Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Nioh 2 Boss HP Spreadsheet

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Nioh 2 Boss HP Spreadsheet 1 -
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Nioh 2 Boss HP Spreadsheet 1 -
Informations about less obvious topics like Boss HP, the relationship between Attack and Defense, the true values behind skill damage, and many more. (WORK IN PROGRESS)


What is this? 
Many people have recommended me to put my stuff in the Guide section, so there you have it. 
Ok, but what is this? : The Nioh 2 Boss HP spreadsheet is a compilation of various informations that I’ve found throughout the game (through various methods). It is being updated regularly as I do more and more research on the game. You can find basic information that you could find in other spreadsheets or the wikis near the end, but most of it is hidden information that you would not find easily. 

Tab description

For the moment, here are the tabs present on this spreadsheet : 
Boss HP : Here is compiled the amount of health of every boss in the game, for every mission and difficulty, included the Underworld (aside from the random NPCs found on each floor). The different floors of the Depths are excluded, but you can find the amount in Floor 30 of the Depths in a further tab. There are other informations found here like co-op multipliers, dark realm multipliers, curse multipliers, etc. I plan on updating it in the future with the attack/defense/ki ratings of bosses. 
Boss HP (based on Gakis) (WORK IN PROGRESS) : I have recently found out that almost every mob or boss in the game has its health being a multiplier of the health of a Gaki of the same mission level (there are exceptions based on regions). And thus, I have coined the “GU unit (Gaki Unit)” for determining the expected health of a boss or enemy of a certain level. Many bosses had to be extrapolated since there were no gakis inside the same mission, or the gakis were found in a different region which yielded a different health value. This is to help understand what to expect in term of scaling against different bosses. 
Gaki Time : Here is the amount of health found for Gakis of every mission and difficulties in the game (aside from Underworld). You can find trends associated with the increase of health on the right. 
Floor 30 Depths Madness (WORK IN PROGRESS) : Here is the health values of enemies and bosses on the Floor 30 of the Depths. It is a work in progress since getting the right enemies and bosses to spawn is a bit RNG. I am also working on representing them in Gaki Units. 
Attack vs Defense : My initial tests when it came to finding out the relation between Player Attack/Defense and Enemy Defense/Attack for damage inflicted/received, the trends associated with them and the discovery of the “par-values” at Player Attack = Enemy Defense, and Player Defense = Enemy Attack. 
Weapon Testing (% and attack) : With the par-values for Attack and Defense ratings found, this tab shows my discovery of how, essentially, when Player Attack = Enemy Defense, every weapon attack and skill in the game (NOT MAGIC OR YOKAI ABILITIES) is a multiplier of a damage value equivalent to Spear Flourish for each possible rating. Thus is showcased the predicted damage of every weapon skill (proportional to Spear Flourish) for all ratings. On the far right side, you can find the trend associated with the damage increase of the “base number” per rating. For the Weapon Testing based on Attack subtab, Player Attack and Enemy Defense ratings are of 8450 against the human soldier in the Dojo, scaled for Depths content. 
Block & Toughness : Initial tests of the impact of Block and Toughness on a lvl 1 Enkis’ attacks. 
Mission Rewards (NG) : This tab showcases the mission rewards of every mission on DotSam, and the rewards for repeated completions, often tied to the first clear rewards (full set bonuses can be granted on recompletion). 
Guardian Spirits (Brute, Feral, Phantom) : Every Guardian Spirit, and which character stats unlocks which Guardian Spirit effects. The subtabs for Brute, Feral and Phantom classify the Guardian Spirits based on their Attunement Limits, and showcases patterns associated with which character stats unlocks the most Guardian Spirits effects and weapons that scale with those stats, and the thematics of each Yokai forms based on the Guardian Spirit Effects and Soul Cores Effects. 
Yokai Shift Costs : A quick summary of the costs of different yokai shift actions, based on testing against a lvl 1 Mezuki (this doesn’t take into account +attack/defense (yokai shift), which I will test in the future) 
Sets/Non-sets comparison : Every piece of armor in the game, shown for comparison purposes, taking into account defense differences from weight, elemental resistances, bonus stats from accessories/weapons, etc. It’s color coded to more easily notice which sets might focus on attack/defense/ki/spells/etc. 

What’s next?

I’m looking to complete each existing section of the spreadsheet a bit more, showcase more of the attack/defense ratings for bosses and enemies, and put a few tabs that will help compare the different weapons better. 
Any suggestion for new subjects to explore is appreciated. 

Written by Fat Valentine

Here we come to an end for Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Nioh 2 Boss HP Spreadsheet hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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