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Lost Ark All Card System Information 1 - steamsplay.com

Understanding the card system


1. Equip
2. Books
3. Enhance

Cards drop from bosses, quests and specialty chests.
The cash shop occasionally has bundles.
Access the card system from the menu: roster > card catalog.


The equip tab is where we get to make use of the cards we have on hand. Drag a card from the left-panel onto the middle area to create a deck. By equipping 2 or more cards from the same set, we unlock stat bonuses which can help make fighting a little bit easier. After equipping cards from the same set, we can see on the right-panel, a description of the bonus obtained. It shows what is currently activated as well as what we could have were we to add more cards.
Completing a full set early on is pretty hard, so it’s best to start by equipping whatever cards we have to form 3 pairs of 2 cards. And simply tweak things to our preferences as we unlock new cards.
Lost Ark All Card System Information - 1. EQUIP - 6ED17A8


The cards here may differ from the ones listed under the equip tab so it’s important to look at both to see what is new. Cards in this section are grouped into small books. Once a book is complete, permanent stats will be added to our entire roster. Simply flip through the books to view the boosts we could get. The panel on the right shows all the stats we’ve unlocked so far.
Lost Ark All Card System Information - 2. BOOKS - 3043FE8
Having the base cards will unlock the normal stat increase. It’s possible to unlock even more by leveling up the cards. Which brings us to the next section:


We may not see the benefits of enhancing cards right away, so it’s completely perfect to wait until we know which cards we want to work on. Enhancing cards requires “Card XP Enhancement Points” and silver. Once the exp meter is full, we can use a duplicate to awaken it to stage 1. The second stage requires 2 duplicates and so on.
The sole purpose of enhancing cards is to gain more bonuses within the [books] tab. So it’s wise to level up only the ones we have full sets of. Card XP can be acquired from deleting dupes or by opening card packs.
Lost Ark All Card System Information - 3. ENHANCE - 05959BB


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