Paradox of Hope Survival Guide

Paradox of Hope Survival Guide 1 -
Paradox of Hope Survival Guide 1 -

Everything you need for survival in the metro, paradox of hope.


Welcome, Stalker!
Today I will share the tips that helped me survive and get through Paradox of Hope.
These are likely to change because the game is still early access. I will however try to keep this guide current.

Tip 1 – Stealth

  • Stealth is crucial to survive the metro. You need to be careful when you are traversing your first raids due to the high enemy number in Paradox. While it will get easier as you progress, you should still be cautious if you don't have much gear.
  • Keep your ears and eyes open for the humanoid mutations. If one is nearby, you will be able to hear its growling and will know when you need to sneak. Be sure to look around corners to make certain you aren’t walking into one. If they spot you, they will pounce. I counted five hits before I died from the humanoid mutations. It is best to sneak by. If you see an opponent, always crouch and walk.
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  • Avoid enemy interaction at any cost. Always try to find a way around enemy interaction. The humanoid mutations are blind so you can actually sneak past them as long you don't make too loud of your cries. Avoid engaging, as you'll end up spending more money on them and your health, which can be very valuable.
  • Section on water – if there's water, sneak! Water is very loud and can cause serious injury if you're running or walking in it.


Tip 2 – Scavenging

  • Look out for any loose items when you go exploring. You should be picking these up and putting them in your backpack from day one. You can bring the items back to camp and drop them off at the merchant. This is the only method currently available to obtain money. It is vital as this will allow you to purchase your weapons, and other needs.
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  • I will upload a guide detailing the exact price of each item. But from my experience, search the clock, baking powder and creamed dairy. These three items will make you big bucks. But don't worry if they are not there. It doesn't matter how many random items you have, everything adds up.
  • The first challenge for the raid is to locate 3 items (. I found toilet paper). I have found that if you can, don't turn these items in. Instead, continue scavenging until your money is enough to purchase the flashlight attachment, which costs 1000 rubs, as well as the silencer, which costs 1000 rubs. Save enough money for 2 magazines and a medkit. These are items you want to have around.
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  • Use the storage crate to organize your room. These can be used to store important items like weapons and medkits that you might not have enough space for.


Tip 3 – Gear up

  • Before you head out to the spider raid, it is important that you have everything in order. I'll talk more about this later, but it is vital to properly prepare. You will have access to the radiation suit on the second raid. It is impossible to access certain areas of the map without it. These purple glowing vines will be covering the door. You will need a radiation suit as well as a gas mask. I always keep a spare gas mask filter with me in case of emergency.
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  • I would also recommend saving up for the Ak47 by the third or forth area you visit. Get the flashlight, the ak47, and some ammo. The spider part is horrible, but I'll get there in the next part.
  • A knife is a great tool to have on hand in times of stress. It will take some practice to master the art of slashing your enemies with your knife. But once you have run out of ammo, you'll be able to grab your knife like it's your only love.


Tip 4 – Guns

  • Always have two mags in your bag, one in your gun, and one on your belt. This will allow you to quickly load your weapon and switch between enemies fast.
  • Ammo can be very limited so I recommend that you buy an ammo package to load your magazines with. Keep it in your inventory because it is cheaper and you won't need to buy as many magazines. This will pay off in the long term. An ammobox can be purchased for as low as 900 rub.
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  • Always, ALWAYS, clean your weapons. Keep a toothbrush in the room and use it to clean your weapon after a raid. Although it may seem extreme, this is essential for your weapon's functionality.
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  • Also, make sure to get the silencer as soon and as often as possible. The silencer is vital for all your weapons. This will ensure that you don't alert the mutants around you if you get into an argument. This is vital because you have limited ammo and must keep your fights alive. It is available for purchase at 1000 rubles
  • The second raid act are spiders. You should be very careful around these guys, as they can take huge amounts of your health. Their weakness is light and fire so make sure you have a lighter handy at all times. To keep them away, I recommend you move fast and find a place to put a fire in. This is their biggest weakness. Flashlights can also be used.
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Tip 5 – Stalker Stashes

  • Last but not least, keep an eye out for stalker stashes. Stalker stashes can yield a lot of loot, and they are worth looting. On my first playthrough, I found an ak47 in one of the (s, which cost about 4000 rub, and is not a cheap weapon,).
  • You can find a stalker stash by looking for a locked door. If you try to open it it will make a loud clicking sound, indicating that it is locked from another side. Follow the wall to the other side until you reach the hallway. You will see a small square on that wall. Simply look in the square window, aim at the lock, then shoot it off.
    Paradox of Hope Survival Guide - Tip 5: Stalker Stashes - 3DC833B
    Paradox of Hope Survival Guide - Tip 5: Stalker Stashes - E202EBF
    – Now you have one of the most valuable op loot stocks in the game.



We appreciate you reading it! Hopefully this made the game more fun and easier to navigate.
Have fun and stay safe!
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Written by ZombieCrane

Here we come to an end for Paradox of Hope Survival Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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