Marauders Beginners Loot Guide

Marauders Beginners Loot Guide 1 -
Marauders Beginners Loot Guide 1 -

Need to Know

You should always have a basic pistol with you and some ammo in every game you create.
There are two options for
First Option
Fly your ship straight in from there. You can then run and find Npc's there. They should have armour and a gun to you pick up.
Second Option
You go to your ship's emergency capsule. From there you can continue to breach on an enemy ship.
[This is a riskier option because the person you breach might not have any loot for your collection or may have incredible loot. This will make it a difficult 1v1.
This guide was made when the game came out, this may change over time (I will try my best to keep this guide up to date)

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