MultiVersus How to Fix Lag Issue

MultiVersus How to Fix Lag Issue 1 -
MultiVersus How to Fix Lag Issue 1 -

Fix Orange bars/Lag at MVS


Servers can be slow and laggy. The netcode is also garbo rn. But, you can still fix any servers you are playing on if they are not broken. This is easier if you’re playing on a PC, but can be done on console if you have network monitoring.

PC Guide:

Press the Start key and type resmon to execute run. Go to Network, click the image for Multiversus “MultiVersus-Win64-Shipping.exe.” This will only display Network traffic.

Network activity is the only category that we care about. All IP’s used to start the game are for displaying client information and syncing your account with PFG Via AWS. Once you queue up and a lobby has been created, you will only connect to the server when it loads. The IP address of the server will be visible because it will have the most data sent immediately (. Sometimes this will appear in a hostname which can be blocked. However, sometimes the hostname contains the ip addresses.)

Pay attention to the connection bar. This indicates that you ping the server.

An iplookup on Google will allow you to find the exact location for the server you are using.

If you want to block the server due to poor connection or if you don’t wish to play there for any reason, you can add the IP to be blocked by Windows Firewall or your router/modem firewall. You will want to block traffic to the server IP’s which you don’t want on outbound and inbound traffic. This is easier/easier to do with windows firewall because you can only block traffic for the game communicating to these servers incase they were being used for other things you might be accessing on the internet. The game servers use static internet addresses and have not changed.

Instructions to block servers using windows firewall (Before starting, you should export the current firewall policy to ensure that it can be reverted)

Add a new rule to inbound and outbound as part of the “custom rule”

Select the program path where “”MultiVersus-Win64-Shipping.exe.” (mine is C:\Program Files (x86 – \Steam\steamapps\common\MultiVersus\MultiVersus\Binaries\Win64 –

Next steps in protocols and pathways

Click any ip adress under scope

Click on these ip addresses to be taken to remote IP’s.

Select this ip range.

To determine the range of addresses, make the last number copied to a 1 and place that as the From. Change the last number from 255 to 255, and then put that value as the “To”.

Click next to select “Block this connection”

Create Profile for Domain, Public, and Private.

Change the name of the rule to Multiversus something to identify the location of rules you create.

You will need to set up the rule for outbound and inbound separately.

Save this policy to your computer so you can load it when you aren’t playing.

The same goal can also be achieved on a router/modem firewall, although I am unable to list the specific procedure dues to hardware variations. However you should be able to create custom rules anywhere under firewall. To find out where the most data is being transmitted once the map loads, you will need to isolate the console’s ip using network monitoring.


The IP block will not stop you from playing the game. If you are given a specific server in your blocklist, the match will load and you will disconnect. This will end the game for everyone. There will be no loss, and no other consequences. You will not have to play on a server you did not choose to. Multiversus’ servers all have static IPs and are not dynamic. This is currently EFFECTIVE. If you really want to play the game, but are tired of waiting on them to provide a solution/fix their server environment/netcode, this configuration is worth the effort. It is safe and easily reversible.

For example, I was playing a few hours straight. I did this for each server I connected, in terms logging my ping to the servers by pinging them post match and also taking note the server’s location. My findings confirmed the following server locations: California, Illinois D.C. New York Florida Texas Georgia Virginia Missouri Missouri Canada (Toronto/Quebec).) Only 2 matches were received on (New York server, where I reside). Most of my games were played on Texas and Florida servers with 40+ ping (orange.) During my matches I found many servers in the same ranges. You can log and block other servers. However, after 45 matches/Ranges, my orange bar games are significantly lower and I have better overall ping.


This will only make the game better for everyone. You shouldn’t be forced into playing in garbage conditions. Likewise, others shouldn’t be forced onto you if your pings are trash. PFG could easily choose to have priority server selections in their client rather than regions based on countries. They didn’t, but we have the ability to choose where we play.

For context: Orange bar (peak at 70 ms); green bar (peak at 30ms). Red bar is any higher.


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