Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked 1 -
Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked 1 -

Welcome. This Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

Mech Shuffle is a perfect information roguelike deck builder where you choose a pilot and a mech to build a unique deck. Earn new cards and card upgrades to improve your deck over a run. Scout the battlefield, secure the beachhead, and repel the invasion! Test your skills in Multiplayer Ranked Play!

Ranked Mech Decks

You can only use the basic decks and Ranked mode (no fancy upgrade). We’re hoping for more variety in the coming years! The pilot and mech combination are still being tested so take these tips with caution.


Pilots: O’Bara, Emrys, Falk

Heat is not an issue for you. Use your laser with care and use your white blocks sparingly. Although you can do some damage, it’s better to block and keep your health good. Ranked mode only.

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked - Mech Decks in Ranked - 830A997


Pilots Vasquez (for shields or Proficiency: heat).

I’m not going lie, I love Dodo. However, this little guy doesn’t do well in ranked. It’s great at managing heat, but lacks the damage to take down bigger guys.

You can find general strategies here.

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked - Mech Decks in Ranked - 378B95D


Pilots: Sherman Emrys (only if you need more defense!)

Great balance between attack & defense. While the deck is well-rounded it is difficult to keep up with heavier mechs. You can use shields for days but remember to control your heat. If you know your opponent doesn’t have the exact attack token colour, don’t be afraid cycling shields. The Hammerhead’s weak point is Melee (purple tokens), so keep your white shields safe! Burton will give your two white shield tokens, so you can play it safer.

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked - Mech Decks in Ranked - 6EB2FB9


Pilots: O’Bara (controversial), Emrys (zero-cost cards), Burton (well-rounded)

Repeat after me: Attack, cool down, Attack, cool down… repeat. This is the order of your turns. The Medusa can be mighty in its attacks, but also has high heat. To bring down your heat, you must repeat your attacks at least once more. It’s an iron cannon, so melt it before they melt you. It is theoretically permissible to have as many Plasma Cannons in your possession as you can.

The pilot Burton provides a bit more defense/survivability, but O’Bara provides the best cooling at the cost of one dead card in deck (Proficiency: Melee as the Medusa does not have any Melee attacks). O’Bara is my preference and I would cycle the Melee card if it was necessary. Emrys allows the stacking of cooling for big turning turns but requires preparation.

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked - Mech Decks in Ranked - 55F3070


Pilots: O’Bara, Falk

A Ranked mode beast. Melee tokens or purple attacks are not well-defended by many mechs. With proficiencies stacking up for days, it is possible to easily beat down other mechs. The missiles, which are a lower priority than the other cards, are only useful to keep the pressure up when you have the heat. To try to get your shield cards, cycle missiles.

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked - Mech Decks in Ranked - ADF5623


Pilots: Sherman (best), runner ups: O’Bara (heat! Falk

I would say it is one of my favorite ranked. You have defense tokens, but not many, for each color, and you can use endless attacks. You will be able deal damage every time you attack. Keep your heat under control. All things can be melted (even Dodos). 🙁 )

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked - Mech Decks in Ranked - F327319


Pilots: Falk??? Burton for blocks? Any pilot.

Very versatile mech. It has all types of attack tokens so it can be used by any pilot. You see Quirk, Weapons Platform. If it’s yours, play it. Stack it. Make your opponent cry. White shields are not necessary, but they’re nice. Your mech can heal.

Mech Shuffle Mech Decks in Ranked - Mech Decks in Ranked - D60F46E

(The Dodo Gang is not biased in their endorsements of nerfing Mantis. Manti should never be allowed to eat small birds of flight.

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