Rage Wars How to Craft C4 Tutorial

Rage Wars How to Craft C4 Tutorial 1 - steamsplay.com
Rage Wars How to Craft C4 Tutorial 1 - steamsplay.com

How to make C4 from the comfort of your home


12 oz. 12 oz.
1 container Petroleum Jelly (Vasaline)
Candle wax
12 Oz. 12 Oz.
A heat source (hot plate, stove, etc.)
A hydrometer, or battery hydrometer
A large Pyrex, also known as an enameled-steel container,
Polyester yarn, 6 inches in length
Flour or Corn Starch
24 Oz. cooking oil (Canola Oil works best)
1 package of wire pipe cleaners
2 packages (2.8 Oz) clear gelatin


Four cups of tap water should be placed in your Pyrex container. Heat it until it boils. Add the gelatin and mix well. Remove from heat and let it cool completely before adding 4 Oz. Stir in the cooking oil. Near the top, you will see a thin layer containing solids. Take out the solids and place them in a small bag. Place them in the freezer.
Next, light the candle and let the melted wax accumulate. Mix the petroleum jelly, corn starch, cooking oils, putty, and oil in a bowl. You can test the mixture using the hydrometer. The reading should be 17. If you don't get this reading keep mixing.
Now take the chilled mixture out from the freezer. BE CAREFUL. This is the point where the mixture becomes unstable. Add the mixture to the bowl. The mixture should have the consistency ice cream. Stir the mixture very carefully.
Now, take 1/3 of your compound and form it into a round shape. C4 is often molded into a square shape, but a charge of the sphere type guarantees the highest detonation velocity. You should shape the shape to a density that is 1.3 grams per cube. To seal the compound against moisture, dip the ball into the candle-wax. Make another ball slightly smaller than your first one and then dip it in the wax. Stack this ball on top. Finally, add a third ball that is smaller than the previous two to the top of the first. This three-tiered structure will cause a detonation effect that is extremely destructive.
Your pipe cleaners will be needed now. Insert them into the middle of each ball. This is where your detonator attaches to the device. Each side will have three hookups. To make them branch out, twist three pipecleans together.
The pipe cleaners should be inserted on the opposite sides of the 3-tiered structure. Next, you'll need your yarn. Attach the yarn to the compound at the joint of the third and second sections. It is best to loosely tie the yarn and allow the remainder to hang down in front. This will make a secondary fuse if necessary.


Now, mark your bomb. This is vital. This is how your device will be identified according to the international munitions protocol. The first marking will be the two black dots located near the top. On the top sphere (, use a fine point black magic marker to mark this). These should be horizontal and about an inch apart. This means it is a class-2 explosive (. Below these dots, add a single third dot. This indicates it is a Class 1 Hazardous Material (. The most dangerous). The Composition 4 sign will be indicated by five dots located below the formation.


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