Monsters and Weapons Battlemage Guide

Monsters and Weapons Battlemage Guide 1 -
Monsters and Weapons Battlemage Guide 1 -

Battlemage may be one of the most difficult classes to win with consistently, but this guide will surely teach you the basic techniques and strategies for playing battlemage, and increase your win-percentage significantly!


Welcome to this glourious guide on how to play battlemage. During this guide, you will learn the basic techniques that are essential to a successful battlemage player. Even though battlemage is one of the harder classes in the game, it is still possible to improve your skills and your win percentage. I hope you enjoy! (a video guide is coming soon…)
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About the class

Battlemage is a very special class in the sense, that he only has melee weapons. This means, that in order to kill a monster, you must take damage. Your job is to figure out which way this is done optimally, which is no easy task. I will be going over the 4 weapons that battlemage has at its disposal.
Basic sword
This weapon is as with any other class, and you are probably going to be using this weapon the most. This weapon can be upgraded by killing the blob. Here, given you are level 3, your best choice is to with the weapon that deals 3-4 damage or 3 damage flat, since it makes your attacking more consistent, and hence, makes your next weapon much more useful.
Nature blade
This is the key weapon to use on battlemage since it provides healing. If you kill a monster with this weapon, it gives you healing equal to your level. You want to be using this weapon as often as possible, to save the most health. Getting the skill that upgrades this weapon is paramount, since it makes you able to last-hit monsters much more easily.
When you are killing off monsters, always consider your outcomes, and take the choice that minimizes the damage you take. Maybe you are in a situation with a monster that has 3 attack, and 4 health and you are level 4. You know that you can kill off the monster by using the basic weapon (4-6 damage) only once, and you will take -3 damage. Instead, you could be killing the monster by using the nature blade twice (since it has 2 attack), and take -6 damage, but also healing for +4, in a total of -2. This is an example were attacking more actually saves you HP.
Fire blade
This is a truly randomized weapon, that can make or break the game, and this is the primary reason that battlemage is so inconsistent. Knowing the math behind this item is crucial, if you want to succeed as battlemage.
First, you need to know that the average number of attacks this weapon requires is 4 attacks. That means, if your average attack with your primary weapon is >4, you would want to use your fire blade instead. This means, the health of the monster you are fighting, is deciding what weapon to use. The following table tells you what weapon to use, depending on your level, and how much HP the monster you are playing against has.
Monsters and Weapons Battlemage Guide - About the class - 723D05C
For example, you are level 2, and the monster you are facing has 15 HP, the correct choice statistically speaking is to use the fire blade. This decision table however does not consider other factors than the attack of the basic weapon. Other factors will always have something to say, in deciding which weapon to use, such as:

  • Using basic weapon to ensure healing from Nature blade
  • Your items
  • Whether you can afford to take the risk

Another key aspect to understand, is what the probability to kill a monster is, in a specific number of attacks. You would think by intuition that using one attack yields a 25% chance to kill, two attacks is 50%, 3 is 75% and 4 is 100%, but this is not the case. Since the average number of attacks is 4, you are sometimes going to be using more than 4 attacks, and sometimes less. The list of probabilities is as follows:
Monsters and Weapons Battlemage Guide - About the class - BA39A40
As you can see, if you want to be 75% certain to kill a monster with a 25% fire blade, you must attack 5 times, and if you want to be 90% certain, you have to attack 8 times. It also tells you, that 1 in every 20 times (5%), you are going to be using more than 10 attacks to kill a monster (and that is gonna suck, but it will probably happen). This table also shows, how much better fire blade becomes after being upgraded.
Mana blade
This weapon is the weapon that really makes this class stand out. It is a unique weapon, that deals more damage, the more mana you have. The idea with this weapon, is that you want to be using it as little as possible, until you have enough mana to deal enough damage, to basically one-shot monsters. This is probably going to be hard to do, but it is the way that makes you win the game.
The ideal is to gather around 15-20 mana, when you fight the boss. In this way, you are going to be able to kill the boss easily. This is your primary goal when playing Battlemage.

Upgrade path

Battlemage unlocks weapons as he levels up. This means that you have to be level 3 before having all weapons unlocked. The path you want to be upgrading is:
Fire blade –> Mana blade –> Nature blade
The idea here is to use fire blade as much as possilbe in level 1, to save a lot of attacks, and thereby gaining HP. In level 2 you unlock mana blade, since you should have some mana here, and thereby are able to kill monsters, you otherwise could not have killed. You don’t want to be taking nature blade second, since it is only going to heal for 2, and it only has 1 attack, so being able to kill monsters is quite difficult and the payoff is small. For this reason, unlock nature blade as the last weapon.
For skills, you want to be unlocking enchantment: grass first (upgrades nature blade), then enchantment: flames (upgrades fire blade), and lastly you want to unlock enchantment: ice (upgrades mana blade). This is because getting nature blade to 2 attack will allow you to kill of a lot more monsters, than otherwise. Upgrading fire blade second will make your area 2 much easier, as the 33% makes your weapon much more consistent. Finally, you want to upgrade mana blade, which is very powerful, as it can gain you a lot of mana.
After unlocking all weapons, you should only be taking points in wisdom, as it makes your mana blade deal significantly more damage, and will be useful against the boss.

