Quake Champions FPS Boost – Optimization – Tweaks – Visual Quality

Quake Champions FPS Boost – Optimization – Tweaks – Visual Quality 1 - steamsplay.com
Quake Champions FPS Boost – Optimization – Tweaks – Visual Quality 1 - steamsplay.com

Settings as well as some comparisons to help you get the most performance out of Quake Champions, even while retaining some visual quality.

Keep in mind your mileage may vary with these depending on your hardware.

Tested in solo custom servers on Blood Covenant and Burial Chamber.

I’m not sure 100% what every setting changes or disables, but I hope this guide can be helpful to you!

Last updated: 4/27/19 (Some clean up and updates, removed some sections as well)


In Game Settings Optimization/Comparisons

As said above, I tested these settings in a couple of custom solo DM games on Blood Covenant and Burial Chamber.

Again, your mileage may vary depending on your hardware.

So lets get started!

Display Mode

Recommend running in Fullscreen as it can provide less input latency making mouse movement more responsive.

Dont recommend using borderless windowed mode as it can potentially increase input latency causing mouse movement or general gameplay to feel less responsive

i.imgur.com – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc28SH2ESA4

Used a gif for the effects quality comparison, so it may look a bit noisy, but the difference should be noticeable still.

Texture Quality

Use the suggested texture quality setting based on how much vram your GPU has.

These were tested with using all options set to low, medium, high, and ultra for the specific texture quality so your vram usage may vary based on what settings you use.

Please note that you need 16+GB of dedicated ram/memory to use texture quality settings above Medium!

Ultra: 5-6+GB
High: 5GB
Medium: 4GB
Low: 3GB

Something I’ve noticed in the comments was that usage may vary from person to person so these values may not be representative for everyone.


This appears to control tesselation on some objects and parts of maps. It also affects decal textures such as blood splatter and bullet holes. May affect gibs as well but im not sure.

Performance change may vary depending on what map is being played.

Setting to Low will disable all of the above and gain a nice amount of frames on some maps. (Burial Chamber and some areas in Blood Covenant for example.)

Quake Champions FPS Boost - Optimization - Tweaks - Visual Quality

Post Processing

Enables Ambient Occlusion and menu/game depth of field.

Ultra produces more accurate/higher sample ambient occlusion compared to High/Medium which impacts performance, dof looks the same as high/medium.

High and Medium look/perform exactly the same with in regards to ao sampling, also depth of field is enabled, a lot better than Ultra for a slight quality decrease.

Low disables ambient occlusion and dof completely, and performs a lot better than the other settings.

Set to High/Medium to keep AO and DOF (same quality/performance for both mostly).

Set to Low for maximum performance. (possibly 5-10ish frames over High/Medium)


Uses FXAA and TAA for the AA solutions, fairly inexpensive imo.

Medium is FXAA by itself
High is TAA by itself
Ultra is TAA+FXAA

Feel free to keep on High or Ultra.

Personally though I would use High or even Low to prevent blurring from FXAA

Texture Filtering

Affects texture clarity/rendering at oblique viewing angles.
Setting to Ultra can sometimes affect performance by a couple of frames, but I think its worth it as setting lower than ultra can make textures look really bad at certain angles.

Recommend setting to setting to Ultra or set to Low and forcing anistropic filtering via your gpu driver/control panel.

FPS Limit

If you used this previously via the cvar command, it is now included in game as an option.

However it may be automatically on for some who may not need/want it, feel free to set it to infinite (drag it to the right)

If you really need a FPS limit, please use an external solution like rivatuner as the internal frame cap is really unstable and unreliable, be warned that this may increase input latency

UPDATE: Please check the Potential frame time/frame pacing fix in the External Optimization section for another possible solution to frame pacing!

UPDATE2: The September update that will release on the 6th should include performance/frametime improvements that were implemented in the PTS, so a fps limit may not be needed anymore if this was your reason for using it.

External Optimization/Settings

Basic Windows Stuff

Set power plan to high performance.
Close unneeded background applications and browsers.
Update GPU drivers.
Keep your OS updated.
Don’t do unnecessary registry or other changes.

Nvidia Control Panel settings

Ambient Occlusion: Not Supported (Controlled in game via the post processing setting)
Anisotropic Filtering: Application Controlled (Can be set to 16X as well, as its not really impactful)
Antialiasing – FXAA: Off
Antialiasing – Gamma correction: Off
Antialiasing – Mode: Off
Antialiasing – Transparency: Off
CUDA – GPUs: All
Maximum pre-rendered frames: 1 (Can set to 2 if game isnt smooth, will add some input latency)
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA): Off
OpenGL rendering GPU: Auto-select
Optimize for Compute Perofrmance: Off
Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
Preferred referesh rate – Highest available (Important for high refresh rate monitor owners!!)
Shader Cache: On (try it set to off as well, may increase performance)
Texture Filtering – Anistropic sample optimization: On
Texture Filtering – Negative LOD Bias: Allow
Texture Filtering – Quality: High Performance
Texture Filtering – Trilinear Optimization: Off
Threaded Optimization: Auto
Triple Buffering: Off
Vertical Sync: Off

Deleting config/QC appdata folder

I didn’t really see any improvements myself, but people have reported improvements by removing the Quake Champions folder in their appdata directory using the following guide:


Please note this will reset your video and game settings such as directional keys, speedometer, auto-switch, razer chroma support as well as your mouse sensitivity.

Hotkeys for weapons should be retained but check those as well!

Make sure to change those settings back before playing!

Written by revo

Hope you enjoy the post for Quake Champions FPS Boost – Optimization – Tweaks – Visual Quality, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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