Niche – a genetics survival game OC Guide!

Niche – a genetics survival game OC Guide! 1 -
Niche – a genetics survival game OC Guide! 1 -
This is a guide to creating OC’s, this is mostly for Niche, but you can use the general info in other places!



So, you’re going to create a character! First you’ll need the basics! Here’s a template! 
[Name] | [Gender] | [Personality] | [Appearance] | [Backstory] (Optional) | [Genes] (Niche only) 
I’ll give some examples: 
Rokudon | Male. | He is protective, and kind. | He is large and chestnut brown, with a long muzzle and green eyes, with darker brown dapples, and his ear is torn. | When he was a teen, a bearyena tore off his ear tip. | [Medium ears, inactive big ears] [No horns, inactive antlers] [Normal eyesight, inactive for short-sighted] [Big nose, inactive short snout] [Big body, inactive heat body] [Runner leg, runner leg] [Normal hind-legs, inactive webbed hind legs] [Medium tail, inactive stinky tail] [Chestnut brown fur] [Green eyes, inactive brown eyes] [Inactive black + white horn color] [Brown + black pattern color] [Dots pattern] [Pattern A] [Huge + Big pattern] [Thin + Thick pattern density] [Normal blood clotting] 
That may seem very basic, but that’s basically the point– 
Kimai | Female. | She is shy, and quiet. | She is small and beige-ish, with violet eyes, and a derp snout with a deformed paw. | She was born to a rogue, her dad left the island, leaving her with her tribe, who disliked her, especially her adopted father. | [Derp snout] [Lean body, inactive water body] [Deformed paw, runner leg] [Medium ears] [No horns, inactive ram] [Short-sighted, inactive for blind] [Stinky tail, inactive for medium tail] [Yellow + Beige fur] [Violet eyes] [Inactive brown + white horn color] [Inactive Black + Red pattern color] [No pattern, inactive stripes] [Pattern C, inactive pattern D] [Medium + Huge pattern] [Very thin + Very thick pattern density] [Hemophilia, inactive normal blood clotting] 
Wow, those are terrible- 

Good backstory

Alright, you’ve made your character! Make sure it’s got a good backstory, (If you added one.) examples of a good backstory could be: 
Attacked by a bird-of-prey, bearyena, etc. 
Hated or disliked by their tribe 
Had to live alone before being found by their tribe, or creating a new one 
Wants to be leader, but isn’t getting chosen, so dislikes most leaders 
(If you’re going for a more egotistical character
Wow, you’re terrible at making guides 

Intresting genes!

Alright, now what genes to choose? 
Intresting genes: 
Derp snout (Underrated, like alot) 
Water/mountain/desert tribe genes 
Feel free to add any other genes, these are just some intresting ones! 
That’s all the genes-? 

Bad things for an OC!

(I’m sorry if any of these offend you, maybe your OC is great! They’re just usually hard to execute well.
Here are some things to avoid putting in your oc! 
Having “Powers” or being “Super rare” it’s ok to be rare, or have a strange power, but don’t be OP. 
Making your OC too bland. 
Making your OC have a crossover (Ex. Light fury x Nicheling) 
Wow, this really helped me- *Creates OC with all of these* 


Talamani | Female. | Cheerful, and would rather not fight. | She is blind with a sticky tongue, normal tail, she’s orange with black stripes, has antennae, nimble fingers and bearyena claw and an armoured body. | [Blind, inactive normal eyesight] [Inactive violet eyes] [Bearyena claw, nimble fingers] [Medium tail] [A and K immunity] [Sticky tongue] 
This OC is terrible, why do you have it in a guide for GOOD OC’s?! 

Written by Oken555

Hope you enjoy the post for Niche – a genetics survival game OC Guide!, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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