OMORI All Faraway Town Exclusive Achievements

OMORI All Faraway Town Exclusive Achievements 1 -
OMORI All Faraway Town Exclusive Achievements 1 -
This guide covers all achievements you can get in Faraway Town, organized by day and starting location. This will contain notes on events that happen in Faraway Town, so if you don’t want to see that, move on.


About this guide…

Achievements are listed in bold, and are listed when you get them. 
Any recommendations and/or strategies will be prefaced in italics, and will credit the user who suggested it. 

Day 1, Morning

This section starts when you wake up after beating Space Ex-Boyfriend and ends when you enter the Church in Faraway Town. 
Pick up all the trash you can – you’ll find it everywhere! 
Sunny’s block 

  • Brush your teeth before leaving your house by looking at the post-its in the bathroom. 
  • Visit the house next to Kel’s and Find Cris’ dad’s TV Remote. It’s under the couch. Also, talk to Cris – she’s in her room upstairs today. Give her 3 seashells to get an amazing charm for Sunny.

Big house block – the one that has both kids that need tutoring. 

  • Talk to Yellow Bun Granny at the end of the street. She’ll send you to get her prescription at the Othermart pharmacy. 
  • Talk to the woman pacing outside her house. Get her gardening shears that are near the beginning of the street.

Basil’s Block: 

  • Go into the last house on the street and talk to the Artist 3 times. Say “Yes” all 3 times.


  • The girl with blue hair has a Pet Rock. 
  • The cashier of Hobbeez is the final Pet Rock Veteran. 
  • Interact with the poster in the top right corner of the room for a CD.

Faraway Park 

  • Feed the cat on the monkey bars. You’ll end up doing this every morning and afternoon. 
  • Find Mincy, the girl who’s sketching. Talk to her and Kel will motivate her to keep drawing. You’ll end up doing this every morning and afternoon. 
  • One of the kids sitting on a bench has a Pet Rock. 
  • At any point during any day, deposit all the trash you’ve collected to the old lady behind the Earth stand. She’ll give you $1 per piece of trash, and a CD at 25.

Gino’s Pizza 

  • Pizza Delivery, gives $20. Doing perfectly gives Against all odds…, while quitting this job gives That can’t be good for business… 
  • Rai has a Pet Rock. 
  • Someone in Gino’s Pizza is a Pet Rock Veteran.


  • Shelf sorting, gives $30. 
  • Talk to the couple by the paint samples and select their wallpaper. 
  • Talk to Gruff Guy and go to his house next to the church. You will end up doing this daily. 
  • Grab the seashell from the back gardening section. 
  • The cashier at Fix-It is a Pet Rock Veteran.


  • Fly swatting, gives $20. It ain’t much, but It’s honest work. 
  • Pick up the colored posters by the meat seller. Follow the maps to the houses and do Math Tutoring for $20 and Math Whiz, and Grammar Tutoring for $20 and Grammar Whiz. 
  • The girl standing at the entrance to the candy store is a Pet Rock Veteran. 
  • The fish shop lady is the Pet Rock Champion. The Very Best, like no one ever was. 
  • Just don’t even try against Kim and Vance, NEEERRRDDDDD!!!

Shopping list 

  • Pet Rock 
  • At least 3 fish 
  • $30 to the Guitar Guy 
  • 2 CDs

Total: $90+. Requires doing all but one of the part time jobs. 

Day 1, Evening

This section starts when you leave the Church after getting beat up by Aubrey and ends when you eat with Basil. 
Aubrey’s block 

  • Kel will ask to high-five after getting the Photo Album back. High five him Up high… 
  • Stop by the house next to Aubrey’s and save the wedding ring.

Basil’s block 

  • Feed the cat on top of Basil’s house.


  • Talk to the man standing in the middle of Hobbeez, and recommend him the M-rated game on the table. He will give you a seashell.


  • Motivate Mincy near the produce section of Othermart.


Day 2, Morning

This section begins when you wake up after beating Sweetheart and ends when you go into the hideout spot to save Basil. 
Sunny’s Block 

  • Brush your teeth before leaving your house. 
  • Feed the fish on top of Sunny’s house. 
  • After running the errands you get access to Kel’s house. 
  • Take the $20 from Kel’s wardrobe. I’ll just take that… 
  • The pepper spray is in the purse on the dining room table.

Basil’s Block 

  • Go to the Artist’s house and talk to her. Then go find her dog on one of the other blocks and return.

Faraway Park 

  • Cris is picnicking with their family this morning. You might have enough seashells for her. 
  • After running the errands for Kel, fight the Bees?


