Littlewood Tarott Monster

Littlewood Tarott Monster 22 -
Littlewood Tarott Monster 22 -
Guide to Tarott Monster. Collecting cards and building decks. Game rules and strategies.


Card Shop

Once you upgrade the Air Balloon Platform to 3☆ you unlock Port City Deluca. Then upgrade Deluca to 3☆ to unlock the Card Shop. 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Inside the shop: 
– Chest with Tarott Finder 
– Townsfolk: Maximilian 
– 2 Duelist Tables 
– Card Machine 
– Blueprint Machine 
Winning a duel rewards you with Duelist Badges that you can spend at the machines here. 

Collecting Cards

The Tarott Finder reveals scattered cards in every area for you to collect. Some cards will spawn in the Forest and Cavern so keep an eye out each time you visit. There’s 80 cards in total. You need 10 cards to build a deck so find as many as you can in the areas you have unlocked then return to the shop. 
Endless Forest Entrance: 3 cards. 
Dust Cavern Entrance: 3 cards. 
Endless Forest: 10 cards. 
Dust Cavern: 10 cards. 
Port City Deluca: 3 cards. 
Casino: 1 card. 
Auction House: 1 card (Deluca 10☆). 
Grand Library: 2 cards (Air Balloon 6☆). 
Master Forge: 3 cards (Air Balloon 10☆). 
Museum: 2 cards (Blueprint from Laura after building her house). 
Bottom of Well: 2 cards (Need Rope from Willow after completing her requests pg.1). 
Card Machine: 20 cards. Bought with Duelist Badges. 
Wins (Big Five): 20 cards (4 cards from each opponent). 

Game Rules

Now that you have a deck, here is the playing field with all mechanics present: 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
1. Your life points. (Always 10) 
2. Your hand. 
3. Library. 
4. Graveyard. 
5. Arcana Boost. Skips your turn but adds 1 Arcana. 
6. Current Arcana available. 
7. Arcana Zone. A used card goes here and will apply it’s Support ability before damage is calculated. The next card you play will be your new ‘Top Arcana’. As Arcana is spent, these cards are discarded and eventually re-shuffled into the Library. 
8. Card type. Fire Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Earth Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Water Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Light Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Dark Littlewood Tarott Monster 
9. Arcana cost. 
10. Opponent has a used card with Support ability active. 
11. Card abilities. Attack Littlewood Tarott Monster 
is used on your turn. A Block or Reflect Littlewood Tarott Monster 
is used when opponent attacks. Support Littlewood Tarott Monster 
is a passive effect from the top card in your Arcana Zone. 
A match will start by drawing 3 cards from your library. You always go first. On your turns, you play a card to attack and then opponent chooses a card to defend. Then they attack and you defend. Back and forth till a life total reaches 0. The game revolves around Arcana. After a card is played and the turn ends, that card goes to the Arcana Zone and you receive 1 Arcana. If that card has a Support ability, it will aid you in the next turn if applicable. The next card you play (for attack or defence) will cover the last used card and any new Support ability will replace it. These cards are sent to the graveyard as your Arcana is spent, and re-shuffled when all cards have been used. All the same rules apply to your opponent. 
It’s simple enough to understand, but easy to choose the wrong card if you don’t consider all possible outcomes. It helps to know your opponents cards and construct a deck that can defend properly. 
Go ahead and farm some Badges, buying new cards and collecting the rest as you unlock more areas via the Air Balloon Platform. 

Deck Building

Knowing your opponents deck is key to constructing an appropriate defence. 
Card Types: Each element is capable of blocking it’s opposite and can have a Support ability either increasing your own damage or decreasing your opponent’s. Each page of cards are very similar in ability, just different element. My build approach is basically selecting an opposite card for each card my opponent has in their deck: 
Fire blocks Earth. Water blocks Fire. Earth blocks Water. Light and Dark block each other. 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Arcana Costs: You want some 0’s to play on the first turn and for easy Arcana build-up, some 1’s for small attack and defense, then 1 or 2 big cards to use when your Arcana has accumulated. Check your Deck Stats -> 
Card Abilities: Avoid using too many support cards, you sometimes need options to stop an attack rather than soften it. Just depends on how aggressive your opponent is. The support abilities can really help out for bonus damage and defence when using only 2 elements. When NPC’s decks become more diverse, setting yourself up with a damage boost is more reliable than defence support hoping they attack with the right card type. Reflect comes at higher Arcana cost but is always nice to have waiting in your hand! 
I don’t find there’s much room for player expression with Tarott Monsters. It’s all about finding a balance of cards to deal with the opponent you want to defeat. 

The Big Five

There’s always 2 Duelists ready in the shop. There’s is a Gobby ready to play, but the other Duelist will be a member of the Big Five who will switch from time to time. Defeating a Big Five member rewards you with Badges, Deluca Presents and a card from their deck. You can get 4 cards total from each member. They also get increasingly stronger decks, different elements, and more Life Points. Upgrading your deck is going to be necessary. Each opponent will alter their deck occasionally as well. but not their element types. 
Below are the names of each member followed by their card types and then a reference deck I used to go against them. If you don’t have all the cards, just substitute something similar. I recommend trying other cards and strategies because there’s cards I don’t use and maybe you’ll find something you like better. Loosing a match has 1 penalty and that is spending some daily energy. 
The first of the Big Five is Bridgette, who uses a Fire / Earth deck. 
We’re going to want a Water / Fire deck to go against Bridgette. This is an easy and effective build. The cards are found scattered in Deluca, and the Forest and Caverns. It contains low cost cards which quickly build Arcana for the big monsters (Fireball and Frogwart). 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Bridgette : Fire / Earth (12 Life Points). Pretty easy duel. Just look at each outcome and choose the best card for the turn. 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Maya : Water / Fire (14 Life Points). Same strategy as Bridgette, you should be fine. 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Alister : Earth / Water (16 Life Points). Use Claw and Cyclops early. Try and set up a combo with Medusa, I put more Fire than Earth in this deck. Alister uses Fenrir, which can’t be blocked or reflected so save the Golem for an opening. 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Lucius : Earth / Water / Fire / Light (18 Life Points). My approach to Lucius is on the defensive side. Cyclops and Djinn will help you a lot. Hang on to your Wraith or Leviathan to block his Archangel. Play more defence, and small attacks until Archangel is played again. He should be low on health so look for safe opening for a Leviathan attack, making sure there is no opposing support cards that will weaken Leviathan. 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 
Erika : Earth / Water / Fire / Dark (20 Life Points). Play defensive to start with Mask and Harp active on the side. Try to use Djinn and Cyclops for big early damage. Around 4 or 5 Arcana, you should have either Fenrir and/or Archangel in your hand. Don’t hesitate to use the Arcana Boost because we want to respond to Erikas big cards with our big cards. Fenrir can block any creature including Odin, but if she plays a Widow or Minotaur doing damage based on your Arcana (which should be high), Reflect it with Archangel. The reflect can win the game for you if early-game went well. Or you can reflect her big attack, then use your next turn for an unblockable Fenrir strike to finish things up. 
Littlewood Tarott Monster 


Final tip: I’ve said it earlier but again, think about each outcome for the cards you’ve drawn and choose the best one. You will lose from time to time because there is a luck aspect to card draw. 
* I am working on dueling Townsfolk and will have some advice on them, specifically Maximilian
Hope this guide helped someone out! I would love to hear about your deck builds or if you found mine effective. Thanks for checking the guide out. 

Written by AndresofAstora

Hope you enjoy the post for Littlewood Tarott Monster, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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