Quake Champions Best FOV Setting for Aiming Tips

Quake Champions Best FOV Setting for Aiming Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Quake Champions Best FOV Setting for Aiming Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Covers both hipfire AND scoped aim (ADS/zoom). Topics include FOV conversions, scoped speed scaling, pitch & yaw, mouse input rendering, Quake Live’s “DPI” setting, and more.


Key Factors

Hey dudes and dudettes, I just wrote up this beast of a guide for you. I hope it helps. Let me know if you sort everything out! 🙂

Sensitivity isn’t the only thing that affects how mouse speed will feel.

Check to make sure ALL of these are the same as Quake Live (or as close as you can get them):

Mouse DPI
Hipfire FOV
Scoped FOV
Screen resolution
Mouse acceleration (if you use any, otherwise make sure its set to 0)
Mouse sensitivity “cap” (if you use it)
Focal length scaling (tick box to check/un-check)

And, finally, an option unique to Quake Live, which Quake Champions DOESN’T have:

(Note: the “DPI” option should show up in the config as —> seta m_cpi “0”)

Sneaky ways these factors can make your aim feel different

KEY NOTES about the above categories (aka, sneaky differences that may be the issue):

(1) Field of view

In Quake Live was calculated using VERTICAL degrees (aka, vDEG / vFOV), but in Quake Champions they calculate it using HORIZONTAL degrees (aka, hDEG / hFOV)


Using the same FOV as you use in Quake Live will equate to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT field of view in Quake Champions.

If you need to do so, there are FOV calculator out there that are easy to find and convert with.

If you do need to use these, its far better if you can find a calculator that gives you an answer to AT LEAST 1 decimal place. Whole numbers can still feel fairly different (and you can’t be absolutely certain they will round in the direction that works better for you).


(2) Pitch and yaw

Even if sensitivity and DPI are the same, if you weren’t already using 0.022 pitch and yaw in Quake Live, then even the sensitivity will still result in a completely cm/360.

This is what your Quake Live config should show (if you were using the correct settings).
seta m_yaw “0.022”
seta m_pitch “0.022”

You can still adjust pitch and yaw in Quake Champions, if need be.


(3) Focal Length scaling

If you are having trouble getting scoped/zoom aim to feel correct, then you may need have this box UNCHECKED.

Personally, it’s probably worth adjusting to, but if I recall correctly, Quake Live’s method of calculating and adjusting scoped speed is on a somewhat arbitrary (and staggered) series of “break-points” where different acceleration curves kick in.

When focal length scaling application is applied (aka, the box in the menu is “ticked”, and the option is being used), there is a smooth single acceleration CURVE being applied. It will still feel different to hipfire at varying distances, but THE CURVE of acceleration is a single speed in terms of how fast it ramps up.

As such, focal length scaling is much better for building muscle memory.

HOWEVER, if you are used to the older method where different break-points start applying different acceleration curves, then this will take getting used to. And if you don’t want to re-learn, then you’d want the option to be left un-checked.


(4) Quake Live’s “DPI” setting

It’s been a while since I converted my own sensitivity, so I am not 100% certain about the exact percentages and calculation formulas, so I cannot provide those details right now.

However, if I remember correctly, this option essentially multiplied the DPI your mouse is set to.

For example, if you have DPI in Quake Live’s menu set to “1.5” and your mouse’s DPI set to “800”, then you’d essentially be using 1200 DPI.

Again, I’m not absolutely 100% certain I am fully correct when it comes to this option, but I believe this is the case.

I want to re-iterate that I am NOT sure what the EXACT conversion formula being applied is, so it might not be a 1:1 conversion. In other words, 1.5 might not necessarily translate to an actual multiplication of exactly 1.5. However, that would be rather unintuitive, so I feel it’s more likely than not, to be a 1:1 conversion.

Update – “Raw Input” (important change, even for long-time QC players)

Quick update:

With the most recent patch to Quake Champions’ live servers, the option to use “Raw Input” has been added.

Selecting this option can create a noticeable difference in the “feel” of aim. Some players find the game feels noticeably more responsive to their mouse movements with this setting.

While this option is now the default menu option, it is important to check what you have selected, for two reasons.

A) You may have accidentally selected the original (and previously, only) option

B) If you have been a long-time Quake Champions player, the new option may make your aim IN QUAKE CHAMPIONS feel different than before.

Therefore, even if you are a long-time player of Quake Champions, if it worth checking what you have selected. Because its possible “Raw Input” will actually feel WORSE to you, if you have gotten used to the old method of rendering mouse input.

That said, it may also be worth it to get used to Raw Input, now that the option is available.

UPDATE #2: For SOME users at 300+ FPS, Direct Input might feel better

I just wanted to give a quick update, concerning a possible quirk some users have found with Raw Input.

I have read reports of SOME users that average 300+ FPS, finding Direct Input feels better for them.

However, below 300 FPS, even they found Raw Input feels better.

Take this update with a pinch of salt, though. Because this is based on hearsay from the Quake Champions discord, not from official testing. And not from a significant amount of individuals, thus far.

Example / “Case study”

This is a response I made to somebody on the forums who was asking for help. And one of the things they said is that everything looked much larger and clearly in Quake Champions.



When you say everything is larger and more clear, that leads me to believe your FOV is lower than it used to be.

Using 90 FOV in Quake Champions, means you’re using Quake Live’s 58.715507 FOV.


Whereas 90 FOV in Quake LIVE, is the equivalent of roughly 106.26 FOV in Quake Champions.

As for scoped FOV, you may have an issue there too.

The default scoped FOV in Quake Champions is 79 HORIZONTAL FOV.

And 79 hFOV in Quake Champions, is the equivalent of Quake Live’s 49.753292 FOV.

Because Quake Live uses VERTICAL FOV.

So check your Quake Live config and see what FOV values are listed there.

By Mika

This is all for Quake Champions Best FOV Setting for Aiming Tips hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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