Area 1

Your main goal here is first and foremost to level up to level 2 and preferably 3, and to stack up a bunch of mana. Since you do not have the ability to heal and deal damage, you are going to be using your basic weapon a lot. In level 1 you should almost only focus on killing monsters that give you experience and health. You should aim to kill monsters with more than 8 HP with your fire blade. This is especially useful on the goat and the slime.
There are two ways to level up to level 2, by killing 4 monsters that each grant 3 exp (moth, brain, bat, snek, and evil goat (but please don’t kill evil goat in level 1 with your weapon)), or to kill two monsters that grants 3 exp and one that grants 4 exp (stone golem). Since you can use your fire blade to kill the rock monster, the latter option is preferable when possible.
Staying healthy is key to surviving this area (duh), so in general, once you fall below 10 HP, you should not be killing any monsters that does not grant you HP. In general, you want to be very conservative in the monsters you decide to kill, when you are level 1. Also, make sure that you do not run out of energy.
Once you get to level 2, you are going to be saving a lot of health when killing monsters, so here you can kill a lot more monsters. In level 2, you can focus more on gaining mana as well, as that will make your run significantly better. Strive toward having around 4-6 mana at the end of the area.

Area 2

The first monsters in area 2 are going to be tough, since you are most likely only level 2 or 3 here. You want to utilize your fire blade, since there are a couple of monsters with 25 or more HP in this area. Once you have upgraded your fire blade to 33%, this is going to be even more effective.
This stage is however also a turning point for battlemage, since nature blade is beginning to get very powerful. You can always kill butterflies with this weapon to get free HP, but you can also earn bunch of free HP, if you can manage to get the monster down to 1 or 2 HP.
By alternating between all 4 weapons, this stage should be doable, but it requires skill to correctly decide what weapon to use. Here are some general decision rules:

  • Does the monster have a lot of HP? –> Use Mana blade or fire blade.
  • Does the monster have a low attack, and is relatively easy to kill? –> Use your basic sword and kill it off with nature blade.
  • Am I low on mana (less than 2 x current level)? –> Deprioritize using mana blade.
  • Am I low on health and can’t afford to take risks? –> Deprioritize using fire blade.


Area 3

Your primary goal of area 3 is to prepare for the boss. Usually, area 3 should not be too difficult for battlemage, granted you managed to get to level 6 or 7, since you will have a lot of damage with your mana blade and a lot of healing potential with your nature blade. Preparing for the boss as battlemage requires one thing: mana! If you can collect 20 mana or more, you should be in good shape for killing the boss. You probably also need to have a lot of HP. If you are full health, or close to full health in level 6 or 7, you should be good to go for the boss.
The key to area 3 is to use your weapons and items as in area 2. Make sure to heal from the nature blade whenever you can and kill the monsters with a lot of health with your fire blade. As in area 1, think about what monsters are worth killing. If you don’t have a chance to level up before the end of the area, you shouldn’t bother killing monsters that give you exp (unless you can health with your nature blade). The same goes for monsters that give you gold if you already have enough.

Final boss

The boss fight itself is probably not going to be much strategic. Since you unfortunately can’t use fire blade against the final boss, your only option is to use your mana blade as much as you can. Since you should have a lot of points in wisdom and around 15-20 mana, it should only take around 15 attacks to kill the boss.
As there is not a lot of strategy in the boss fight, so it mostly comes down to how much mana you have grinded throughout the areas, and how well you have preserved your health.


There are a lot of juicy items you want to get your hands on when you are playing battlemage. This tierlist depicts the best items you can get (excluding potions, which are always good):
Monsters and Weapons Battlemage Guide - Items - 13B12AC
Mana stone is super useful, since you obviously are going to use a lot of mana throughout the game. This item also has great synergy with your enchantment: Ice, and it becomes even better if you can find the potion stone as well.
Rifle is a great item, since it makes you able to shoot down the monsters remaining health, so that you can kill the monster off with your nature blade. This will save you a lot of HP.
Jesters’ hat just got nerfed, but the fact that it removes the debuffs from the skulls makes it very valuable.
Fire charge is an extremely powerful item, especially for battlemage, that otherwise does not have a way to kill off monsters without attacking. You should always buy this item if you have the option to.
The first item in the B-tier is silence, which is a very good alternative to jesters’ hat, and will help you out a ton in area 3.
King’s armor is a good item for fighting the boss, since health is going to be a scarce resource on battlemage.
Book of wonders is a decent item, and can provide you with a lot of utility, and is a good choice if you can afford it. You should however be careful not to use your ability to often, since running out of mana as battlemage can be dangerous. Works great against the boss.
Upgrade-hammer is of particular value to battlemage, both because you will be attacking a lot, but more importantly, it buffs your nature blade. This item is quite expensive though, so you should only buy it if you have a lot of gold.
Mana siphon is a great item on battlemage for area 2 and works fine in area 3 as well. Just like upgrade-hammer though, you need to have a lot of gold to afford it.

End of the guide

This brings us to the conclusion to this battlemage guide. If you remember to use your weapon wisely, buy the correct items and manage to grind enough mana to the boss, playing battlemage should be as easy as falling of a log. But in the end, it all comes down to practice makes perfect.
Please feel free to add a comment on something you disagree on, or anything else you want to discuss :).

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