NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Ammo Capacity Info

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Ammo Capacity Info 1 -
NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Ammo Capacity Info 1 -

I may not have been playing this great game for a while, whopping just over 20 hours over here, but the moment I went into the fleet editor I did not self tolerate GUESSING how much ammo I need and soon enough busted out my calculator to get the most accurate numbers as possible.
So here I am, the calculations are simple and anyone with good math logic can find out themselves so here is just a quick pool of such information so you can decide how much ammo to bring in your fights.
I will be cutting to the chase, why say numbers when I can say something far more useful known as M.O.F.
Minutes Of Firing.
Things to note:

  • This uses only base stats. Modifiers that speed reload time and other such external affects are NOT considered but the impact is so small unless you go full in on it that the provided MOF will still be everything you needed so long as you don’t put 5 Gyro Mounts or Ammunition Elevators on a single ship.
  • M.O.F is how long a weapon can fire if it where to be firing NON STOP. This means MOF is nothing more than a reference as turrets need to rotate and aim, signatures can be lost, weapons can be destroyed and need restoration, etc. So please be considerate when applying the MOF value but it is a SUPERB over estimate that if you give as much ammo for that MOF value, you will probably not run out of ammo in a fight, depending on how you decided to use the reference of course.
  • These numbers have been moderately tested, I have used these MOF values in my own fleets and find them to be quite accurate.
  • MOF does not apply to missiles, in case you where wondering. You order the launching of missiles, there is no duration of fire, you just have missiles to throw at the enemy.


Ammo – MOF

Weapon How much Ammo Minutes Of Firing
CWIS bullet vomiter 12,000 5.0 MOF
Flak 2,500 8.0 MOF
Mk61-C 300 25.0 MOF
Mk62-C 300 15.625 MOF
Mk64-C 100 16.666 … MOF
Mk66-C 100 16.666 … MOF
Mk68-C 100 11.10 MOF
Mk81-RG 50 ~25.0 MOF
Mk82-RG 100 ~25.0 MOF


Written by Vertu

Here we come to an end for NEBULOUS: Fleet Command Ammo Capacity Info hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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