Planet Coaster DLC Rides Sequel to Cane’s Ride Optimizer

Planet Coaster DLC Rides Sequel to Cane’s Ride Optimizer 1 -
Planet Coaster DLC Rides Sequel to Cane’s Ride Optimizer 1 -

I created this guide as a addition to Cane’s work, his guide helped me out optimizing my rides tremendously. However, at the time he created his ride optimizer, he did not have the DLC rides. This guide adds in the DLC rides, based upon his optimizer app, and hours of me running different sequences.
Please check out Cane’s original guide here: – [] 
Each of these rides is based upon 100% scenery rating, and around 1 hour of testing different sequences to reduce time. Feel free to tweak around, as you might be able to find something better, but these have worked for me.
It is important to note, that my test were based upon efficiency, increasing prestige while reducing total duration, as such these rides do not exhibit the most visually appealing sequences.
Also, out of all the DLC rides, only one could not be tweaked in anyway, which was the Sky Temple, as such it has possible the worst rating out of any ride in the game, and takes up a tremendous amount of in game space.



Prestige: 783
Duration: 97.8
E/F/N: 3.63/3.69/3.72
Sequence: Bounce, Low Pause, Free Fall, Low Pause, Low Pause, Free Fall, Low pause, Low pause, Low Pause
Rating: 16.78
Ticket Price: $23.50
Profit: $14.42
*This is the second best ride of the DLC through my testing, great ride capacity, great duration, would definitely recommend.
Prestige: 815
Duration: 113.3
E/F/N: 2.95/3.27/1.96
Rating: 15.34
Ticket Price: $24.40
Profit: $12.92
* Third best DLC ride, the duration is slightly high, but the ride makes up for it with great prestige and a higher capacity.
Free Flyer
Prestige: 496
Duration: 115.8
E/F/N: 2.74/2.67/1.98
Sequence: SF,SF,Spin,SF,SF,SF,SF
Rating: 8.18
Ticket Price: $14.80
Profit: $7.67
*An average ride with decent profit and good capacity, though higher duration.
Golden Eagle
Prestige: 787
Duration: 124.3
E/F/N: 3.71/3.84/3.00
Sequence: SF,Spin,SF,SF,Spin,SF,Spin,SF,SF
Rating: 12.97
Ticket Price: $23.60
Profit: $11.39
*This ride is the 5th best, though it has a higher duration, the prestige is almost at that 800 mark.
Grand Carousel
Prestige: 669
Duration: 106.1
E/F/N: 2.65/1.60/1.15
Sequence: SF,SF,SF,SF,SF
Rating: 13.19
Ticket Price: $20.00
Profit: $11.31
* Surprisingly, the carousel turned out to be the 4th best ride in the DLC, with good prestige and duration, and higher capacity. This ride also has a small footprint, which is good for smaller parks.
Prestige: 614
Duration: 116.3
E/F/N: 3.07/3.39/2.58
Sequence: Slow Spin, Spin, Rev Slow Spin, Rev Spin, Spin, Slow Spin, Spin, Spin
Rating: 10.76
Ticket Price: $18.40
Profit: $9.49
* Ranked 7th of the DLC rides, this is a great little ride with higher duration and good prestige.
Prestige: 796
Duration: 94.8
E/F/N: 3.63/3.58/3.53
Sequence: Bounce, Low Pause, Free Fall, Low Pause, Low Pause, Free Fall, Low pause, Free Fall, Free Fall
Rating: 17.77
Ticket Price: $23.90
Profit: $15.13
* This is the Top ranked DLC ride, and even cracks the top 5 of the base rides. It is the biggest surprise of all my tests, coming in at a stellar duration and just under the golden 800 prestige. I was able to better do on this ride, what I tried with Ascendant, mainly due to the reduced height of Hyperjump. With a great capacity and small footprint this ride should find a place in any park.
Loop Da Loop
Prestige: 500
Duration: 114.7
E/F/N: 2.79/3.27/2.94
Sequence: Swing, Swing, Stall, Swing, Swing
Rating: 8.32
Ticket Price: $15.00
Profit: $7.85
*An average ride hitting our 10 spot, this ride is pretty much average all around.
Power Moves
Prestige: 687
Duration: 119.2
E/F/N: 3.86/3.83/4.33
Sequence: SF, Spin, SF, SF, Spin,SF,SF
Rating: 11.35
Ticket Price: $20.60
Profit: $13.37
* Just outside our top five, at the six spot. Higher duration, decent prestige, and a medium footprint.
Rising Raptor
Prestige: 616
Duration: 119.7
E/F/N: 3.46/3.62/2.60
Sequence: SF, TL,SF, TL,SF
Rating: 10.38
Ticket Price: $18.40
Profit: $9.22
* At out 9 spot, this ride is good overall despite a higher duration.
Round the World
Prestige: 700
Duration: 129.6
E/F/N: 3.44/3.65/3.87
Sequence: SS,Spin,Spin,SS,Spin
Rating: 10.57
Ticket Price: $21.00
Profit: $9.72
*At our 8 spot, this ride has a high duration, but saves the day with a 700 prestige and a very small footprint.
Sky Temple
Prestige: 644
Duration: 240.4
E/F/N: 2.56/0.96/0.97
Sequence: High Spin .34/$19.30/$4.82
Rating: .34
Ticket Price: $19.30
*This ride is absolutely the worst of the DLC, it only had 3 sequence options, with High giving the most prestige, but each option was a whopping 240 seconds. The only saving grace is that each ride can seat about 59 guests, so the que should empty quickly between sequences.
Swift Drifters
Prestige: 458
Duration: 109.2
E/F/N: 2.92/3.01/2.12
Sequence: SF, SF,SF,SF
Rating: 7.83
Ticket Price: $13.70
Profit: $7.53
* An average ride with a lower duration, should turn a nice profit for smaller parks.
Swift Eagles
Prestige: 463
Duration: 116.5
E/F/N: 3.42/3.29/2.36
Sequence: SS, FS,FS,Spin
Rating: 7.40
Ticket Price: $13.90
Profit: $7.16
* Not a fan of this ride, with low prestige and high duration’s. It can fill in at the beginning if you have no options, but there are better routes if you do.
Test Flight
Prestige: 566
Duration: 146.5
E/F/N: 3.19/2.42/2.26
Sequence: FL, FL, Loop, FL
Rating: 6.86
Ticket Price: $16.90
Profit: $6.92
*Second worst ride of the DLC, with crazy high duration. Hard pass for me.
I hope these help everyone get an idea or starting point for all the DLC rides.
Once again, thank you Cane for the work you put in with the optimizer and your guides!

Written by Bigpoppanev

This is all for Planet Coaster DLC Rides Sequel to Cane’s Ride Optimizer hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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