Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide

Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide 2 - steamsplay.com
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide 2 - steamsplay.com

This brief guide explains the basics of the strategy game Ozymandias.

Start a new sport

After pressing "Singleplayer", the screen will open.
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Starting a new game - 679B155
You can click the arrows to choose maps from this menu. The symbols for all the civilizations are listed at the bottom. They will display a marker that will inform you of the date you won with the hardest difficulty if you have won.
After pressing "Play", you'll see the map screen. Here you choose your civilization.
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Each civilization is unique. When choosing a civilization to be yours, there are three important things to keep in mind

  • Location:
    Take into account your neighbors and their types. Militant and expansionist civilizations are more likely to launch attacks than other civilizations. Important is the terrain. It is important to have lots of the same terrain, as it makes technologies more efficient.
  • Trait:
    Each civilization has its own type or trait. This determines your starting resource and gives you some advantages and disadvantages. These factors should be considered when you play. (This information will be available in-game.
  • Difficulty:
    You have the option to give yourself or the AI an advantage by increasing wealth income. An estimated difficulty is also available.

Victory conditions
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Starting a new game - 7842EF1
Pressing the Crown at the top left corner will open a victory condition menu.
Here you can manage the number of victory points needed to win (at maximum 10 -), and the amount that each wonder awards in victory points (0-4 –).
You can adjust the amount of victory point awarded to change the fulfillment requirement. You can "lock", or re-roll, individual wonders.
Remove all wonders other than the Great Lighthouse to create a domination-only game. Then, it will award 4 victory points. This means that controlling every tile on the map is the only way to win.


Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Interface - A624D52
This is the game interface.
Each civilization has a banner on the left side. These are sorted by victory progression.
If you hover above a civilization banner, the trait type of that civilization will be displayed and its territory will glow. Clicking on a banner will reveal the trait details.
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Interface - A96551B
Victory progress
Above the banners is a crown. Clicking it will reveal the progress of your victory.
When the menu is open you can view other civilizations' victories by hovering above their banner.
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Interface - 9C9B97BEraser and Hourglass
The eraser will reset your turn.
Your turn ends with the hourglass.
You get the idea.
You will find a cogwheel in the upper left corner. This will open the settings menu. This will also show shortcuts.
The notable shortcut "T" is for terrain types.
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Interface - 84C0EC0Resources
The right side shows you your civilization's resources.
They are in order: Knowledge and Wealth, Food and Power.
You can view the resources of your opponent by hovering above their banner to your left.


Food is important for expanding your empire and wageing war.
This resource can be used for four purposes:
Claiming Tiles
Building Cities
Growing Cities
Moving Units


Knowledge can be used to improve the capabilities of your civilization in different terrains.
There are three technology categories:
Terrain Cost
Terrain Yields
Terrain Power


You will specify the amount of your current wealth that you would like to be used to purchase resources for the next turning.

  • Food:
    A fixed cost of 2 wealth = 1 meal.
  • Science:
    A fixed cost of 1 science = 1 wealth
  • Power:
    It has a base price of 4+x, where the number of units you own is x. It is incremental.
    Example 1
    One unit is included in the base price. The base cost of the unit is therefore 5. Purchase 3 power costs
    5 + 10 + 15 = 30.
    Example 2
    You will need three units. Base cost is therefore 7. 4 power costs
    7 + 14 + 21 + 28 = 70.



Power is how the game handles war. Empires can use their power for the purpose of claiming tiles and conquering tiles of enemy empires.
There are 9 types.
Island, River, Grassland, Plain, Mountain, Forest, Desert, Sea, City.
You do not have an inherent power to use these tiles. Power technologies will change this and increase your power on every tile that has that type of terrain on the entire map.
You can use power technologies to defend or attack a particular area.
Defensive bonus
Hills get +2 Power.
Forests and islands get +1 power in defense bonus.
The tile's owner gets free power, making it easier for them to defend the tile and harder to conquer.
Cities have an impact on tiles around them in proportion to how large they are.
A city of 4 people has the following effect:
The city tile gains +4 Power
In adjacent tiles you get +3 Power.
In tiles 2 away you get +2 Power.
In tiles 3 away you get +1 Power.
And so on.
This means that the best place to be is at the frontline, as it helps with both defense AND offense. This is obviously more dangerous as you risk losing your investment.
Your empire power is projected onto the military units. Food is required to transport them.
Both types can stay in cities.
Threaten -> Attack
Conquering space is a two-turn process.
At the end of each turn the power in each tile's border is evaluated. If the owner has less power than another empire, and an enemy unit of that empire is nearby, it is considered a threat. This tile becomes endangered.
If this condition is met at the end the next turn, the tile in danger is defeated.
Killing units
Although units do not fight directly, it's still possible to lose or even kill units.
After tiles have been transferred all units not on or adjacent a connected friendly tile are destroyed.
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Power - 8CC5184
Ozymandias Playtest Gameplay and Strategy Guide - Power - B1597E6




Every turn you have the opportunity to choose between two possibilities. The key to success is managing and choosing these opportunities.
These can be accessed by pressing on the crown to your left.
There are three types.
This condition is completely free. It could be free resources or a flag. You can claim your reward by clicking the "Claim!" button when you are ready to use it.
If you have more than one opportunity, it is a good idea for you to "Claim" them to make room for the next.
This is the most common chance. The reward will be given to you once you have fulfilled the condition.
Some rewards can be given to you for paying resources (or disbanding a unit) in the final game. These can be used in the same way as "Claim" opportunities. You simply need to press "Pay" (or disband) if you have the resources.


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