Medieval Dynasty New Map Version 1.0 in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty New Map Version 1.0 in Medieval Dynasty 1 -
Medieval Dynasty New Map Version 1.0 in Medieval Dynasty 1 -

I made maps for the 1.0 version of the game since it bugged me that even the “official” maps use the EA map as base.


I was quite unhappy with the fact that the map pack released with 1.0 used the old, outdated map from early access.
So I sat down and made a compound map out of zoomed in screencaps of the new map, zoomed in by 10 ticks. This allows for fairly precise positioning of markers, without obscuring large swaths of the map that could be used to help orientate yourself.
Obviously that makes the markers relatively small (generally 75x75px). This is my personal preference and I have included a blank map in case you’d like to make your own project.
I have also included an album with a blank and the various overlays separate for maximum manipulation capabilities. Use something like gimp or photoshop to layer them as you like over the blank! Isolate a marker and move it or duplicate it to add a new location! Possibilities are endless!
Lastly, I am working on overlays for items / barrels, chests, carts, camps and bandit camps, but because of the huge amount of locations & the official maps obviously being outdated / incomplete, it’s hard to make something definitive. The locations appearing randomised also makes it harder to check locations, and since I am using smaller markers, precision is a bigger factor over the big markers on other maps (yes I go to each marker I place to check its position before placing it – which leads to possible discrepancies from the official map and why it’s harder to make one for the randomized content).
Imgur Album: Maps with Markers – [] 
Imgur Album: Map Overlays – [] 

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