PAYDAY 2 Low-end pc best quality settings

PAYDAY 2 Low-end pc best quality settings 1 -
PAYDAY 2 Low-end pc best quality settings 1 -

This guide can help u solve all kinds of performance issues ranging from optimisation on decent systems to turning down graphics on ultra low end ones


What is this sorcery?

So payday 2 is an awesome game no doubts in that it goes on sale for cheap and is a blast when played with friends and even though its fairly old at this point its still one of the most played games on steam with a very active community.
But as fun the game is it isn’t the most optimised one on the planet and this guide aims to help u fix those issues using mods and config edits.


Stuff you need beforehand


Super BLT

So this is an absolute necessity for this guide to function correctly.
Super BLT – [] 
Download from the link above and do properly follow the installation instructions on the site.
You might also need to download BeardLib for other mods so check the mod requirements
BeardLib – [] 

Config Edit

Editing the Configuration file

Editing the config file will give u access to options and modifiers that aren’t available in the in-game settings.
To do this u need to

  • First press Win + X key and type appdata then press enter.
  • Then go to \Local\PAYDAY 2 in there
  • and edit the renderer_settings.xml file and paste the text below in the exact way mentioned.


 <variable name="max_anisotropy" value="0"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_default" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="shadow_quality_default" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_managed_backdrop" value="false"/>
 <variable name="dynamic_lights" value="disabled"/>
 <variable name="shadow_quality" value="disabled"/>
 <variable name="effect_quality" value="disabled"/>
 <variable name="environment_detail" value="0"/>
 <variable name="post_effect_quality" value="disabled"/>
 <variable name="shadow_map_size" value="0"/>
 <variable name="anti_aliasing" value="0"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_backdrop" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_buildings" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_buildings_bump" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_buildings_low" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_characters" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_default" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_effects" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_ground" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_ground_bump" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_gui" value=""/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_lightmaps" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_no_lod" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_plants" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_player_vehicles" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_props" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_props_bump" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_props_high" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_silhouettes" value="very low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_sky" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_vehicles" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_weapons" value="very_low"/>
 <variable name="texture_quality_weapons_third" value="very_low"/>

To edit the file copy the text between <render_settings> and </render_settings> and paste them between your config files <render_settings> and </render_settings>.
You might wanna enable the dynamic lights setting in the above text because disabling it can cause a few lighting glitches that are annoying tho it can cause FPS to drop a bit


The Asset Mods

To install them

  • go to your PAYDAY 2 folder by going into steam right clicking payday 2 and browse local files
  • go into Assets folder
  • if there’s a mod_overrides folder than leave it otherwise create one

Paste these mods into the folder


BLT Mods

To install them

  • Go into the PAYDAY 2 folder then into Mods folder and paste there



Special Thanks to

  • LowSpecGamer – [] 
    For The config edit
  • LemonCat
    For The Macro packs
  • Luffy
    For Lower Shadow Map Mod
  • test1
    For Low Violence Mode
  • Jarey
    For Performance Friendly Effects
  • TldQ
    For Iter
  • Andole
    For The Fixes and Performance Comes First
    And everybody who has contributed in any of these mods.


Written by WARMACHINE68

Hope you enjoy the post for PAYDAY 2 Low-end pc best quality settings, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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