  • Gruff Guy’s back. He does the exact same thing as last time, except he puts a new hole in his wall. That hole contains a seashell.


  • Motivate Mincy in the candy store.

Shopping list 

  • 3 fish 
  • 3 CDs 
  • 1-2 first aid kits.

Total: $70, minus $10 for each additional fish you got Day 1. 
Before going to the hideout spot to find Basil, SAVE your game. Defeat the Hooligans using Pepper Spray and The Art of Self-Defense, then reload your save and lose to them. Saving the Pepper Spray makes a later enemy easier. 

Day 2, Evening

This section begins after being rescued by Hero and before giving Kel’s mom flowers. 
Sunny’s Block 

  • Find Cris’ Dad’s remote again. It’s in the bathroom upstairs. 
  • Go into Mika- I mean THE MAVERICK’s house and find his twin brothers. They’re under a bed.

Basil’s Block 

  • Save inside Basil’s house immediately after saving him. When you leave, Kel will ask you to high five. Don’t high five him, getting Too slow! Then reload your last save, go back outside, and actually high five him. 
  • Go to the house next to Basil’s and go to the kid’s bedroom. Keep trying to interact with him until he finally talks to you. 
  • Go to the third house on the street and talk to the woman outside. Then find her son in Fix-It. He’ll give you $50 to buy a floor lamp with. Talk to the cashier to buy the lamp, then go back to the woman.

Gino’s Pizza 

  • Feed the cat in the tree outside. He’ll give you an Arcade Piece, which can be used to fix the arcade machine inside. 
  • Talk to the woman in front of the counter. Say “Yes” to whatever she asks. Then, go to the candy store and talk to the guy there. Suggest he gets Caramel Apples. Finally, go to his house, which is next to Aubrey’s.


  • Motivate Mincy in the garden section of Fix-It.

Shopping list 

  • 2 bouquets of flowers.

Total: $4. Hero makes you buy one, and we’re buying two. It saves a bit of time. 

Day 3, Morning

This section begins when you wake up after seeing Mari play piano in the middle of the night, and end when you return to Sunny’s house. 
Sunny’s Block 

  • Brush your teeth before leaving your house. Now your breath is Minty Fresh. 
  • High five Kel Down low… 
  • Find Cris’ Dad’s remote again. It was baked into a pie in the kitchen…

Big House Block 

  • Get the lunchbox from the Guitar Guy’s dad. He lives in the third house on the street. Give it to him, then return his letter to the dad.

Aubrey’s Block 

  • Motivate Mincy in the church. 
  • Visit the house with balloons on it and help the new owners cook.

Basil’s Block 

  • Go back to the Artist’s home and talk to them. Then go notify Angel at Hobbeez he’s wanted at home. His sister is getting… impatient…

Hideout Spot: 

  • Feed the cat. 
  • Beat the Recyclepath. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Bigniffer42’s Recommendations: Save to a new slot while inside the dungeon. Don’t use juice, it’s not really needed until the boss. Equip Sunny with the seashell necklace from Cris. Turn 1: Sunny uses Focus, Kel uses Encourage, Aubrey uses Homerun on whomever and Hero uses Pepper Spray on the Recyclepath. Turn 2: Everyone attacks. Sunny should do upwards of 200 damage. The Recyclepath is now almost 70% dead! Repeat the process for a 4-5 turn win, with Hero using First Aid/First Aid Kits and Aubrey attacking. 

  • Gruff Guy is back, and he’s more frustrated than ever. Thankfully, Aubrey’s a mechanical expert, and nets you a CD.


Day 3, Evening

This section begins when you leave the treehouse and ends when you go over to Basil’s house. 
Aubrey’s Block 

  • Visit the house with balloons and enjoy the housewarming party and Good Company. 
  • Visit Mari’s grave, and put the flowers you bought yesterday on it. Have a picnic with her if you wish. The sun shined brighter When she was here… 
  • Feed the cat next to Mari’s grave for aTummy Full of Fish.

Faraway Park 

  • Talk to Mincy in Faraway Park. She’ll thank you and give you a sketch. 
  • Talk to the old lady behind the stand. She’ll give you a CD if you have turned in 25 trash over the 3 days.

Gino’s Pizza: 

  • Deposit all CDs. Now you’re a Music Connoisseur of Sorts.



Beat OMORI to get Universally Lovedand One more day… 
Lose to OMORI to get Close your eyes… 


I want to thank YouAteIt, who I met through the unofficial Omori Discord server. They’re the one who compelled me to make this guide. Thank you so much, random internet stranger. 
Guide icon taken from game files. 

Written by Bigniffer42

This is all for OMORI All Faraway Town Exclusive Achievements hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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