Project Zomboid Clear Hordes with Campfires – Playthrough

Project Zomboid Clear Hordes with Campfires – Playthrough 1 -
Project Zomboid Clear Hordes with Campfires – Playthrough 1 -

Very simple and short walkthrough on how to start clearing out hordes from the start of the game.
It requires something akin to apocalypse difficulty and no respawn of zombies.

Why Clear Hordes with Campfires?

There are a few reasons, but true for them all is viability in the early game.
1 – If your only methods of clearing hordes is drawing them out 1-3 zombies at a time, it will take forever to clear out areas, and it’s prone to go wrong.
2 – By using campfires, you are not locked behind skills or needing to find much equipment; All you need here is a lighter / matches + a hammer, and you can get started.
3 – You are not wasting your weapons’ durability, which means you can save them for areas where you want the loot the zombies are wearing – I don’t care that I don’t get loot from the zombies in the supermarket.

What do you need? What should you have?

You need very little gear, but I do recommend a little preparation
1 – Lighter / Matches – Very often found in gas station Kiosks (Fossoil)
2 – Hammer – Warehouses / Garages / Hardware store
3 – Ripped Sheets – Rip the clothing of the first few zombies you kill
These are the only requirements, but I do also recommend these steps somewhere inbetween:
1 – Get a watch from a nearby zombie when you spawn. It’s always nice to know the time.
2 – Watch Woodcraft at 12:00 the first day on the “Life and Living” channel to get a level up in carpentry – It will increase your chances of successful deconstruction of furniture to get planks.
3 – Food and water – You want at least a bit of food that’s ready to eat, as well as enough to drink. While killing, you can both get hungry and thirsty, but you can simply eat while walking around.


1 – Choose a good spawn; You should already know the general route you want to take to find your gear. Use – []  if you need some help planning
2 – Kill nearby zombies from your spawn to get a Watch + Ripped Sheets
3 – Loot your house and nearby houses of food ready-to-eat.
4 – Watch Woodcraft at 12:00 on Life and Living
5 – Go out and find lighters / Matches + Hammer
6 – Get a backpack (Schools always have school bags)
7 – Dismantle furniture for 3 planks and some extra scrap wood.
8 – Find a parking lot and build your fireplace – put scrap wood on as fuel
9 – Use a nearby car horn and light the fire; If the cars are not unlocked, break the window
10 – Train zombies into the fire – Yell out with Q and occasionally enter a car to call out the horn again.

Your abilities

You do need to know some concepts.
1 – Training – The act of controlling the zombies following you.
2 – Losing zombies – Getting rid of zombies following you.
You need to know how to train zombies mainly for walking around as you burn the zombies. You want to keep them inside the parking lot, and you don’t want to get boxed in. It’s not difficult. Get a bit of practice just walking around the street gathering a crowd. You are faster than the zombies just walking around, and you can sprint in short bursts if you are about to get boxed in. Just don’t do sharp turns to avoid zombies on your 6.
You need to also gather the zombies in and around the locations you need to loot. Ball them up and lead them away. Then lose the zombies around a corner, then sprint away a while before the zombies can turn the corner. Zombies will follow you very far once they have seen you. But if they lose sight of you, they will have a much shorter field of vision.
With these abilities you can loot in peace getting the gear you need

Cheese – Final Notes

It can be argued that this is a very cheesy take on the game, so decide with yourself if you want to play like this.
Personally I hope that the developers balance this out and give us some other options in the future for killing hordes and clearing areas.
But the game is still getting core features implemented, so only time can tell.
I would have made this in a video format, but I unfortunately don’t have the PC power to edit videos.
I hope this was helpful in some ways. I do think we are a bit lacking in some essential types of guides right now and I think some of the current guides are way too abstract when you really need to know numbers.
You won’t clear out an entire town with my method, but rather most of the area surrounding the lots where you choose to build the fire, and it is only really viable in parking lots – this way you don’t risk burning down the city.

Written by Millbrook

This is all for Project Zomboid Clear Hordes with Campfires – Playthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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