Team Fortress 2 Spy Movement and General Tips

Team Fortress 2 Spy Movement and General Tips 1 -
Team Fortress 2 Spy Movement and General Tips 1 -
General guide from my personal experience as a spy main.



Spy has a couple of items at dis display he can use to get behind his enemies with ease. The stock invis watch is great for getting around, and for the most part, if you know where ammo packs are, then you can stay invisible for a while if needed. The cloak and dagger is another helpful tool, allowing the user to stay invisible indefinitely by standing still, but the cloak drains faster while moving, you get less cloak back from ammo packs, and you cant get cloak from ammo packs while cloaked. The dead ringer is an interesting tool, disliked by many. The dead ringer cannot go invisible at will, but whenever you have the watch out, and you take damage, a fake corpse of yourself drops, and you go invisible and get a speed boost to get away, but you can only recharge this watch by waiting for the meter to fill, and it can only be used once the cloak meter has been 100% filled up. 


The spy has a couple of guns to use, and each are unique in one way or another. The stock revolver is a very consistent source of damage if you’re too far to stab. The diamondback is a powerful revolver that gives the user critical hits (more damage) on the revolver for sapping down buildings from engineers, and getting back-stabs. The enforcer is a niche revolver that most people won’t recommend because it only does extra damage while disguised, which only works once because when you attack while disguised you lose your disguise. The ambassador is the most night and day difference depending on skill, because it does less damage on a body shot, and shoots slower, but it will always crit on a head shot, but you have to wait a second between shots to get perfect accuracy again, which is dumb because it already shoots slower, and then you have to still wait more to get accuracy?? Anyways it’s a pretty strong weapon if used correctly. The l’ tanger or whatever (I forgot how to spell it lmao) is a great pistol to use because on hit, you gain cloak back, which is a great tool to have, because whenever you get into a pickle, you can whip this thing out to get some cloak, and get away safely invisibly. 


The spy’s knives are all very diverse and unique with many special traits any abilities. The stock knife like all the other knifes does 40 damage per hit, and a one hit back-stab, noting special here. The eternal reward needs you to have full cloak to disguise, and will use all of it to do so, but when you back-stab somebody with it, you take their identity ex. you stab a scout, you disguise as a scout, and the body becomes invisible and the kill doesn’t pop up on other people’s screens. The big earner grants the user a speed boost upon a back-stab kill, but takes the user down to 100 HP, this knife is good for players who have trouble getting away after a stab. The kunai is a good, and bad knife, let me explain. If a player is good at spy, and is getting stabs left and right, the knife grants extra over-heal health upon back-stab, allowing the player to be more aggressive. But if the player is bad at spy, then the downside of bringing you down to 70 HP is really devastating, resulting in many deaths. 


Movement is one of spy’s most important skills weather it’s for dodging invisibly, or trick-stabbing. The spy’s movement is a key part to his game play. One of the most important things in movement in all of TF2, and even in other source games is strafing. Strafing is when you’re in the air, you hold a or d, and move your camera in the respective direction to gain speed in the air, and to control yourself in the air easier. When strafing don’t hold W, because it will tamper with the way you move, and become uncontrollable in mid-air. Lastly… TRICKSTABS!!! For the most part I would recommend watching a YouTube video about these, but I’ll tell you the easiest one though. Basically using a/d you go one way by pressing a/d then go the other way by pressing the other button than the one you just did, basically going left, then right, braking their ankles, and exposing their back to you. But melee hit reg is kinda broken in TF2 sometimes, so it sill might not work. 

Written by Skoooter

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