Quake Ultimate Guide for Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Quake Ultimate Guide for Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners 1 - steamsplay.com
Quake Ultimate Guide for Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners 1 - steamsplay.com

As a player who has passed Quake more than once, I found that a few basic information will be useful for any new owner of the wonderful 1996 shooter.

If you like to pass games quickly and break your personal records and have even more fun playing Quake, I recommend for you learn and master rocket jumps.
So here we go!



    – Axe:

  • Standard damage: 20
    – Shotgun:
  • Standard damage: 24 in 6 shells
    – Double-Barreled Shotgun:
  • Standard damage: 56 in 14 shells
    – Nailgun:
  • Standard damage: 9 per nail
    – Super nailgun:
  • Standard damage: 18 per silver nail
    – Grenade Launcher:
  • Standard damage: 102-120 direct impact / 40-120 splash damage
    – Rocket Launcher:
  • Standard damage: 102-120 direct impact / 40-120 splash damage
    – Nailgun:
  • Standard damage: 30 per bolt / 17-3500 on discharge

It’s worth checking every corner of the map to find the best weapon possible. Of course, it is your skills that have the greatest impact on the score, not your weapons. You can be a god with an ax and a weak guy with a rocket.



Each of the opponents is vulnerable to a different type of weapon.

    – Grunt:

  • Health points: 30
  • Grunt can easily be knocked back by the damage from any weapon, even a single shot from a Nailguns it is easy to prevent injury
    – Rottweiler:
  • Health points: 25
  • Any ranged weapon because Rottweiler only attacks in melee.
    – Ogre:
  • Health points: 200
  • Ideally when you bait him so that he can reach with the chainsaw in other way you should to avoid grenades from his weapon. Good
    weapon to kill him is Super Shotgun but if you want take him quickly the best will be Nailgun, the Grenade Launcher, the Rocket
    Launcher, or the Thunderbolt.
    – Scrag:
  • Health points: 80
  • You must just strafe around him. 2 Super shotgun shots or 1 rocket will kill him.
    – Knight:
  • Health points: 75
  • Knight is very easy to kill, for 1 knight the good is Super Shotgun or Nailgun, when knights are in group the best is grenade/rocket
    – Fiend:
  • Health points: 300
  • Fiend is very strong enemy so you should kill him very fast when he is alone. In close contact the best is Double_Barrelled Shotgun or Super Shotgun, in safe distance its ok grenade/rocket launcher. On Quad Damage every weapon can kill him quickly.
    – Zombie:
  • Health points: 60
  • Only explosive weapons can kill zombie in other way you just knock down him.
    – Shambler:
  • Health points: 600
  • Shambler takes only 50% damage from explosives. The best weapon is Super Nailgun or Thunderbolt.
    – Enforcer:
  • Health points: 80
  • The first shot from Shotgun should stun him, so quickly 2 shots from any shotgun should finished him very quickly. Don’t forget to strafe his shots.
    – Death Knight:
  • Health points: 250
  • Run around him and use Super Shotgun, 5 shots should kill him if you will be close.
    – Rotfish:
  • Health points: 25
  • The one of easiest enemies, basic shotgun or even axe kill him without problems.
    – Vore:
  • Health points: 400
  • You should cover behind pilar. If you have big balls you can rush him. Double-Barrelled Shotgun is fine to finish him when you will hear explode. The best and the fastest way to kill Vore is take Pentagram of Protection to block his damage.
    – Spawn:
  • Health points: 80
  • The group of Spawns are easier to kill them. Any explosives weapons can kill them quickly.


    – Chthon:

  • Health points: 1 on easy, 3 on normal and hard. Only electric terminal can kill him so you must rush to first floor and press buttons on floor with pentagram. Sequence: 2 buttons on the opposite and the last on mid.
    – Shub-Niggurath:
  • Health points: 40000
  • Only telefrag can deal him damage. Shub-Niggurath spawns hundreds of demons. It has defensive aura. The first you must kill a lot of Shamblers and Vores to get free way to room via portal and later you must follow to orb whick going to Shub- Niggurath.


I briefly described the enemies and weapons for you. It deliberately does not describe how to complete each level and I skip hints for secret rooms so as not to spoil the fun of playing. I think that you will be able to complete Quake by yourself, and my advice will only help you and allow you to understand the mechanics of the game.

https://store.steampowered.com/app/2310/QUAKE/ – [steampowered.com] 


By WhatsPoppin

Here we come to an end for Quake Ultimate Guide for Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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