Lunch Lady How to glitch

Lunch Lady How to glitch 1 -
Lunch Lady How to glitch 1 -
This guide will show you a spot where the lunch lady can’t get you.


The spot where the lunch lady can’t get you is-

There is a certain spot where the lunch lady cannot get you and its by some of the lockers. When you first spawn, go to the right side of the room and you will see some lockers. Go to the corner of the place and stay there and the lunch lady will come but she is too fat to fit in there so she can’t get you. You will see some flies buzzing around her and her creepy face. 
Also theres another one upstairs in between locker and white board! 
And there is one behind piano in piano room but you get stuck. 
@CadenTA25 Thanks for mentioning this! 
I found another one with the huge gym map, the gym bathrooms I sat still in the corner next to the sinks and she sat there 
We watched each other for like 15 minutes and then after my friends being unable to find the 10th notebook, I moved and she killed us 
Thanks for reading this guide and I hope it helped I’m sorry I couldn’t put any pictures because they were to big and took up too much space to insert in. =( But I hope you have good day because now the lunch lady can’t bother you. =) 
ps: this was made by Discord 

Written by Lil Chaos™

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