been sentenced to death. Yes, without trial. Although some do try to surrender, only the few who give away crucial information, have their sentences lifted. For example, word has come out that the terrorists may soon have strong allies.

Organisations Description — Peace By Any Means

Doves IPC:
The International Peacekeeping Coalition is an organization created after the end of the Great Wars. Its main purpose is to prevent wars by bringing in peacekeeping troops subordinate only to it and to establish diplomatic communications between enemies for negotiation.
This is all written in black and white in the International Peacekeeping Treaty. However, this organization is now only enough to contain the Tsardom and the Empire and prevent a full scale war
between them. But even that won’t last long.
Previously, for the first 20 years of its existence, the Coalition was capable of stopping even the Union and the Federation. Now, however the Federation and the Union ignore the Coalition, pretending ignorance of the fact that they themselves signed the treaty formation. Perhaps, in time, the Coalition will regain its former power as it used to. But many politicians predict the disbandment of the Coalition.

Organisations Description — Invisible Hand

Owl Organization:
The most secretive, known to a small circle of people, the Organization is a secretive yet major player on the world stage.
Their work consists not only of scientific and technical advancement, but also of carrying out all sorts of manipulation with the ultimate goal of bringing peace and order to the world. Most of their actions fall under the definitions of “crime” and “war crime” and if they were known to people who should not know of the Organization’s existence, they would declare the Organization to be the most dangerous international terrorists. But fortunately for the Organization, it is known only to those who fully agree with their methods and are willing to help achieve a grand goal despite the necessary sacrifices.
Of course, after the last major operation in the Triumvirate capital, the Organization is at
risk of detection and disclosure, so they have temporarily laid low and are quietly improving their already high technologies.

Zones Description — Organisations & Territories

Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - Zones Description — Organisations & Territories - 86F4456


  • Yellow — Kestrel Alliance
  • Light blue — IPC Bases
  • Red — Magpie Activity
  • Indigo — Owl Organisation Bases

  • Crosses — Unknown Regions
  • Dotes — Unknown Plague


Capitals List

Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - Capitals List - 088BE3E

  • Eagle Federation — Beningrad
  • Raven Union — Sal’dok
  • Hoopoe Caliphate — Al’ Sharae
  • Kingdom of Turaco — Bugwe
  • Toucan Junta — Verdag
  • Stork Republic — Vratinsk
  • Kite Oligarchy — Vajarusk
  • Council of Flamingo — Tay
  • Shoebill Trade Company — Bruton
  • Silvereye City-state — Silvereye (wow, such unexpected)
  • Hawk Tsardom — Penita
  • Divine Empire of Falcon — Midlyn
  • Osprey Confederation — Yoroge
  • Cassowary Triumvirate — Seondong
  • Owl Organisation — Bases in the North Glacier and Taiga
  • Doves IPC — Silvereye
  • Magpies — Bases across Kestrel Alliance


Map Layers

Political Map
Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - Map Layers - 5679998
Cultures Map (Description may come later)
Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - Map Layers - 5CC63B5
Religions Map (Description may come later)
Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - Map Layers - C6D2337
Zones Map
Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - Map Layers - 86F4456
Capitals Map
Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide - Map Layers - 088BE3E

Anthems&Themes — From Ground To Ocean Part 1

I think that music is important part of every movie, game, fictional world etc. So…
There’s the list of music, that in my opinion, fits asociated governments and organisations well. It can be music from everywhere, so don’t get surprised if the list will look strange to you.
Federation Army Theme:
https://youtu.be/oZ3iZNA-NwY – [youtu.be] 
Union Army Theme:
https://youtu.be/Kw8_gecNA-g – [youtu.be] 
Imperial Army Theme:
https://youtu.be/xo4yUyCjI40 – [youtu.be] 
Imperial Storm Corps Theme:
https://youtu.be/uPOdAuLafvA – [youtu.be] 
Tsardom Ground Forces Suite:
https://youtu.be/t8BapspP-0w – [youtu.be] 
Tsardom Armored Units Theme:
https://youtu.be/VoF9HUvYPKs – [youtu.be] 
Confederation Defence Forces Theme:
https://youtu.be/FKOA6315xBE – [youtu.be] 
Confederation Anthem:
https://youtu.be/E6pL0okrwcY – [youtu.be] 
Triumvirate Anthem:
https://youtu.be/LxUaNmddERQ – [youtu.be] 
Triumvirate Army Theme:
https://youtu.be/AH4ExyzttSQ – [youtu.be] 

Anthems&Themes — From Ground To Ocean Part 2

Company Defence Army Suite:
https://youtu.be/nM2rKk-x0h0 – [youtu.be] 
Trade Company Anthem:
https://youtu.be/jYGeZjQnVpc – [youtu.be] 
Oligarchy Anthem:
https://youtu.be/8NGtL3HUPUo – [youtu.be] 
Oligarchy Navy Theme:
https://youtu.be/d2hRTLdvdnk – [youtu.be] 
Republic New Anthem:
https://youtu.be/vZOoy8WZ7RU – [youtu.be] 
Republic Old Anthem:
https://youtu.be/aQ_zW_PgWeA – [youtu.be] 
Kingdom Armed Forces Suite:
https://youtu.be/LMQ8sSvqphg – [youtu.be] 
Caliphate Army Theme:
https://youtu.be/6N9SS6L0TDU – [youtu.be] 
Junta Anthem:
https://youtu.be/4qO72pwFhh8 – [youtu.be] 
Junta Security Forces Theme:
https://youtu.be/ekV-TLoIIHk – [youtu.be] 

Anthems&Themes — Brothers In Arms

TALON Theme:
https://youtu.be/LE7tiwA6v_c – [youtu.be] 
https://youtu.be/HkWuS4ZOuHQ – [youtu.be] 
Company Special Units Theme:
https://youtu.be/iwG36P3_sYo – [youtu.be] 
Tsardom Royal Squad Theme:
https://youtu.be/a_3nFH9ilQw – [youtu.be] 
Imperial Commando Suite:
https://youtu.be/vFrvFKOVU6A – [youtu.be] 
Republic Insurgency Suite:
https://youtu.be/TEZBFGw2uWs – [youtu.be] 
Council Militia Call:
https://youtu.be/1PO2AVXWBhk – [youtu.be] 
Magpie Insurgents Suite:
https://youtu.be/SsqNsltyB8Y – [youtu.be] 
Organisation Spec-Ops Suite:
https://youtu.be/VhNJwENMwJM – [youtu.be] 
Triumvirate TRIO Elite Squad Suite:
https://youtu.be/016hDf3bXgE – [youtu.be] 


Thanks for reading (or maybe just skipping) 😀
Remember it’s not the Vanilla+ lore, it’s just my interpretation, based on existing V+ quasi-lore.
Honestly, I hope to see more articles like this because:
1. One of my favorite parts of fictional universes is lore that I able to explore. And I want to see & explore other variants of Birdcage.
2. Why not? I’m pretty sure that almost everybody have it’s own thoughts on what’s going on in the Birdcage universe.
Fun fact: It wasn’t supposed to be somewhere except one Discord channel but my plans escalated to this level while I worked on it. I started creation of this because I had nothing to do but after I complited Stork Republic description I was like: “That’s it, I’m going crazy” 😀
And now I’m somehow even proud of this work. At least I tested my worldbuilding skills.
I’m strongly recommend you to try yourself at worldbuilding and create stuff like this.
Azgaar’s Fantasy Map generator: https://azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator – [github.io] 

Written by Dustron

Hope you enjoy the post for Ravenfield Best Idea in Game + How to Create Interpretation + Vanilla Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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